JFH#006 GUESTS Sven & Mark Hornshaw Heroism, The Fall Of Conor McGregor, Altered Carbon & More!

James is joined by Sven to discuss a topic dear to their hearts: Heroism.

2:11 What does it mean to be Hero?
11:53 The Fall of Conor McGregor
31:58 Friedman Conference: Gathering Place of Heroes
51:48 Philo-Sci-Fi | Altered Carbon (Netflix) Review
1:13:00 How to Support the Show
1:15:05 The Rational Body | Sports Heroism, Iaido, & Fire Spinning
1:47:00 Mark Hornshaw | Catholic Universities, Home Education, & Economics
2:22:45 School Sucks, Natural Learning, Home Education, Unschooling
2:32:36 Question Time | Is Heroism unique to humanity?
2:39:39 Question Time | Why do we want be heroes?

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