JFH#005 GUEST Gedalia Rubenstein (Red Box Gym) The Rational Body, Health, Fitness & Business

Special guest Gedalia Rubenstein of Red Box Gym (Murwillumbah) joins James to discuss concepts and practises of health and fitness breakthroughs, religion, spirituality, Easter celebration, and beyond!

3:49 Show start
4:45 First Easter as a Christian & the Power of Worship On Stage
19:06 Count Dankula & The Scottish Thought Police
26:05 The Rational Body (NEW SEGMENT) | Accountability in Health, Nutritional Foundation, & Fat-Burning Myths
47:38 Sugar-Free Extremists
52:04 Food Industry Conspiracy & The Virtues of Vegemite
55:30 Incremental Discipline & Building Will Power
1:04:00 Friedman Conference 2018 (Discount Tickets)
1:10:20 Money & You Course
1:20:50 Tall Poppy Syndrome in Australia
1:24:57 Loopy Lefties | Soy Boys & The Feminisation of the West
1:52:20 Individualism & Heroic Spiritual Capitalism
2:05:27 MUSIC GUEST | Wildwood “Before I Reach The End”
2:11:05 Question Time | Pro-Wrestling is the Greatest Art Form
2:19:12 Question Time | Mythology vs Theology

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