JFH 79 Australian Family Courts THE WAR ON DADS with Jaimes Walch (Dads Who Care)

When a family falls apart in Australia, when husband and wife become enemies, when children’s safety, custody, and wellbeing are involved, you would think that the courts of family law and criminal justice would work hand in hand to determine the truth in matters of accusations of domestic violence, and to ensure that children are safely in the custody of trustworthy parents. But so often, this is not the case.

While there are many women who have genuine cause for fear of their husbands, there are large numbers of men who are finding themselves victims of false allegations which immediately strip them of all their parental rights, and the backlogged courts leave them in the lurch for months, even years.

Some fathers are taking their own lives out of a devastating and insurmountable fear of never clearing their name, and never seeing their children again.

DADS WHO CARE is an advocacy group who work with men and their families to try and support and help them out of these dreadful predicaments. Jaimes Walch joins James Fox Higgins to discuss the issues in depth and lend a voice to the men who are at times powerless to speak up for themselves, for fear of destorying any chances they have for vindication and reconnection with their children.

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