A Coalition is Forming – In Fact a Big One Has Already Formed

A commenter: “You’re going to need a coalition.”

Yes, and the consensus/coalition is forming out of sheer necessity. Pain is driving learning.

The coalition will not include everyone on the grassroots Right, but it will include everyone who’s not a cuck, not a wishful-thinking civnat, and not a “we can’t do anything” weakling. This coalition is moving past early adopters to more mass adoption, and already at its current size it is big enough to do what needs to be done.

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On the Grassroots Right Wing, We Can Learn from Our Leaders Who Have Experience in the World of Ruthless Men

As grassroots Right-wingers, it is extremely valuable to have a leader (Curt Doolittle) on our team that has extensive experience in the ruthless world of “the people who run things”. The western, mostly white, working and middle class is fighting a two-front battle against the left and the elites. One of the middle class’s weaknesses (which is a weakness for almost all humans and groups) is thinking that what “makes sense” or “feels right/good” to us must make others feel that way too. (It doesn’t.)

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The Creep of Paedonormativity, or; Where Are Their Fathers?

I’ve written a few times about Paedovorism (that’s the dialectically accurate nomenclature for what most people call paedophilia), a term that I defined in my article Should convicted “paedovores” be burnt alive? or, See; We can make New Words too! in which I also made a rational case for execution by public burning for those convicted of sexual predation and molestation of children. It’s not that I would take pleasure in seeing a man burnt alive, it would probably make me sick to the stomach, but not as sick as the global trafficking of children and the now commonplace normalisation of paedovorism in the West makes me.

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The Relentless Snapping of the Ankle-Biter, or; Dissection of a Gamma Male.

As a sovereign man and patriarch, you must be aware of the tell-tale signs of the Gamma mindset, because if you don’t read every single utterance from a Gamma as deceit (which is what it is), you might be lured into friendship or collaboration with such a female-minded male. Don’t mistake “female-minded” as disparaging of women. I love the female mind when it is found in a female body. But women are the peacemakers, and men are the conflict seekers, and without these two sides of humanity coexisting in balance, we are all weak. Women are weak today because they have been given dominance in society; a trait they neither want, nor have the nature to handle appropriately.

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Learning from Friend and Foe alike.

Don’t be a modern supremacist. In the age of the internet, we share information and news as fast as lightning, and yet the voices of the mindless masses are amplified and the cult of celebrity is endlessly promoted above the process of enquiry and discovery. I like to read history books written before 1939, because the level of rewriting, misinformation, and moralistic propaganda we have been exposed to en masse since WWII is unprecedented in all of human history.

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XYZ Live #79 – Where in the World is Jeffrey Epstein?

Three main topics discussed yesterday:

  • Jeffrey Epstein suicided – nobody believes that he actually killed himself, ie, nobody believes the parasite establishment narrative.
  • Kristina Keneally, otherwise known as KK(K), has tried to link the lolbertarian CPAC conference and the NRA to the so-called “alt-right”, while ignoring the antifa-inspired terrorism in her home town of Dayton, Ohio.
  • Dvir Abramovich is concerned about the so-called “epidemic” of swastikas around Melbourne.

Both Keneally and Abramovich wield their arguments toward the same goal; more censorship.

XYZ Live streams every Monday evening at about 9:15 AEST. You will find us at Matty Rose Live.

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