The Uncuckables Ep. 24: The Queen Saves Brexit

When is democracy undemocratic? When the left lose a democratic vote.

The British parliament has spent the last three years doing everything it can to deny the will of the British people by preventing Brexit, which the people of Britain voted for. This by definition makes the British parliament undemocratic, which by definition makes the suspension of parliament to prevent its further obfuscation a very democratic act indeed.

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The Exodus has begun!

First they came for Alex Jones. Then Tommy Robinson. They will come for you. But relax. We have a plan. No, the Trump administration is not going to fix it for us, not overnight anyway, and probably not soon. We’re seeing more and more right wing, Christian, conservative, or even merely sceptical YouTubers being branded as “white supremacists” or “conspiracy theorists” and of course these labels are used to assign blame for the many horrors that are occurring in these troubled times.

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My SECOND YouTube Channel! And Where to CONNECT With Us!

Our enemies have kicked their censorship up yet another notch. Within the last two weeks, several influential conservative/right-wing YouTube channels have been deleted, Curt’s Facebook profile was permanently deleted along with a few other influential Propertarians, and my YouTube channel received a 7-day ban where I could not upload a video or comment, “Strike 1”. (Three strikes within 90 days = deletion.) (I count myself fortunate – to my knowledge, the other YouTube channels I mentioned were deleted without notice or even going through the “3 strikes” process.) Thankfully, my main (original) YouTube channel, which has about 68k subscribers at the time of this writing, is still up.

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XYZ Live #81 – Alan Jones and the Chinese Australia Policy

Australia federated primarily to form a common defence and immigration policy which could ensure that Australia would be a homeland for white British subjects of the British Empire. Our colonial history is dominated by this desire of Australians to keep Australia as a country for Austrlians in the face of a potential deluge of Chinese immigrants during the 19th century.

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Nationalism for All, Not Globalism – Here’s Why

I do universal nationalism. (Note from John Mark – what Curt means by this is that the optimum order in the world is for each people group to be nationalistic in their own nations – no globalism.)

Why? Because natural law judges it as the only not-immoral means of cooperation. But that doesn’t tell you much. Instead it’s because “all men are distant relations cooperating to raise their people by the production of commons information, goods, and services, best suited to doing so despite our differences in rate of development bias in temperament and bias in distribution of abilities.”

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