What Is Virtue?

Within self improvement circles we talk a lot about the need to develop
virtue and avoid vice, even if we dont always use those exact words when
describing it. Much of the discussion however glosses over a clear
understanding of what is virtue.

* How can we identify the fundamental characteristics of all virtue?

* How can we avoid falling into false virtue?

This discussion is going to help you get a better understanding of virtue
so that you develop it in your own life and recognize it in others.

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The Painful Truth About GenX (with Heiðrún) [video]

The red pill movement has awakened many to a knowledge of evolutionary
psychology and, in specific, r/K selection theory and its implications for
Western Civilization. This has served as an intervention for those who have
developed maladaptive traits as a consequence of low investment (Boomer)
parenting. But what practical benefit has the intervention had for this

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