XYZ Live #78 – Ohio, Texas, Pauline Hanson and the Great Inconvenient Facts

Over the last week the US has been rocked by 3 mass shootings. 2 were committed by radical leftists and one by a man claiming to have nationalist intent. Naturally, the media have focused on the latter.

On last night’s livestream we started by discussing reasons why the latter may be a false flag, before dissecting the media’s false narrative on the events.

We also discussed Pauline Hanson’s motion last week to give the Australian people a say on immigration numbers. It was voted down with only 2 votes for, but at least this one made it to a vote.

The XYZ Livestream airs at 9:15 AEST every Monday evening. You will find us at Matty Rse Live.

12 Comments XYZ Live #78 – Ohio, Texas, Pauline Hanson and the Great Inconvenient Facts

  1. Oldavid

    You blokes are a pain in the neck. If I was inclined to whip myself as some kind of reparation for my sins that would be a soft option compared to listening to an hour and a half of verbal diarrhea with all the method and purpose of an old women’s gossip session.

    That Matty asserted that the ideological perverts (criminals) who committed the crimes did so because of psychological problems associated with “not getting laid” only demonstrates a very shallow Materialistic ideology entirely inconsistent with Apostolic Christianity. It is mostly consistent with the Judaeo-Masonic jingoism that likes to define Christianity as a political convenience to be exploited. “White is good: not white is bad” has exactly the same “justification” as “black is good, white is bad”. I rather think that George Orwell had something like that in mind when the pigs in Animal Farm introduced the slogan “Four legs good, two legs bad”.

    Look, you clowns, most of the ideological perverts who orchestrate and implement this assault on Christian civilisation are “white”. Most of the darkies in the firing line are abject and silly pawns deserving pity but not accommodation.

    Have a listen to this bod. I don’t entirely agree with all the nuances of his stated position but the guts of it is irrefutable.

    1. Taipan

      You probably don’t care if the West turns brown as long as they’re all Christian.

    2. Oldavid

      Are you suggesting that it doesn’t matter how corrupt a nation or culture is as long as it’s white?

    3. Taipan

      Oh right. The smells and bells brigade. Hitler kicked out the Freemasons by the way.

    4. Oldavid

      No he (Hitler) didn’t.

      Judaeo-Masonry is a chameleon who’s purpose is to redefine Christianity according to the ambitions of the Tribe.

      Fascinating that you immediately denigrate Christianity as a smells and bells brigade without even taking the time to watch the video.

      Odinist, Druidic, Wiccan, Theosophic, Kabbalistic, magical “insights” beat the recorded Christian apologetic eh?

    5. Taipan

      The SSPX are controlled opposition. Just like you – you buffoon.

      Learn some real history Boomercuck. You probably smoke a pipe. Are you a fat fuck like Chesterton?

    6. Oldavid

      Heh heh. I’m certainly fatter than the average snake.

      Do you know something about the SSPX that I don’t?

  2. Oldavid

    It seems that Matty has taken down his reply to me where he makes a guarded endorsement of the sex obsession panacea that has been flogged all over the place by Tribal narcissists and their “liberty, equality, fraternity” dupes to distract, enfeeble and enslave potential cultural opponents with their own disorders.

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