Australian Parliament Votes AGAINST Immigration Plebiscite AGAIN!

Pauline Hanson. From Twitter.

The Australian parliament in Canberra has voted against a bill calling for a plebiscite on immigration numbers. To put this more bluntly, this is the third time in less than a year that the people elected to represent the interests of Real Australians have denied us a say over our own replacement.

From the New Daily:

Pauline Hanson’s push to have a national vote on immigration levels has been crushed in the Senate.

The One Nation leader on Monday asked the upper house to support a plebiscite, arguing the country’s roads and health system were buckling under the weight of new migrants.

But Senator Hanson and her partyroom colleague Malcolm Roberts were the only votes in favour of the bill, which was thrashed 54 votes to two.

As stated, that makes three now. We cannot ignore the fact that the first two calls for a vote on immigration levels, brought forward by King Anning the Uncuckable, were voted against by Pauline Hanson. The fact that the supposedly nationalist or patriotic Pauline Hanson could not work with Fraser Anning while they both held seats in parliament was a terrible waste.

The glass half full however is that at least this motion actually made it to a vote. The previous two did not. As yours truly said at the time:

“But they can’t keep us out of Canberra forever. The shenanigans this week in the Australian parliament are just the beginning. They represent an historic moment, when white Australia reminded its rulers that we still live and we demand that our voice be heard.

“Canberra has barely had a glimpse of the Overton Window. To the patriots still left in Canberra I say double down, escalate, increase the volume, and reintroduce this Bill every week until they relent.”

One has to wonder though, what made Anning’s bill “racist” but Pauline’s bill not “racist”?  Back to the New Daily:

Senator Hanson launched a pre-emptive strike on claims her proposal was racist before the major parties shot down the plebiscite.

“Raising an issue like immigration – in particular the idea of an immigration slowdown – seems to attract those who want to drag the racism tag into the discussions,” she told parliament.

She said population growth stemming from immigration was contributing to stagnant wage growth and a fall in living standards.

“It just makes common sense that more people means more demands for services,” the One Nation leader said.

This is spot on. Matty’s Modern Life has made an excellent presentation demonstrating how mass immigration leads to wage stagnation. The HILDA Survey which has received recent publicity in the mainstream media also confirms that living standards have stagnated in Australia. However, Hanson’s strategy is insufficient for two reasons:

  1. “Racism” is an anti-white racial slur invented by Jewish communists designed to undermine homogenous white nations. Thus we should not only completely dismiss the concept of so-called “racism”, we should relearn and reapply the behaviours we have been brainwashed into believing are “racist”.
  2. Focusing on unsatisfactory infrastructure, low wage growth and living standard stagnation skirts around the number one reason we must oppose mass immigration: We are being replaced.

This line needs challenging:

The Morrison government has reduced Australia’s immigration cap from 190,000 to 160,000 per year for the next four years.

Pigs fly, men can get pregnant, and climate change is the great moral challenge of our time. Net immigration numbers for the last year actually spiked to nearly double this:

Australia’s immigration levels have soared to a new record high – months after Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised to slow down the rate of population growth.

In 2018, a record 832,560 permanent and long-term migrants decided to call Australia home, marking a 7.1 per cent increase compared with 2017.

With the number of people leaving Australia for good taken into account, the nation’s annual net immigration rate stood at 291,250, the highest in four-and-a-half years.

Basically, we’ll believe it when we see it.

As is so often the case, two silly globalist pawns have accidentally said too much. Exhibit A:

Liberal senator Amanda Stoker said One Nation was trying to push its anti-immigration agenda based on weak arguments.

“There’s nothing noble about this bill. It’s long on alarmism and short on realism,” she told parliament.

“This bill endorses a solution that would have a catastrophic consequence for our economy, for a problem that is already being addressed by this government in a sensible, measured and long-sighted way.”

As Adam Piggott has pointed out, Australia’s economy is dangerously distorted by mass immigration. Australian politicians both Liberal and Labor have for nearly three decades used the artificial stimulus provided to the construction industry by mass immigration to avoid recession. Ordinary Australians are now paying for this with unaffordable house prices, clogged cities and being replaced.

Apparently, our binary choice is between economic growth and white genocide. Choose wisely, white man.

Exhibit B:

Senator Hanson wanted to have a national plebiscite at the next general election, with the question: “Do you think the current rate of immigration to Australia is too high?”

Labor senator Raff Ciccone said Australia would not be the nation it is today without the contribution of migrants.

“There is simply no place in our inclusive and proudly diverse nation for an expensive opinion poll on questions that don’t need to be asked,” he told the upper house.

“Ciccone”, huh?

From Wikipedia:

“Ciccone is the son of Italian immigrant parents who arrived in Australia in the 1960s.”

Who likely has the option of returning to a Salvini-salvaged Italy once he has helped turn Australia into a third world shithole. You absolute selfish prick, Raff Ciccone. Real, Anglo-Celtic Australians were never asked if we wanted to let in millions of immigrants from every point on the globe. Now that the globalists have flooded our nation with foreigners and created convenient facts on the ground, they have declared the immigration question verboten.

Australians will eventually make a decision on the question of immigration, regardless of whether or not Canberra elites let us.

20 Comments Australian Parliament Votes AGAINST Immigration Plebiscite AGAIN!

  1. Oldavid

    Pauline seems to have learned a lesson from being locked up for a bit. Party politics only exists to factionalise and stifle what should be integrity.

    Party politics should have no place whatever in the Senate.

    Pauline has subtly agreed to be a dividing factor by promoting “Party loyalty” above moral integrity by excising the likes of Culleton and Anning who might “rock the boat” and incite other Senators to stick up for what they are supposed to do.

    Fifth columns and red herrings operate on the same principle; pretend to be what you are not to lead the exasperated “commoners” in a wrong direction.

    Pauline can propose “motions” that will please her faction and retain her political base as long as they have no chance of being carried and which give the “Establishment” a whip with which to scourge patriots.

  2. Oldavid

    A bit off topic, but I think it’s important in the whole view.

    I commend this video to everyone’s perusal. I hope that someone knows how to make it go viral through all levels of government and public service. In my opinion, though, it’s pretty much a complete waste of time and effort to approach members of Houses of Representatives as they are all carefully selected to represent foreign interests against the good of the commonwealth.

    The Senate is not called the “Upper House” for nothing! It is supposed to be popularly selected direct representatives of the people who’s job it is to restrain the megalomaniac ambitions of career politicians in the interests of the people (and the valid laws of the commonwealth). Although most of them are brain dead party hacks some are potentially “wakeable”… and they could hold the traitors to account.

    The above video was published here:
    Larry has some useful stuff but you need to sift it out of a quaint form of legalism that is not entirely coherent with the Natural Order of the nature and purpose of human society.

    1. Oldavid

      Yair! And present indications are that Anglo-Celtic Australians are a mob of pompous arseoles that seem to think that their shit don’t stink.

      It’s not Anglo-Celtic that makes civilisation… it’s Truth and Virtue whatever the racial antecedents.

    2. Oldavid

      What??? Explain yourself! Who is talking about genocide?

      I’m saying that Anglo-Celtic is no more a sign of “predestination” than is an assumed Jewishness. An African or an Abo could be more in tune with Truth and Virtue than a whole coven of Anglo-Celtic elitists.

    3. entropy

      The OP is talking about genocide by the UN’s own definition. Ethnic replacement is genocide.

      You seem to be defending it.

    4. Oldavid

      Not at all. I’m only complaining that there’s a bunch of drongoes trying to make civilisation into a race issue causing sterile diversionary dislocations that can be exploited by the globo-narcissists.

      The “Anglo-Celtic” Judaeo-Masonry has done (is doing) more to fark civilisation than all the boongs could ever do even if they could (or would) form a coherent opposition.

      The real enemy of both of us (native blacks and others) are importing bitter and twisted misfits mainly because, despite the best efforts of communist agitators, (until recently) most of the abos appreciated the benefits of civilisation.

      It’s a long story, but I contend that it’s an ideological issue; not race.

    5. entropy

      Maybe you’re just off-topic then. Bear in mind the large number of race baiters who try to conflate immigration management with white supremacy – two completely separate issues.

      The article and OP are about our nation and culture, not about civilisation. And Jews aren’t Anglo-Celtic.

    6. Oldavid

      ” And Jews aren’t Anglo-Celtic.”

      Depends on who defines the terms.

      If our nation and culture are defined by Judaeo-Masonry then we are defined by an ethno-narcissism that confuses Christian notions of Truth and Virtue with the supposed racial “rights” of domination and subjugation. “White supremacy” is a complete nonsense. Paleface has no monopoly of truth and virtue. Even in the early Church many of the theologians and defenders of the Faith were “darkies” from North Africa.

      There must be a distinction between “white” and “right”.

    7. David Hiscox

      Oldavid, if civilisation dies and Anglo-Celtic Australians live I will be happy.

    8. Oldavid

      Hey! I thought you didn’t read comments!

      Which “Anglo-Celtics” do you want to live with? the likes of the crooks that maliciously subvert the Natural Order or the ordinary people who go about their ordinary business trying to achieve their proper end? many of whom are not “Anglo-Celtic”.

      My contention is that all good people, regardless of their race or colour should unite against a common enemy (which is mostly “white”).

      I’d like to see you post a video of you playing the most haunting bit of Bach’s “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring”. The 9/8 time signature is almost hypnotically alluring.

    1. Oldavid

      I can’t see much advantage in swapping one bunch of God-haters for another.

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