XYZ Live #63 – Gary Ablett Did NOTHING WRONG and other Clownworld News

On Monday night’s livestream, we discussed the possibility that the Israel Folau witch-hunt could spread to the AFL, with Gary Ablett liking that Instagram post. It is heartening to see some big name footballers across different codes being prepared to stand up to the PC bullies of big business.

We also discussed an attempted hit piece by the Australian against Fraser Anning that was so weak, we questioned whether it was actually an inside job designed to boost the Senator.

The Uncuckables Ep. 3: Vegan Egg Folauful

Here is the Uncuckables show from Thursday night. Topics covered:

  • Goofy vegans, the Melbourne vegan protest and misplaced white guilt.
  • The NRL’s backlash over Israel Folau’s completely uncontroversial comments on sin and consequence.
  • The double standard shown by authorities toward violence committed by the left compared to alleged violence by the right.
  • The arrest of Julian Assange.

Plus, Unshackled editor at large Steele Archer joined us half way through, and Matty discovered some secret footage which gives an insight into Tim Wilms’ soul.

Tune in to watch Matty’s Modern Life and David Hiscox discuss more politics on Monday night, 9:15 PM AEST. You will find us at Matty Rose Live.

Julian Assange arrested for saving the world

At the beginning of the last century, the globalist elite figured out a way to take over the world.

Manipulate white European countries into launching into full scale war against each other, then blame it all on the fact that white people had countries in the first place.

This strategy worked incredibly well in the 20th century, with white people killing over a hundred million of each other in war, importing a hundred million to replace those lost, and killing hundreds of millions of unborn white babies in the womb. Globalist propaganda was so effective that instead of vowing an end to brother wars, we obsessed over relatively minor massacres and apparent misdeeds against non-white people and let the misplaced guilt eat away at our soul.

This strategy was working really well in the 21st century as well. A murderous psychopath and her family were about to retake control of the most powerful country on the planet, and the next largest white country on the planet was being demonised and war fomented.

The killer blow was coming.

But then a combination of autistic, workaholic internet activists and larger than life public figures who were prepared to resist everything the globalist media threw at them sprang into action and halted the globalist advance.

One such man was Australian Julian Assange. This computer nerd and his team hacked at will, and released to the public the full extent of the globalists’ corruption, thuggery, perversion and pure lust for power. He is the number one reason Donald Trump became President of the United States and stopped Hillary from killing us all.

This could not go unpunished.

From the Australian:

The Australian government will make no special representations for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after his arrest last night, says Scott Morrison.

You’re a dog, Scott Morrison.

The Wikileaks founder was found guilty of absconding from bail relating to a British charge that began in 2010 and will be sentenced in Southwark Crown Court where he faces up to 12 months in jail.

Minutes after his arrest the US filed an extradition request and he will return to Westminster Magistrates Court on May 2 for the start of at the extradition hearing.

Mr Assange sent a message from his jail cell thanking people for all of their support but insisting “I told you so”.

Mr Morrison told reporters this morning: “He will get the consular assistance as you would expect him to but he will have to make his way through whatever has come his way in terms of the justice system there,” the Prime Minister said.

“He won’t be getting special treatment from Australia. He will be getting the same treatment that any other Australian would get in circumstances.”

Mr Morrison said Foreign Minister Marise Payne last night spoke to Australia’s High Commissioner to Britain, George Brandis, about the issue.

Mr Assange attended the hastily arranged court hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court just hours after being dramatically arrested inside the Ecuadorian embassy in central London — where he had been living for nearly seven years — after President Lenin Moreno rescinded the Australian’s political asylum.

The situation looks as though Julian Assange will be jailed but Hillary stays free. Donald Trump must pardon Assange. A lot has been said on the national populist right about Donald Trump supposedly cucking out, and there are various theories as to why. My take is that despite being President, Donald Trump does not yet run the United States. He is simply a guy doing everything he can, just like we are, to fight the globalists without getting suicided.

When asked about Mr Assange’s arrest in London, the president said: “It’s not my thing. I know there is something having to do with Julian Assange. I’ve been seeing what’s happened with Assange and that will be a determination, I would imagine, mostly by the Attorney-General. So, he’lI be making a determination. I know nothing really about him. It’s not my deal in life.”

That is code for “I know what happened to Tsar Nicholas II and his family, and why.”

Finally, check this out:

Ms Robinson said on the steps of Westminster Court — where she struggled to make herself heard given the loud protestors shouting “free, free, free” — that Mr Assange’s arrest set a dangerous precedent for media organisations.

“Any journalists writing about the United States can be extradited for publishing truthful information about the United States,” she said.


Tony Abbott names the Soros

The left have an uncanny knack of picking their most dangerous opponents. Their narcissism may prevent them from being able to understand how normal people operate, but they posses predator-like instincts for knowing who is weak and who is strong. It is why in America they laughed desperately at the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency, and it is why Labor repeated the mantra for a decade that the mad monk could never be PM.

Trump is finding out the hard way just how difficult the top job can be, and Abbott blew his chance. The thing is, Abbott’s not done and the left know it. You never allow an opponent to survive defeat. Every glowing ember must be stamped out. It is why the ABC attempted a hit piece via its Four Corners program, conveniently timed to air just before the election was called, and it is why GetUp! are throwing everything at him.

Displaying today the fact that he is still a very dangerous political animal, Abbott has called them on it.

From the Australian:

Tony Abbott has promised to fight to hold on to his blue-ribbon seat of Warringah against “internationally-backed” independent candidate Zali Steggall.

“Which the independent now does have is a incredibly sophisticated, almost internationally backed, campaigning operation in GetUp,” he told Sydney’s 2GB radio.

“There’s absolutely no doubt that at the moment I’m the underdog. There’s absolutely no doubt that as things stand I’m going to be way outspent by GetUp, the unions and covert Labor operatives coming into the seat.”


Whatever does this mean?

From the Australian:

In perhaps the biggest political scandal since WikiLeaks, a group of hackers has dumped hundreds of files exposing the influence of socialist billionaire George Soros on Western politics.

The files show Soros has established a transnational network that pressures governments to adopt high immigration targets and porous border policies that could pose a challenge to legitimate state sovereignty. His Open Society Foundations target individuals who criticise ­Islamism and seek to influence the outcome of national elections by undermining Right-leaning politicians. The Australian arm of the Soros network is GetUp!.

GetUp! was established by ­activists Jeremy Heimans and David Madden with funding from Soros. The Labor-affiliated Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union donated $1.1 million to the group. Bill Shorten and John Hewson are former board members. A major funder listed on its 2014-15 Australian Electoral Commission expenditure return is Avaaz, the US GetUp! ­affiliate that has received copious amounts of funding from Soros networks.

Just a little bit of foreign interference in Australian politics.

George Soros is a far left psychopath who can pick his strongest foes. It is why he responded personally to an article by David Hilton, and it is why he is using his Australian puppets to attempt to destroy one of the last real conservatives left in the rotting corpse of the Liberal Party.

But Tony Abbott isn’t done. Whether it is to lead a decimated Liberal Party back to its conservative and nationalist Menzies roots, or as an ally or member of a fledgling Conservative National Party, if Abbott gets a second crack, watch out.

He might even say “elites” next time.

I keep telling that to The XYZ’s Russian intelligence service minders but they never listen.

Scott Morrison calls election for May 18

Scott Morrison has announced that a federal election will be held on May 18.

This election could be the most wide open in decades. While the legacy media will attempt to focus on the contest between Liberal and Labor, the real story is that the primary vote for both major parties is through the floor. The Coalition’s primary vote stands at 38%, Labor at 37%, meaning that 25% of the Australian electorate want to vote for non-establishment parties. This percentage is expected to be even higher in the Senate.

The choice between the Coalition and Labor is a choice between corporate-capitalist globalism and socialist globalism. Thankfully, Australians finally have a genuinely nationalist and anti-globalist politician already in parliament in Fraser Anning. However, this is not about Fraser Anning. In establishing Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party, Anning has laid the groundwork for the permanent presence of a party with a genuine nationalist platform in Australian politics, regardless of whether or not the people of Queensland return him to his seat in the Senate.

Membership numbers for the new party are going off.

In recent years the nationalist movement in Australia has steadily developed from its focus on opposition to the Islamisation of Australia, manifested in the Reclaim Australia protests and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, to a movement more focused on opposing the ethnic replacement of white British-heritage and European Australians via mass immigration.

Attempts to influence the major conservative parties in a more nationalist direction have been deliberately stonewalled, and the previous figurehead for the nationalist movement, Pauline Hanson, has in recent months moved her party toward the globalism of the major parties, hence the emergence of Fraser Anning as the spearhead of Australian national populism.

This comes at a time when violence by left wing terrorist group Antifa against conservatives has escalated, while appearing to receive a light touch from law enforcement and the legal system, active encouragement by both Victoria’s communist government and the purportedly conservative federal government, and cheerleading from the communist ABC.

Meanwhile, the lying press has attempted to link nationalism to several atrocities and essentially make advocacy of Australian nationalism illegal, when in fact the nationalist platform is entirely peaceful and it is the deliberate suppression of this message which could escalate violence.

Thus the current battle for dominance over the political and media establishment in Australia will determine the future shape of Australia. In essence, we are in a battle to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children and our nation.

Is Anning supporter facing politically motivated charges?

Every effort has been made by the political-media establishment in this country to destroy Fraser Anning, and each time they try they fail spectacularly. Membership registration in Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party is going absolutely bonkers. The elites have thus decided that if they can’t hurt him, it’s time to go after his supporters.

From 9news:

A 20-year-old man has been charged with assault for allegedly kicking the teenager who cracked an egg over Senator Fraser Anning’s head in Melbourne last month.

Victorian Police today said they’ve concluded their investigation into the March 16 altercation in which 17-year-old Will Connolly – better known as ‘Egg Boy’ – egged the controversial senator following the Christchurch massacre.

Senator Anning, 69, was filmed hitting Will twice, before the teen was tackled to the ground by some of Anning’s supporters and allegedly kicked by another.

Victoria Police has not charged Will, but issued him with an official caution

Police also said Senator Anning would not be charged either as he was acting in “self-defence and there was no reasonable prospect of conviction”.

However a West Footscray man caught on camera has been charged with kicking him while he was on the ground in a chokehold.

“He has been released and will be charged on summons with assault by kicking,” police said in a statement.

You can view the incident at 51:40 in this footage from the Unshackled:

The ‘kick’ is AFLW tier.

Incredibly, it appears a GoFundMe page set up to contribute to the man’s legal defence has been taken down. Several weeks ago a GoFundMe page which was taking contributions for Senator Anning’s reelection campaign was also taken down.

In April 2016, XYZ contributor Ryan Fletcher was assaulted with an iron bar by Antifa terrorists. No-one has ever been charged over this act of politically motivated violence, ie terrorism.

In July 2018 Antifa terrorists assaulted Unshackled reporter Martin Hartwig, cracking his eye socket and urinating on him. Not only has no-one ever been charged over this assault, the mainstream media has barely even acknowledged that it ever took place.

The communist Victorian government has twice attempted to impose massive fines on visiting speakers for the privilege of being protected from the terrorist violence of Antifa, and terrorist group Slackbastard engages in criminal harassment of patriots who call out Antifa terrorism.

Despite repeated acts of terrorism by Antifa, when a former member of Antifa criticised the group for its cult-like outlook, the ABC defended Antifa and attacked its defector.  Australian Nationalist leaders Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson have been repeatedly banned from legacy social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, and The XYZ and the Unshackled face regular disruption from these abysmal channels.

Australia is for all intents and purposes a communist state, with the political-media-social-media establishment working in concert to repress, defame and brutalise any who oppose it.

We believe the expression is “honk honk!”

XYZ Live #62 – Everybody Hates Vegans and Melbourne Soy

Great mirth was had last night at the expense of the goofy vegans who thought it would help their cause to annoy all of Melbourne. Speaking of Melbourne, we got stuck into the Melbourne Football Club for their overt politicisation of what is supposed to be a weekend distraction, and we were well into discussing our proposals for removing most of the AFL’s new rules before the chat told us to move things along.

From there we covered the latest newspoll, the registration of Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party and the egg-boy love-tap, the so-called “islamophobic” attack by a “black muslim”, and the BBC’s double standards on hate speech.

A few technical difficulties assailed us but we powered through, and the last 20 minutes is basically just shitposting. Was some light relief after the heavy material of previous weeks.


UAE detains “British” woman over Facebook post: BBC suddenly cares about free speech

The globalist establishment are currently sweeping all opposition to their rule from the internet in an orgy of censorship, to the vocal approval of the globalist media. In 2017 the BBC bemoaned the fact that social media companies couldn’t just lock everybody up already.

Why is it so hard to regulate hate online?

Social media firms in Germany could face fines of up to €50 million if they take too long to remove illegal content including fake news. Commentators have suggested similar legislation could be passed in the UK.

James Blessing, chair of the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA), tells Today that the technology is not yet advanced enough to make automated monitoring effective, with social media firms still reliant on workers flagging content for review.

Not even being a Zionist agent will save you, and the BBC will happily signal its assent:

Facebook has taken down anti-Islamic activist Tommy Robinson’s official page and Instagram profile for violating its policies on hate speech.

The former English Defence League leader was deemed to have been engaged in “organised hate”.

A number of posts on his page had violated the social network’s community standards, Facebook said in a blogpost.

It said that it had not taken the decision to remove his page lightly but added he would not be allowed back.

These are the opening paragraphs of the story. All media, mainstream and independent, puts the most important information at the start of its articles in order to frame the information contained within the way its editors and owners want. Hence, the BBC clearly considers Tommy to be a hate-monger.

The BBC happily reported that 7 people had been arrested for so-called “hate crimes” in the greater Manchester area in the wake of the Christchurch incident:

Seven people have been arrested for hate crimes in Greater Manchester over the Christchurch mosque shootings as one man called the gunman a “hero”.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has received 11 reports of offensive behaviour related to the attack, with nine of them online.

Two of the arrests were for a racially-aggravated public order offence involving a taxi driver.

Fifty people died in the twin shootings in New Zealand on Friday.

Russ Jackson, assistant chief constable of GMP, said the arrests were mostly for stirring up racial hatred or malicious communications.

No mention is made whatsoever in this article of any organisation concerned for the human rights of people who have been arrested for literal wrongspeak.

At the end of the day, what really matters for the BBC to give a stuff about muh free speech is the colour of your skin:

A British woman [sic] is facing two years in jail in Dubai for calling her ex-husband’s new wife a “horse” on Facebook, campaigners have said.

Londoner Laleh Shahravesh, 55, was arrested at a Dubai airport after flying there to attend her former husband’s funeral.

She faces prosecution over two Facebook comments she posted on pictures of her husband remarrying in 2016.

The Foreign Office said it was supporting the mother-of-one.

Ms Shahravesh was married to her ex-husband for 18 years, during which time she lived in the United Arab Emirates for eight months, according to the campaign group Detained in Dubai.

While she returned to the UK with her daughter, her husband stayed in the United Arab Emirates, and the couple got divorced.

Ms Sharavesh discovered her ex-husband was remarrying when she saw photos of the new couple on Facebook.

She posted two comments in Farsi, including one that said: “I hope you go under the ground you idiot. Damn you. You left me for this horse”.


Under the UAE’s cyber-crime laws, a person can be jailed and fined for making defamatory statements on social media.

Detained in Dubai said Ms Shahravesh could be sentenced to up to two years in prison and fined £50,000, despite the 55-year-old writing the Facebook posts while in the UK…

… “no-one would really be aware” of the severity of cyber-crime laws in the UAE, and the FCO had failed to adequately warn tourists about them.

Laleh Shahravesh likely assumed that when she left Great Britain she would enjoy a greater degree of freedom than that currently experienced in the open air prison that is Old Blighty. She has found out the hard way that other countries do indeed share Western values of diversity and tolerance.

Alleged Illawarra Muslim Islamophobic Attacker Must Go Back

If anybody needs me today, I’ll be drunk.

From the ABC:

A New South Wales man has been charged with terrorising a family at a picnic in what police will allege was a suspected Islamophobic incident that could have been “catastrophic”.

Yusuff Sharriff, 43, is accused of intimidating and verbally abusing a family group of about 20 people picnicking in the Illawarra on Sunday afternoon.

Police will allege Mr Sharriff threatened the family from Western Sydney yelling “f*** you, f*** you, f*** you, Muslims. I’m going to f***ing kill you,” and circling them with his car.

Wollongong Police Commander Superintendent Chris Craner said the vehicle was only metres from young children playing at the Bulli Tops picnic ground.

“That grassed area was full of mud, the car was going sideways,” Superintendent Craner said.

“These are serious offences, they could have ended in catastrophic circumstances.”

Mr Sharriff was arrested in a carpark nearby and charged on Sunday night.

He was refused bail in Wollongong Local Court on Monday after his brief appearance via video link from the police cells.

Magistrate Michael Stoddart said the allegations were “disturbing”.

He described the alleged incident as an “atrocious attack” that police claim was part-filmed on a go-pro by an onlooker.

“He goes away, he comes back minutes later threating to kill these people,” Magistrate Stoddart said.

“They’re at a picnic. There are kids there. These are atrocious circumstances.”

During his appearance in court Mr Sharriff referred to himself as a “black Muslim” and accused Legal Aid of discriminating against him and not representing him properly.

He urged Magistrate Michael Stoddart stop the case progressing until he could find a new lawyer and said he had been the subject of abuse in the past.

“Yusuff Sharriff.”

“Black Muslim.”

When I was a kid I remember hearing a certain argument on a regular basis. You don’t hear this argument very often any more. I think people are afraid to say it these days, probably considered “racist” or something. It went something like this:

If we import people from the trouble spots of the world, they are going to bring their troubles here.

Is Yusuff Sharriff the new face of white supremacy?  A clearer case of mental illness would be hard to find.  ABC radio had been banging on about this all morning.  What are they going to do now?  Blame it on Fraser?

Doubt it.

It’s your XYZ.

The Uncuckables Ep. 2 – The Dump Button

Last night’s show featured David Hiscox from The XYZ, Tim Wilms from the Unshackled and James Fox Higgins from the Rational Rise. Topics covered:

  • The federal budget.
  • The censure motion in the Senate of Fraser Anning and the registration of Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party.
  • The PooGate scandal involving the ABC’s show Get Krack n.
  • Islam’s intolerance toward homosexuals, demonstrating that Islam is not inclined to return the tolerance and acceptance favour that Western liberals extend its way.