There will be no Officeworks in the ethnostate

Meme by Ryan Fletcher.

As astute XYZ readers understand, the left used the Trojan Horse of so-called “free speech” during the Marxist Cultural Revolution in the West during the 60’s and 70’s to bypass blasphemy laws and undermine the pillars of Western civilisation. Now that they have full spectrum dominance, they couldn’t give two hoots about it.

From the Daily Telegraph:

Officeworks has refused to print a Fraser Anning Party candidate’s campaign literature which states we are overrun by an “Islamic element” imposing “vile sharia law”.

Brian Clare, who is standing in Tony Abbott’s seat of Warringah for Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party, says he is outraged and is threatening legal action against the firm.

Mr Clare visited the Officeworks in Hornsby last week and ordered 1000 A4 pamphlets which feature his policies.

However, he got a call later that day from the store manager who said they would not be printing his order.

“How dare they read my material without my permission,” Mr Clare said.

“He claimed my comment was defamatory to the Islamics. I’m furious.”

Officeworks head office backed store staff when contacted.

“At Officeworks, we respect our customers’ right to free speech; however, our terms of use prohibit customers from printing materials which may be threatening, abusive or which incite hatred of any person,” a spokesman said.

“We have a clear print and copy policy which is set out for customers online and in stores and the team is educated about when to apply this.”

It is curious that the store manager used the term “defamatory” in conversation with Mr Clare yet the official store statement from head office makes no mention of the word “defamatory”. Defamation is one of the two clear restrictions everybody agrees should be placed on speech, the other being incitement to violence. “Printing materials which may be threatening, abusive or which incite hatred of any person” is in the eye of the beholder, and is a weasel worded way of saying:

“At Officeworks, we respect our customers’ right to free speech; however, lol nah that last bit was a lie.”

Any statement which follows the format “I respect free speech, but…” is self contradictory.

Also, if the far left consider it ok to judge people by their friends, we will do the same:

Anyway, this Brian Clare seems pretty based:

Mr Clare’s campaign literature called for a stop to “further Islamic migration to OZ including family reunions.”

“We are full up,” he states, “overrun by a Islamic element intent on imposing the vile sharia law.”

He also calls for the Koran to be censored “to remove hatred killing clauses of whites/Christians to be able to comply with religious schools accreditation, and only the
Aussie value teaching standards will be allowed to taught [SIC].”

Mr Clare, who lives 35km outside the electorate in Galston, told the Manly Daily by winning the election he hopes to make it “easier for patriots to breed” because the “Islamics are out breeding us”.

We’ll give him a solid B+ for that. It is great that he and others in Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party understand the danger we face of demographic replacement. As we have pointed out however, there is no magic dirt that turns foreigners into Australians. Other races or cultures may be less inclined to cut our heads off and more inclined to be good at maths, but if they are out breeding us, they are out breeding us too.

Mr Clare has also demonstrated that he is not deterred by the slanderous charge of “racist”:

When put to him that his comments are racist and inciting hate, he said: “It’s not racist because I’m talking about a problem and how to deal with it.”

Again, a solid B+. We should reject the concept of so-called “racism” altogether because it is an anti-white term deliberately designed by globalist communists to turn the people of European nations against each other, and to deliberately inflict on white people conditions of life calculated to bring about our physical destruction in whole or in part. The term “racist” is a psychological tool intended to achieve white genocide, and anybody who uses this term unironically should be charged with inciting violence.

As for Officeworks, the company has demonstrated that they are completely unnecessary. If you want material to advertise for Fraser Anning, you can always get it directly from his office and The XYZ Army will take care of the rest:

You can always make it yourself, and while you’re at it:

The Australian ethnostate which will reform in the near future will respect the right of individuals and companies to trade freely amongst themselves; however, our King will prohibit the commercial activity of individuals or companies that engage in anti-white activity.

See what I did there…

The Uncuckables: Ep. 7 Billy and the BushPig

Main topics:

  • Bushpig fails to crack egg on PM’s head.
  • Fraser Anning in Melbourne and Conservative National Party candidates for Victoria.
  • Bill Shorten lies about his mother then complains he is being attacked personally when called out on it.
  • The Climate Council pushing fake climate change.

In between bickering about punctuation, we made the point that this election is not about Liberal vs Labor, it is about the dissident right getting an electoral voice in the Australian parliament, with the possibility of holding the balance of power.

Dumb bushpig can’t even crack an egg on the PM’s head

This is the funniest thing to happen since a vegan bodybuilder stormed YouTube HQ with a gun and missed.

From the Daily Telegraph:

Activist Amber Holt, 24, pounced on Scott Morrison at a meeting of the Country Women’s Association at Albury, on the New South Wales/Victorian border.

Holt, a Victorian who asked on her social media why “every” right-wing politician is a “Nazi”, was charged with common assault and possessing cannabis.

This is proof that use of the term “nazi” is incitement to violence. Anybody who uses the terms “nazi”, “white supremacist”, “racist or “bigot” in reference to somebody of a non-leftist persuasion should be locked up on the grounds that it could inspire a second Holodomor.

It is also yet another example of the fact that nothing will save you from the wrath or violence of the SJW rage mob. You can condemn Fraser Anning all you like and refuse to do a preference deal with him, but you are still going to be called a “nazi” and get egged.

Also, this thing is ugly.

Have you ever seen anything so disgusting in all your life?

But hey, we’re only just getting warmed up:

Dressed in a red beanie and a “feminist” T-shirt, Holt attacked the PM at the Albury Entertainment Centre just before 11am.

The Greens supporter, who mentioned Manus Island, threw a raw egg at the PM’s head but it failed to crack.


Eggboy might be full of soy but at least he got the job done. This is an excellent example of why women should not have anything to do with politics, either as candidates or as voters. It’s not because women in politics always leads to socialism and the destruction of nations. It is simply that blokes are better at everything.

She couldn’t even crack an egg.

And it just keeps going:

As she walked to a nearby police station Holt, a self-described “witch”, remained defiant.

We could have told you that.

This is the most insane election I have ever seen. I can’t remember anything like it. Politicians are getting physically assaulted left right and centre, candidates are being disendorsed like flies, and the media are desperately searching for “nazis” under the bed.

This is happening because the left are going mental. Clownworld is by definition highly unstable and is thus susceptible to self destruction with only a hint of encouragement. The left are going mental because the dissident right has successfully articulated and disseminated its message to enough white people that there is now a genuine nationalist movement in Australia, and we have a real chance of holding the balance of power in this election or in the near future.

And the left knows what will happen once we do gain power.

We are going to charge all of them with treason.

The Uncuckables: Ep. 6 AusElection Clown Show

James Fox Higgins and Australian Meditations played tag team with anchors David Hiscox and Tim Wilms, while Matty’s Modern Life trolled from the comments toward the end.

Topics discussed:

  • The expulsions from Australian political parties reach Biblical proportions.
  • The Liberal Party in damage control over claims Neil Erikson met with senior Liberal Party figures.
  • SMH lies about Tom Sewell, Lads Society and Brenton Tarrant.
  • The Israel Folau saga exposes the rift between secular Australia and genuine Christian foreigners living here.

You can watch The Uncuckables every Thursday night at 8:30 pm AEST.


Livestream #65 – Fraser Anning Cronulla 3.0 and Dogs Bark in the YARD

Main topics from last night:

  • How the lying media have attempted to portray the self defensive actions taken by a Fraser Anning supporter aginst harrasment by the press, and Anning’s perfectly reasonable response to a far left heckler as apparent scandals for the Boomer Moderate Senator.
  • Melbourne’s growing diversity-related gun-crime wave.
  • Far left journalists openly discuss how social media companies are working to limit the reach of national populist content creators.


Airport bug could delay white genocide by up to 48 hours

Agent XYZ1788 has completed another successful mission, and is currently believed to be skiing in the Swiss alps with a stunning blonde, although you didn’t hear that last bit from us. His last field mission temporarily shut down deep state social media platform Facebook, allowing billions of people worldwide to slow down for a few hours and talk to the person next to them. Yesterday morning we struck a blow for BBQ Australians.

From the Australian:

The Australian Border Force has confirmed an IT systems outage is affecting inbound and outbound passengers at all international airports around the country.

Thousands of passengers are stranded in the customs hall at Sydney Airport after the SmartGate immigration system failed with problems reported and flight delays impacting passengers at Melbourne and Brisbane airports.

Around 2000 inbound passengers are stuck in massive queues at Sydney’s international customs checkpoint after disembarking their flights, and outbound flights are facing delays as well after the Border Force system went down this morning.

It may not seem like much, but disruption actions like this on the part of your XYZ could delay white genocide in this country by up to 48 hours. If you are ever faced with an Escape from Melbourne or an Escape from Sydney situation once diversity hits a critical mass, these 48 hours may prove crucial.

White genocide in Australia seems pretty much assured at this point if Liberal and Labor continue to share power. Despite Scott Morrison’s announcement, timed curiously just days after the Christchurch incident, that Australia’s official immigration rate would be reduced to 160,000 a year, Australia actually had a net intake of nearly 300,000 last year.

From the Daily Mail, 19/02/2019:

Australia’s immigration levels have soared to a new record high – months after Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised to slow down the rate of population growth.

In 2018, a record 832,560 permanent and long-term migrants decided to call Australia home, marking a 7.1 per cent increase compared with 2017.

With the number of people leaving Australia for good taken into account, the nation’s annual net immigration rate stood at 291,250, the highest in four-and-a-half years.

160,000 is easy to say. A bit like promising a budget surplus.. next year.

The Liberal Party presents itself as the party which is strong on border control, as opposed to the chaos that regularly occurs under Labor. When we consider that the Libs twice stopped the boats, but let the aeroplanes just keep on rolling in, this is a lie of epic proportions and a complete betrayal of the Australian people.

None of this is going to change until we put the Liberal and National Coalition last in order to punish them for not responding for the wishes of middle Australia not to be genocided out of existence. If the Liberal Party will not take decisive action to avert the demographic replacement of Anglo and European Australia then it must be destroyed and replaced with a new genuinely conservative and nationalist party.

John Earnest can play piano but needs to relax his wrist

A young man called John Earnest has allegedly shot several people at the Chabad of Poway synagogue in San Diego, California. One person has reportedly been shot dead and several people injured.

Given that Earnest has allegedly released a manifesto which contains multiple nationalist talking points, it is important to reinforce that The XYZ does not condone violence of any kind.

Although we must challenge globalist power structures, and ultimately victory for nationalists will not be achieved through democratic means, our course of action must be peaceful. Starve the beast that is international banking, remove yourself from the degeneracy of globalist culture and foster physical networks of likeminded European people.

One aspect about the alleged shooter has so far been ignored in mainstream media coverage of the incident; John Earnest is a pianist, and a video recording of him performing Frederic Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu is currently circulating on the internet. Although it has been shut down on YouTube, the video has been uploaded to several smaller video sharing sites.

Here is the performance.

My motivation for writing this brief critique is to counter the possibility that fake news about Earnest’s performance may spread via the internet, both from certain elements in the nationalist community who could seek to lionise Earnest’s actions and his playing, and from people in the hard left classical music scene who will attempt to dismiss his ability on the basis of his alleged crime.  Thus it is vital that a proper analysis of his performance is put on public record to help piece together an accurate picture of the alleged shooter.

So, let’s talk about what he does well. He starts very effectively, with the subito forte on the opening G sharp octave disappearing into the smooth left hand accompaniment which sounds like it emerges from the depths.

When the right hand gets going he plays smoothly and fluently, with a good balance of the hands. He brings out the memorable melody at bar 13 and correctly shifts it from the thumb to the fifth finger at bar 17.

He alters the mood effectively in the gentle middle section which he plays with sensitivity.  He resists the urge to play the top C’s too forcefully, clearly taking heed of Chopin’s instruction regarding high notes – don’t bark like a dog. He handles the difficult last page well and again brings out the accents appropriately.

He plays from memory and clearly loves the piece.  The Fantasie Impromptu sounds and looks impressive, but once you understand how it works actually fits quite easily under the fingers.  However, it still takes skill to pull it off and Earnest has some.

Regarding improvements Earnest can make, I have three main points of constructive criticism.

Firstly, he can continue to develop his technique to achieve a greater balance of the hands – ie, make the left hand accompaniment even softer than the right hand theme, and also to get a more silky tone in his fast playing. For example, take this recording of Emil Gilels’ – keep in mind that this is a high bar to judge by, but Earnest still sounds a little “notey” by comparison:

One can achieve this sound by continuing to work on relaxing one’s arms and wrists as one plays, and honing finger movement efficiency.

The necessity for this improvement becomes clear with my second critique. Often when we make a fumble you can see it coming several bars earlier, and his fumble at bar 36 (0:57 on the video) is a perfect example. If you look at his fingers in the moments preceding it you can see his fourth and fifth fingers rising in the air and his thumb sticking out abruptly to the side – this indicates tension in the forearm, and if you listen closely you can actually hear a couple of minor stumbles which perhaps played on his mind in the lead up to bar 36.

This is likely a case of performance nerves. When he repeats this passage when the main theme returns he nail it (4:25). His right hand is shaped in a much more natural position, and he looks more relaxed in the second half of the piece.

Thirdly, I think Earnest puts a little too much rubato into the left hand in the middle section. He needs to focus on keeping the left hand as consistent as possible to provide a solid base for the right hand to provide more of the push and pull. He could also bring out more of the counter melodies in the left hand during this slower section, although these are minor criticisms and are easily remedied.

Overall it is a solid performance. I am interested in others’ critiques, as long as it can be done dispassionately.

Erdogan incites Gallipoli terror attempt

Remember this?

“Your grandparents came here and saw that we were here, and some turned back on foot, some in caskets. If you come with the same intentions, you are always welcome. Have no doubt we will send you back like your grandfathers.”

There’s a word for that. It’s called incitement.

President Reccept Tayyip Erdogan even used Fraser Anning as a hate prop at another rally – check out the first few seconds of this vid:

Now this.

From the Australian:

A Syrian Islamic State supporter has been arrested for planning a terrorist attack just hours ahead of the Anzac Day dawn service in Gallipoli.

The suspect, Abdulkarem Hilef, 25, was born in eastern Syria, and unverified media reports suggest he was planning to either bomb the service or use a vehicle to drive into people. The Lebanese newspaper Aydinlik reports Turkish police sources saying the alleged attack was to be in retaliation for the Christchurch mosque massacre.

Turkey’s Anti-Terror Branch worked with police in Tekirdag, on the northern area of the peninsula and about two hours’ drive from Anzac Cove to make the arrest on Wednesday.

Police said they had been monitoring mobile phone communications and identified the suspect as a member of Islamic State and he was believed to be targeting the Anzac Day service.

The alleged terror suspect arrested in Turkey.

It would appear that the Turkish President understood just how seriously his words might be taken:

The Australian had revealed on Tuesday that Turkish authorities had been so concerned about the terror threat at the service that they had banned all Turkish nationals.

The Turkish government has imposed the strict ban on locals being anywhere on the peninsula for the service, including bus drivers and tour guides, only a month after President Recep Tayyip ­Erdogan spoke about sending Australians home in body bags, and the Turkish media repeatedly broadcast footage of the Christchurch massacre during political campaigning.

Naturally, just as waterlily Scott Morrison was happy to accept that Erdogan’s original comments were “taken out of context” he has been happy to play down the arrest of the man the Turkish President incited to harm Australians, in order to protect the good relationship Australia has with the people who illegally stole the land of the Roman Empire and ridiculously now claim it as their own homeland:

Scott Morrison has downplayed fears of a potential terrorist attack at Gallipoli and says there has not yet been a link established between the arrest by Turkish services and the service later today.

The Prime Minister said in Townsville today that it was a “routine arrest” and reports were inconclusive on whether Hilef was planning to attack Gallipoli services.

“It is fairly routine for Turkish authorities to arrest people with suspected terrorist links,” he said.

“The reports that we are receiving are inconclusive about any link between that arrest and any possible planned event at Gallipoli itself.”

Those goddam electrical fires are springing up everywhere..

The irony again is that President Erdogan has demonstrated the difference between the globalist leaders of the West and the leader of every other nation on earth. When a European nation suffers a terrorist attack, we are essentially told to identify with the attacker and the attacker’s people, to not blame the religion of the attacker or make any generalisations about the attacker’s people, because the people to whom the attacker belongs are somehow just as legitimate citizens of our country as we are, even though they got here like, a minute ago.

Leaders of non-Western nations have not yet been infected with globalist brainAids, and thus react to massacres of their own people with rage, and threats to murder the attacker’s people in retaliation. It is important to understand then that although President Erdogan did incite this terrorist attempt on Aussies and Kiwis at Gallipoli, his reaction to the Christchurch incident was completely normal human behaviour.

It is our own leaders who are the odd ones out, and treasonously so.

Fraser Anning to reclaim Cronulla, Friday 26 April

The XYZ has received a media alert from the office of Fraser Anning announcing that the Senator will be speaking tomorrow, Friday 26 April in Cronulla. He will announce the candidate for Cook for his new party, Fraser Anning’s National Conservative Party, as well as his NSW Senate team.

It is understood that Senator Anning will give a speech warning of the dangers of Muslim immigration, and will be available afterward to answer questions.

This is yugely significant, given that the location of the planned announcement, Dunningham Park, Kingsway, Cronulla NSW, 2230, in front of North Cronulla Surf, is the location of the Cronulla protest in December 2005.

The National Populist right has successfully reclaimed vital features of our identity from the far left which for several decades had been deemed off limits. The fact that Anning has been able to talk about maintaining Australia as a majority white, Christian nation, the bedrock on which our nation was founded, is yuge. The fact that the extremist left’s accusations of “racist”, “Islamophobia” and “nazi” no longer have the shutdown effect on middle Australia is also yuge, because it means that Real Australians are on the cusp of rediscovering their racial consciousness.

To this end, the symbolism of Anning speaking at Cronulla is yuge. In the years following Cronulla the radical left have successfully been able to use the spectre of Cronulla as a weapon against anybody who questions the genocidal mass immigration policy the government has foisted upon us, and which Prime Minister Scott Morrison continues to foist on us. This spectre is based on the false narrative the lying media has propagated which ignores the ugly violence committed by muslims living in Australia which led to the Cronulla protest and the vindictive vandalism which followed.

Thus in choosing Cronulla, Anning is reclaiming both the physical location of Cronulla and the legend of Cronulla from the treasonous left, for real Australians.

That’s Cronulla, 10 am tomorrow.

It’s your XYZ.

ABC helps Australian National Populist Right to network

#racism lol

The ABC continues to do the work lazy nationalists who would rather play piano; find all our friends. Now with one easy DuckDuckGo search, I know the names of all the people I would like to personally shake by the hand.

From the ABC:

Leaked messages have revealed the Australian alt-right’s secret plan to use Queensland senator Fraser Anning to expand its extreme agenda in the Australian Parliament and beyond.

The texts, seen by Background Briefing, offer a rare insight into the strategy the movement intends to use to further its goals and spread its ideology.

Members of the group are seen discussing plans for confrontational racist stunts to be performed during the current federal election campaign.

The proposed stunts, designed to attract global attention and help Senator Anning get re-elected, include performing in “blackface and other taboos” and “burning the Quran”.

Another stated goal is “obtaining and accessing a giant email and SMS database” in order to send messages that are “extremely right-wing”.

So you’re saying that a bunch of redpilled guys have gotten together and brainstormed a way to bait the globalist media into giving Fraser Anning national and global exposure.


The lying media generally ignore sensible conservatives and nationalists in order to push the narrative that “the centre” lies somewhere between Tanya Plibersek and Sarah Hanson-Young, and that someone as mild as Peter Dutton is on the so-called “far-right” fringe. In this manner the political-media complex attempts to marginalise the majority of real Australians and leave millions of people without a voice in Canberra.

The legacy media’s fatal flaw is that its adherents genuinely believe that anybody to the right of Malcolm Turnbull is a so-called “nazi” (sic), a “fascist”, deplorable, you name it. The MSM NPC’s are hardwired in Clown World to dogpile on anybody who commits wrongspeak.

Until a few years ago, normal people who opened their mouths would back down at the first hint of being labelled a bigot. Then God Emperor Trump showed us the way, and now patriots the West over are falling over themselves to never apologise, always escalate.

Which leads us back to Fraser Anning. The ABC have basically uncovered what most Aussies had kinda guessed anyway. A bunch of /ourguys/ had figured out a way to bait the mainstream media into giving /ourguy/ round the clock coverage to a national audience:

  • Say something which would have been entirely normal and commonsense three decades ago.
  • MSM calls you a “nazi”.
  • Don’t apologise.
  • Everybody loves you.

The strategy is foolproof. NPC’s are not AI. They are literally incapable of learning from new information acquired. They must follow their programming.

So if you want to know who to thank, read the article.

Just a few more things. This screenshot contains two points of note:

The first is a blatant falsehood:

Last October, on the same day a far-right terrorist group stormed into a Pittsburgh synagogue and killed 11 people, Mr Newton posted a meme using the last words the shooter posted: “Screw your optics, I’m going in.”

So a lone wolf who has nothing to do with white supremacy now constitutes an entire “far-right terrorist group”. Got it.

Secondly, Alex Mannlet happily names plenty of ordinary Aussies, but fails to mention Morgan Munro, pictured in the centre. That is because Morgan is a member of the Unshackled, a key player in the “burgeoning alt-right media scene” to which Mann later refers.

Don’t mention The XYZ.

Or the Unshackled.

Or the Pickering Post.

We are cogs in the wheel of an emerging alternative media juggernaut in Australia which is smashing the globalist narrative, and every time the dying media tries to attack us, we grow.

Finally, Mannlet has doxxed himself as a Slackbastard operative:

Andy Fleming, who researches fascism, said the fact Mr Newton and Mr Kobryn-Coletti are employed by Senator Anning is proof of a concrete connection between his office and the alt-right.”

Also, she?