The Uncuckables Ep. 24: The Queen Saves Brexit

When is democracy undemocratic? When the left lose a democratic vote.

The British parliament has spent the last three years doing everything it can to deny the will of the British people by preventing Brexit, which the people of Britain voted for. This by definition makes the British parliament undemocratic, which by definition makes the suspension of parliament to prevent its further obfuscation a very democratic act indeed.

Remember kids, The Empire did nothing wrong.

Don’t expect the far left to see it this way, though.

In this episode of The Uncuckables, David Hiscox argued that suspending the British parliament was a good first step. From there, Boris Johnson, wih the ascent of Queen Elizabeth, should suspend it indefinitely and put the entire British ruling class on trial for treason.

Christian activist Joel Jammal joined us last night and we also discussed abortion, transgender legislation, Amazon Fires, the death penalty for pedophiles and whether Lebanese are wogs.

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XYZ Live #81 – Alan Jones and the Chinese Australia Policy

Australia federated primarily to form a common defence and immigration policy which could ensure that Australia would be a homeland for white British subjects of the British Empire. Our colonial history is dominated by this desire of Australians to keep Australia as a country for Austrlians in the face of a potential deluge of Chinese immigrants during the 19th century.

For at least half of the 20th century Australians realised this goal, but eventually the globalists overturned our immigration laws, flooded Australia with people from every corner of the earth, and demonised the White Australia Policy as one of the great evils of history, alongside the favoured globalist boogeymen of slavery and the holocaust.

It is now common practice that whenever the issue of the Chinese Communist Party’s interference in Australia’s domestic affairs threatens to dominate the public consciousness, you can always rely on a globalist, somewhere, to raise what they consider to be the spectre of the White Australia Policy.

The message is always, shut up you racist proles.

Enter Sydney University vice-chancellor Michael Spence, who in response to growing concerns regarding CCP influence over Australian Universities, the massive numbers of Chinese students in the country, and the brazen clashes between pro-Mainland China supporters and pro-Hong Kong supports in the centre of Australia’s biggest cities, had the following to say:

“We have to be careful that the whole debate doesn’t have overtones of the White Australia Policy.”

Opposing communism is racism. Has been for 80 years.

Then there was this nugget:

“Some of [the debate] has kind of gotten dangerously close to not saying, ‘China is a country with whom we have a rich relationship and with whom we need to engage, and which has been a partner with Australia in so many ways for a long time now’, but ‘anybody who thinks the Chinese government is okay doesn’t have a place on a university campus’.”

One of the greatest minds in Australia… If you struggled to read that, we can assure you that Matty and David struggled to read it aloud on last night’s livestream.

We also covered briefly something about Alan Jones and a sock.


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XYZ Live #80 – Foreigners Protest Foreign Problems and Gen Z keep getting Poorer

Topics discussed:

  • Chinese protest against China in multicultural Melbourne (featuring our best Chinese accents).
  • The Guardian correctly diagnoses that Australians’ wages and standard of living have stagnated, proposes more of the policies that caused this mess as the solution.
  • A Cultural Marxist in Perth want to rename the Stirling Highway to an aboriginal name, but swears this vandalism of our British heirtage is just this once.

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The Uncuckables Ep. 21: Epstein El Paso Abortion

Topics discussed:

  • Mass shootings in the US, the lying media narrative and the convenient distraction from stories about Epstein and Assange.
  • The so-called “conspiracy theory crackdown” and the truth that feminism and postcolonialism are themselves conspiracy theories.
  • Ben Simmons gets BTFO’d by non-white security in Melbourne.
  • The decriminalisation of child murder in Australian states and New Zealand.
  • Everything goes crazy in China.

Plus, do you think Area 52 is inside a hollow Ayers Rock?

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XYZ Live #78 – Ohio, Texas, Pauline Hanson and the Great Inconvenient Facts

Over the last week the US has been rocked by 3 mass shootings. 2 were committed by radical leftists and one by a man claiming to have nationalist intent. Naturally, the media have focused on the latter.

On last night’s livestream we started by discussing reasons why the latter may be a false flag, before dissecting the media’s false narrative on the events.

We also discussed Pauline Hanson’s motion last week to give the Australian people a say on immigration numbers. It was voted down with only 2 votes for, but at least this one made it to a vote.

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The Uncuckables Ep. 20: RatWorld

Our attention is being drawn back to the US as it gears up for another Presidential election:

  • Donald Trump’s comments on rat infested Baltimore.
  • Proud Boys charged for defending themselves against Antifa
  • Democrat debates.
  • Will Ilhan Omar get back with her brother?

There is still plenty to focus on here in Australia:

  • The Senate votes down a watered down One Nation immigration bill.
  • Leigh Sales gets yoghurted.
  • Should we not just increase Newstart but expand it to a UBI, in order to crash the economy to give this country the reset it so desperately needs?

And of course, good new from Great Britain:

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say they may only have two children because kids are bad for the environment. We can honestly say we wish them all the best in their endevours. Perhaps they should just stick to one.


XYZ Live #77 – Daniel Andrews Betrays Australia and Pushes LGBTQIP+ Propaganda

In 2014 a series of protests made it clear to the Victorian anti-white establishment that a strong proportion of people both in Bendigo and furter afield opposed the construction of a massive mosque in Bendigo. The communist Victorian government led by Daniel Andrews and the compromised Australian legal system has since ensured that the leaders of these protests are constantly harassed via never ending legal action.

Now that construction has started, the Victorian government has made it clear that it is now effectively illegal to protest against the mosque, and that anyone who does will have their lives destroyed.

On last night’s livestream we discussed this totalitarianism, before speculating on how the patrons of said mosque would embrace the Victorian public service’s new guidelines on inclusive language for so-called “LGBTIQ” people.

We also discussed the ideas presented in a TR News attack video against Mark Collett – namely its attempt to redefine nationalism – while doing our best to avoid playing the man.

As usual, our tangents were many and a lot of fun.

The Uncuckables Ep. 19: Wax My Bigoted Balls

Last night Matty’s Modern Life and David Hiscox could not hide their disgust as Tim Wilms from the Unshackled revealed more and more disturbing information about the man who got several waxing employees fired when they wouldn’t, well, you know.


Other topics discussed:

  • Boris Johnson to save Great Britain.
  • Ilhan Omar married her gay brother.
  • Robert Mueller is a bumbling idiot.
  • Jeffrey Epstein’s failed suiciding.
  • Antifa concrete milkshakes is not fake news.
  • Why nuclear war isn’t that big a deal.
  • Hong Kong is not China.

Plus many tangents. Enjoy.

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XYZ Live #76 – Waleed Aly Gaslights Australia on Adam Goodes

Bradley from the Australian Protectionist Party joined us last night as we discussed the week of virtue signalling on aboriginal issues. Topics discussed:

  • The Adam Goodes documentary, “The Final Quarter”.
  • Waleed Aly’s epic gaslight in comparing Donald Trump and Adam Goodes.
  • Whether or not aborigines should have their own independent state or whether we should work to build a nation comprising real Australians and aborigines.
  • Building a casino and Olympic-sized swimming pool on Ayers Rock.


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The Uncuckables Ep.18: Go Back Home

Tim Wilms from the Unshackled and The XYZ’s David Hiscox were over the ebola scare, and were joined by James Fox Higgins from the Rational Rise. Topics discussed:

  • Donald Trump’s “racist” tweets trigger the Democrats’ first serious attempt to impeach him.
  • Antifa terrorist attack in Tecoma, Washington.
  • Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest, pizzagate and Israel.
  • Court time for Tommy Robinson, Avi Yemini, Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson.
  • Pauline Hanson and Ayers Rock.


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