The Relentless Snapping of the Ankle-Biter, or; Dissection of a Gamma Male.

As a sovereign man and patriarch, you must be aware of the tell-tale signs of the Gamma mindset, because if you don’t read every single utterance from a Gamma as deceit (which is what it is), you might be lured into friendship or collaboration with such a female-minded male. Don’t mistake “female-minded” as disparaging of women. I love the female mind when it is found in a female body. But women are the peacemakers, and men are the conflict seekers, and without these two sides of humanity coexisting in balance, we are all weak. Women are weak today because they have been given dominance in society; a trait they neither want, nor have the nature to handle appropriately.

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Learning from Friend and Foe alike.

Don’t be a modern supremacist. In the age of the internet, we share information and news as fast as lightning, and yet the voices of the mindless masses are amplified and the cult of celebrity is endlessly promoted above the process of enquiry and discovery. I like to read history books written before 1939, because the level of rewriting, misinformation, and moralistic propaganda we have been exposed to en masse since WWII is unprecedented in all of human history.

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Don’t Be A Modern Supremacist | BASED CHRISTIAN HISTORY 001

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Quote of the Day: The British Red Squirrel

Quote of the Vox Day:

β€œIf you are capable of understanding that the survival of the British red squirrel is threatened by the mass immigration of the North American grey squirrel, how can you consider it even remotely objectionable to observe that the survival of the European nations are threatened by the mass immigration of foreign populations considerably larger and more fecund than they are?”

You can be as Christian, as free market or as non-Muslim high IQ Asian migrant as you like. You cannot escape this reality.

XYZ Quote of the Day.

What Is Virtue?

Within self improvement circles we talk a lot about the need to develop
virtue and avoid vice, even if we dont always use those exact words when
describing it. Much of the discussion however glosses over a clear
understanding of what is virtue.

* How can we identify the fundamental characteristics of all virtue?

* How can we avoid falling into false virtue?

This discussion is going to help you get a better understanding of virtue
so that you develop it in your own life and recognize it in others.

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