What is the Patriarchy? [video]

The most controversial word is…

The word PATRIARCHY is perhaps the most controversial term you can say on social media right now. As soon as I started to speak about it I got hundreds of thousands of fearful, angry, confused, frustrated and shocked replies from men and women who have fallen under the lies of feminism.

Feminism is a tool promoted by the parasitical elites to prevent the maintenance of the natural cooperative order of the Patriarchy (with a Matriarchy in the center). Patriarchy diffuses power downward and makes it far more difficult to manipulate people.

Feminism on the other hand drives a wedge between the sexes. It is evil and must be opposed if we are to rebuild western culture and provide a safe home for our children. Those who wish to see peace between men and women can not tolerant that which is against such peace.

You have been programmed to think a certain way

We are all programed through television, movies, books and all of the synthetic pop culture that is foisted upon us by people who do not have our best interests at heart. Many lack the Agency to resist such programing.

  • You have been programmed to hate the Patriarchy.

  • You have been programmed to hate natural gender roles.

  • You have been programmed to hate social order.

Are you sick of it yet?

It’s time to undo their programing. It’s time to look at Patriarchy without all the emotions (both pro and con) and see it for what it really is.

Before the Patriarchy

Let’s set aside the emotional reactions to the word “Patriarchy” and examine it in context. Think of Patriarchy as a social technology. It’s not something that we have always had. In fact, some primitive cultures still have not adopted it. The Patriarchy is something that we developed to meet specific needs as an improvement on what came before it.

The Patriarchy.001.jpeg

Before the Patriarchy men and women lived separately.

Before the invention of Patriarchies men had no responsibilities to provide for or protect women or children. They lived separately in their own camp and would visit the women’s camp for sex (often rape) or to take the boys who were old enough to be trained into men, an often brutal process. They were going their own way so to speak.

Women were the sole providers of food for themselves and their children. According to the book The Origins of War in Child Abuse by Lloyd deMause mothers killed many of their children, often in very brutal ways. Children raised under such traumatizing conditions grew up to be violent and dissociative.

Before the rise of Patriarchies women were treated WORSE than property. We at least protect and provide for our property. They were treated as easily exploitable natural resources to be used and discarded. This system kept humanity traumatized and in barbarism.

Of course women were not happy with this arrangement however there was nothing they could do about it. They had nothing to offer men that the men couldn’t just take when they wanted it.

Eventually we figured out the connection between sex and reproduction. At last women could offer something to men, chastity and reproductive exclusivity in exchange for protection and provision. Men now had a very good reason to invest into women and children.

Female hypergamy, which is really the desire to acquire more protection and resources by marrying up, was intensified, rewarding the most Patriarchal men with the best women and the most surviving children.

Men who were willing to commit to the Patriarchy and follow the tribes rules had more relationships with better quality women and fathered more children than men who followed the old ways.

Thus womens choices and hypergamy drove widespread adoption of this new social technology that we now call the Patriarchy.

The Patriarchy.002.jpeg

Thus begins the Patriarchy

Look carefully at the image above. It is a symbolic representation of an early Patriarchy.

It’s night, the most dangerous part of the diurnal cycle. The fire burning brightly, warming and lighting the camp. It represents the heart of the community (religion, belief system, laws, etc.).

The women and children are gathered around the fire for warmth, protection, food preparation and raising the next generation. That center is the Matriarchy within the Patriarchy. This is a system of cooperation.

Surrounding the women and children, at the edge of the light is the men who with their very bodies form a ring of protection around the women and children. Beyond the light of the fire is darkness, danger, and death.

This union of man and women was a far superior social technology that replaced previous systems. Upon this Patriarchal mode of living is based all human civilizations.

How new Patriarchies are formed

When a group of high Agency men desire to protect themselves and their families they undertake to form a cooperative political unit, a Patriarchy, thus decision making power is vested in the men giving the most to the commons.

The men of a Patriarchy seek reciprocity for their high investment by limiting the power of women over the Commons thus creating incentives for men to make further investments which leads to the creation of a sustainable State.

In a Patriarchy where men seek to pass on any existing childhood trauma by abusing women (and children) through Tyranny, we will see psychologically disturbed mothers who will produce damaged children and dysfunctional adults.

A commons with high numbers of dysfunctional adults is not sustainable or competitive vs its neighbours. Thus commons which experience general improvements in the treatment of women and children will grow in power, even while maintaining a Patriarchy.

The Patriarchy is:

  • A social technology, a system for the management of a commons established by men. Historically its the most successful system for human management.

    • Extremely intolerant Patriarchal cultures are the most successful cultures in history. (Success = grow in the face of challenges and competitors.) They are generally expanding cultures.

    • Extremely intolerant = intolerant of anything that undermines their Patriarchy.

    • People can undermine and destroy a Patriarchy in a single place and time however they are just going to be conquered from a new direction by a foreign Patriarchy. Thus humans will always return to rule by a Patriarchy.

  • Sets boundaries enforced primarily by high Agency men so as to protect from danger and deprivation their investments in the commons, ingroup men, women and children.

    • Danger can be from the outgroup, dangerous nature, or internal (unhealthy, self destructive ideas and behaviours).

    • Women also have a very important role to play in the enforcement of internal boundaries in a Patriarchal society. Without the cooperation of women the Patriarchy is impossible to maintain.

  • Boundary setting starts with the Patriarchal men setting and enforcing internal boundaries for themselves (Agency).

    • Next these Patriarchs set men’s responsibilities (max/min): how to care for the commons, how to protect the Matriarchy (women and children), how to honour each other.

    • They set women’s responsibilities: to not destroy the commons or undermine the protectors of the commons, promote respect for the order of the Patriarchy, the care of children, elderly and sick. Female hypergamy is an important driver for the creation and maintenance of Patriarchies however it must be managed carefully.

    • Children’s responsibility is to cooperate with the parents efforts to prepare them to take their place in the system.

The Patriarchy is not:

  • There is not A Patriarchy. There are many competing Patriarchies. The largest are about the size of Dunbar’s number, 250 max. They may cooperate to form larger units of organization.

  • It is not inherently good or evil. It’s a morally neutral social tool that is used differently by different groups of people depending on their culture and level of childhood trauma.

  • Not all Patriarchies are equal. How they provide and protect will depend on the culture, customs, religion and law of the people who make up the society.

  • It is not rule by men, it is rule by high Agency men. Not all men are automatically a part of the Patriarchy, decision making power must be earned.

  • It’s not focused on oppression, it’s about protection of mens investments. Protection however limits our options. If you want the protection, you must accept the limits.

  • It’s not a utopia for anyone. Utopias don’t exist. Every way of organizing has drawbacks.

What happens when the Patriarchy is weakened?

If the local Patriarchy is undermined it will change mens incentives. More and more men will go their own way or defect to a Patriarchy where their investment in the commons is treated with reciprocity.

If the men have created a very safe environment such that the Matriarchy can function alone for a short time you may get a period of Matriarchy rule. This will disenfranchise the remaining men and drive them off.

Early on the biggest problem is the lack of masculine mentors to raise the next generation of Patriarchs who can protect the group. The Matriarchy cant produce future Patriarchs. Women can not turn boys into men since they lack an understanding of the intricacies of manhood. They have never been initiated into the way of men. Many men also lack that understanding and find themselves unable to raise strong sons.

For a while the women, children and underdeveloped “men” will live off the supplies that the few remaining men can provide.

The Patriarchy.004.jpeg

Next you get invasions of foreign men (or nature) who target the women and children while devouring the commons. This throws women and children back into the unprotected situation of their violent pre-Patriarchy past.

The Patriarchy.005.jpeg

The Patriarchy.006.jpeg

Eventually the fire goes out, the remaining men are enslaved or slaughtered, the women and children are taken prisoner. All the resources of the dying post-Patriarchy society are transferred to a new, more intolerant Patriarchy.

The Patriarchy.007.jpeg

In the end, the civilization that has neglected to maintain its Patriarchy ceases to exist.

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