Westpac Bank slits its own throat.

In the age of Social Justice and Political Correctness, it is not enough for people to make their own discerning judgements about who to do business with and who to avoid; we now require corporations to do that thinking for us, and enforce it!

Westpac has closed the bank accounts of right wing commentator Blair Cottrell. I wonder how this sort of action will be viewed 50 years from now. 🤔

They are certainly not the first bank to start kowtowing to the mob of raving lunatics who demand not only the silencing and censorship of infidels like Blair, but also their complete and total un-personing, and financial ostracism and ruination.

The tone of the email from Westpac to their now evicted customer is not one of aggression or self-righteousness, but rather one of cowardice and obfuscation. It’s a “commercial” decision, and they have the “Terms and Conditions” to back it up, though they refuse to provide further information about which T&C’s Blair has breached.

It’s plainly obvious that Antifa or some other left-wing activist group has found out that Blair was a Westpac customer, and they have applied pressure to the bank and likely threatened them, in the same way that Dia Beltran’s place of employment was threatened until she was fired, or any of the other countless examples of this kind of mob attack for political reasons across the Western sphere.

The mainstream social media websites like Facebook and YouTube have rendered themselves unusable for anyone right of Stalin, and we are now seeing major corporate ISP’s like Telstra follow suit with the IP blocking of Bitchute and Gab. Next come the banks. In a future cashless society, there’s no doubt that people like Blair, and probably me, and probably you, will be rendered persona non grata and unless we get ourselves microchipped and pledge our undying allegiance to globohomo…

What we can see demonstrated in this strategy of the globalist communist trans activists (i.e. the servants of Satan) is that they will not be satisfied until they control everyone, everything, and until anyone who disagrees with them or wishes to change the course of our culture towards something more traditional, wholesome, or homogeneous is dead or rotting away in a gulag.

Or did you think they were all about diversity?

One thing is certain: we create that which we obsessively fear the most. The globalists fear the rise of ethno-nationalism more than anything, because they know they have no place in it (and that includes the corporations who have declared their fealty), and yet every move they make seems to ensure that the threat which really didn’t exist in any significant way 20 years ago is going to rear its head, and be far less apologetic, reasonable, and inclusive than before.

I hope that the people who are out to destroy the lives of folks like Blair are eating plenty of protein and pumping iron, because when the tables of these temple merchants and peddlers of perversion are finally flipped, I don’t expect that the right will show any more mercy than they are currently receiving. And why should anyone?


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