The permanent stability of our institutions is illusory.

It doesn’t get more clear than this.

This is at least one citizen who answers to the law above men (the constitution) as his judge. It’s a foolish act to be sure as the forensic chances of him getting caught are high. It’s clear from the wording of his bomb threat though, that he would not recognise the legitimacy of those who would lock him up and charge him. This is the crucial psychological shift. We saw it in Anders Breivik’s manifesto, and we saw it in Brenton Tarrant’s too. These men consider themselves to be military operatives on occupied territory. It is that they ceased to recognise the legitimate authority of their governments which allowed them to step over the line.

Human societies need authorities, and this is why men have always employed violence to seize and defend such roles for themselves and their sons. It is also why Christianity was and remains a threat to a totalitarian one-world government and all of its subsidiaries; because Christianity puts family, church, and God above the state. Christ provides the authority that we crave, and his authority is pure, perfect, holy, and just. We look at every King and President below our man Jesus with righteous suspicion. Necessarily, Rome became Christian, and the various monarchs of Europe were always crowned with the support and authority of the Church. We want our rulers to be perfect like Christ, but they seldom are. The point is that we accept their imperfection to the degree that we believe them to still legitimately hold the title. Legitimacy can be proven, or discredited, a number of different ways.

So most people look at this bomb threat and assume that he is a lone-wolf crackpot, and surely doesn’t intend to back this up with actual violence. But if he were not alone, and if we were to see more of these, Americans would begin to realise what a threat they are to their own State’s authority if their revolutionary spirit were to be fully revived. The response to this bomb threat in the media and legislature will likely support the case being made: that the very reason the founding fathers enshrined the protection of the citizen’s right to bear arms is so that they can make such threats to a government planning on subverting their constitutionally protected American freedoms with legitimacy. The credibility of all threats must be carefully measured and weighed before a response is issued.

People are highly intelligent mammals built for survival. We use tools, weapons, natural elements, and our minds to outsmart all our foes (even those with significant physical advantages). Most people can be rounded up like herds into Nation-States, and made happy for a few generations. But if the Nation-State begins to get greedy, or another group of humans find a way to use that Nation-State as an udder, eventually the people to whom the government is supposed to be subservient will form a new government (a rebel government) and work to overthrow the existing rulers and systems.

It has happened in America twice already. It’s happened in Europe countless times. It happens every day. And yet so many want to simply assume the foetal position, suck their thumbs, and rock themselves to sleep chanting “modernity is permanent” or “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia”. These things have always happened, throughout all recorded history, and we have no reason (other than gullibility to cult indoctrination) to believe that any of our current states or institutions will exist at all in two or three centuries. The world map is a living organism, which is never complete or accurate to the moment.

A polity only needs a sufficient level of suffering and threat to activate the very primal survival mode, in which people invariably revert to the tribe in which they feel the most natural belonging. In melting pot societies, that is not going to be the Nation-State. It may be ideological for some, religious for others, but for most it will likely be racial, and each of those tribes will place themselves, their values, their people, highest among priorities. When the collective loyalty of the people of the USA distributes itself again naturally, as a reaction to the lack of reciprocal loyalty from the government(s), the States will no longer be United at all.

I think it’s utterly beyond contest: we do (as it turns out) live in interesting times. If more of us had been honest all along about the true nature of man and his incessant need to reorganise and start again, we might not be hurtling towards collapse quite so rapidly. In any case, be honest now, and help cushion the fall as best we can.

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