The Internet is the solution they THINK we can’t control.

I don’t normally spend a great deal of time examining up close the analytics for my social media pages and website. I do this as a passion project, not as a profession (at least not yet) and so I’m often unaware of the things that are key exemplars of the power and value in this thing that I do, that so many others do; veterans and beginners, professionals and plebeians, genuine students of the realm of rational knowledge, and trolls alike.

But when I do look at the stats, I am reliably astounded by a feeling of hope that fills me with great joy to be part of this strange project called Humanity. What a time to be alive!

Of my current ~2700 Facebook “Likes”, here is the demographic breakdown by geography:

(There were also two viewers each from Venezuela [hope you guys are doing okay amidst the near-ruin your country faces; God bless you!] Estonia, Turkey, and Yemen!)

Now sure, these are only minuscule numbers compared to many more successful commentators than I, but the crucial component of this data is the breadth of distribution, not necessarily the volume.

Sometimes, in this age of technological wonder, we become anachronistic as to just how good we have it, and what amazing conveniences and powerful amenities our societies are continuing to perfect. We get caught up in the misery of our disagreements, and our fears for the future. I myself am guilty of this; we lose sight of not only the comforts that we enjoy, but the opportunities we have to completely change the game in our own favour; to not merely undermine, but rather completely bypass the gatekeepers of all our transactions. Every day the collective operationally linguistic genius of our species expands rapidly. Many of us who aren’t in software design, engineering, or Artificial Intelligence development don’t even have the vaguest notion of the ingenuity out there and constantly iterating and strengthening its neural pathways. Many of us speak more of the aesthetics of the world (truth, beauty, and love), rather than the technical, functional, and operationally rational – the language of autists, geeks, and (genuine) scientists.

This collective and amorphous genius I am referring to is the information realm. This realm is not strictly limited the internet at all – the internet is merely the complex series of channels between informational Nodes; human minds. We have, like it or not, formed a collective consciousness, and the internet is the first, but certainly not the best or last, inter-nodal superhighway system connecting practically every mind on the planet. Unless you read a lot of science fiction, or write it (as is my other passion project), you may not have considered the many ways in which this interconnection of the planets minds will manifest in the future, and the ways it will alter the directions of our cultures. Indeed, it already is.

Have you noticed though, that with every new app or social media platform that has brilliant plans to “set us free”, we always see a process of convergence and centralisation (as well as many nuisance forms of monetisation, which we always accept once we are addicted to the conveniences)? It seems to happen every time, and it is because we are using the internet on their terms (the puppet-masters) instead of as a genuine free market, because the cat is out of the bag, and every attempt at controlling the flow of information results in spontaneous expansion of informational genius to route around the dams.

The genie of this hive mind is out of the lamp. If you had one wish, what would it be?

For me, it’s global anarchy (but only on the internet). I don’t mean that as chaos, as many people have conflated it to mean. Chaos is something like what we have now, this tangled mess of billions of Nodes believing their ideas are of specific consequence. The genie is still learning to take a logical form. What I mean by anarchy, is a(n)– (without) –archy (rulers). No monarchs, no presidents, no executive boards, defamation leagues, media moguls, nanny-states, representative democracies, moral police, socialist-media gulags, or corporate cash-traps to stifle and monitor the everyday communications between the people of the world.

None of those dastardly gatekeepers we thought we needed, and we currently think we can’t control.

Actual photo of Google’s primary shareholder.

That said, I also want every nation to have a parallel national internet, which cannot be accessed from abroad, and does not contain any users or content who are located abroad, for the development and enrichment of each nation in competition with the open-borders global internet. Imagine if one particular nation (say Germany, China, or Norway) were to develop its own internet which was so vastly superior in content and messaging than the (potential) cesspool of the world’s totality of ideas, that it shaped and moulded the culture around it (as propaganda tends to) and helped to strengthen the unique identity of its homeland, and invited the envy and competition of those other nations who wish to demonstrably be the best! Some ideas may really be best left out of the memepool, but I believe that individuals should not be denied the choice. Whether or not that choice has legal consequences in the country is only the business of the rulers of those countries (be they ruled by the People or by Sovereigns). This is to say that I don’t deny that there will be countries who choose to make it an act of treason to access the global informational sphere (we are seeing this emerge in Australia and New Zealand with the blocking of Bitchute, Kiwifarms, and more sites which have been deemed beyond the pale.)

If I were the Sovereign ruler of a nation, I would certainly allow people the choice to access the planetary knowledge network, but I might ask them to prove their genuine heart-felt citizenship by regularly taking assessments that grant them license to the full privileges of being a citizen. Not every person would be a full citizen by right, they would need to earn it by continued positive participation in the good of the nation. Luckily for everyone who just shuddered at my bald-faced fascism, I will never be the sovereign ruler of a nation, and this precisely illustrates that my desires, designs, and wishes (and yours too, in fact) have infinitesimal bearing on the ways in which the nations of the planet and the newly forming informational nations are to be shaped and ruled.

Oswald Mosley receiving the European (Roman) salute by his “Black Shirts”, the British Union of Fascists (BUF), who fought desperately to prevent the Second World War and to restore Britain’s economic and political sovereignty and national identity, but who failed to reach the popular success of their ideological contemporaries in Italy and Germany, probably because they didn’t have Gab yet – circa 1936.

How can we make an impact in the shaping and direction of this amazing internet, and how can we enable disruptive permissionless innovation to continue to free us of the pursuits of the geographical rulers (Presidents and Chancellors) so that we can get through this chaotic global conflict and emerge into an optional binary state of cooperation, or separation, as we see fit. Imagine if each community, or each user, was their very own internet, or rather that the interface of your Node (your computer in the most traditional example) was a private server too, and you were able to be absolute monarch of your domain, and create whatever informational utopia you saw fit, and let the direct democracy of the informational free-market decide. It’s what we already do, I’m just talking about cutting out the middlemen.

We can firstly do this by subscribing to paywalled informational hubs which are already using new tools and services to bypass the Triad of Illiberal Orthodoxy; Google, Facebook, and Twitter. This is a painful process to implement at the individual level. We have each become so dependent on the technology, both in hardware and software, designed by a community consisting of California-based tech-nerds, who by-and-large have begun to swallow, espouse, and now even enforce, the political left’s globalist ideological and political biases. We have given them far too much power. These monopolies give us their amazing applications and services for “free”, but as we all know, freedom isn’t free, and it mostly certainly costs you more than a mere Buck-o-Five. It would seem to tragically turn out that the cost of giving all our information, all our connectivity, and all our eyeballs to these platform may be at the Recommended Retail Price of Your Soul, and gradually inflated to Your Children, Your Nation and ultimately, Your World. New software developers are trying transparent and innovative monetisation methods, including cheap all-access subscriptions, cryptocurrency payment systems, and even internal economies (with credits only usable within the particular informational nation).

There is always an array of disruptive competitors who recognise the market forces at play and wish to fulfil your need for privacy, autonomy, and protection against any uninvited indoctrination. Meeting these emerging needs of the third generation to live in the age of the internet (who are so much more worldly than we millennials could have ever hoped to be), is the primary focus of all new content and software creators who plan on still existing in another ten years time.

In this wonderful world of global inter-connectivity, we need to support the development of new systems which subvert and bypass the gatekeepers. These include new social media apps like,,, and the forthcoming rebooted Social Galactic. These include atomised and independent video content delivery systems, be they open social platforms like Bitchute, or private curated on-demand and live-streaming “stations” like Unauthorized.TV, RationalRise.TV, and yes, even Netflix (though I have ended my subscription for this enterprise and encourage you to as well, for its deep and dark subversion of our culture ala Big Brother’s output mind-control content in Orwell’s 1984). These also include revolutionary new models for connectivity and collaboration, such as block-chain technology, most directly evident in BitCoin and its various wannabe competitors, and the Holochain project (for which my friend Moritz Bierling is a developer and advocate).

Bitcoin seems to be mostly flourishing as a currency for trade, and for purchasing license to the information held in other content creators’ server spaces, and perhaps it will triumph as the free global currency of this future iteration of the internet which I am prescribing. That would be an amazing triumph for such a revolutionary technology.

6 Years of historical Bitcoin data, on a logarithmic graph.

The internet is the connecting “matrix” for this informational territory, the hive mind, which actually exists in flesh as neuronal excitations (tiny sparks of electrical energy being blasted as a sort of high speed ‘morse code’ though our Central Nervous System) and inhibitions (the slowing of these action potentials) happening in unfathomable quantities within each and every human and animal brain on the planet.

The information sphere is the one territory in which I see successful international, yes, and even multicultural, co-existence. Sure, some are trying to take a huge steaming dump on that right now, but that is the parasitic, totalitarian Left, who will be wiped off the planet soon enough, until they re-emerge over generations and eventually grovel their way back to influence.

I chat to and receive daily emails from libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, Alt-Righters, Stalinist communists, socialists, white ethno-nationalists, Christian nationalists, Propertarians, preppers, moonies, moon-landing-sceptics, spherical-earth adherents, flat-earth theorists, soldiers, farmers, craftspeople, writers, publishers, YouTubers, artists, musicians, atheists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Daoists, Zionists, Anti-Zionists, Australians, Americans, Englishmen, Scotsmen, et. al., as well as Eastern Europeans, Russians, Chinese, Indians, Brazilians, Africans, Germans, Koreans, Japanese, etc. etc. etc.

Kum ba yah, brah!

These daily communiques are positive (though sometimes positively disagreeable) conversations, exchanges, debates, jokes, memes, scriptures, dreams, compliments, and heart-felt well-wishes from people all over the planet. I encounter some occasional rudeness, or attempts to undermine, ridicule, shame, or threaten me, and I’m sure you’ve experienced the same. I don’t keep the pipes to those Nodes open, because those Nodes are leaking toxins into the hive mind and we must deprive them of their access to other Nodes until they learn to behave themselves in a mutually agreeable manner. Isn’t it great that we can do that? In the informational sphere, it is actually possible to be as bullet-proof, as anti-fragile, as Neo in The Matrix.

The slings and arrows of trolls and gammas have no power over the man armoured with reason and fortified with logic.”
– I just made that up now.

We have in our hands the greatest tool ever invented for the international collaboration of all peoples on earth. And we normal, healthy, non-ideologically-possessed human beings, no matter where we’re from, we regular users, are trying every day to strengthen the marketplace of information on that potentially Edenic cyberland. The innovators are creating bypasses around all the off-ramps that have proven to be pitfalls, and we must escape the clutches of the gatekeepers, by having the courage to take our daily Red Honk pills and support these new breakaway communities and disruptive technologies. The Arab Spring would not have happened without Facebook. Brexit would not have happened without Twitter and YouTube. What will Gab and Minds and Social Galactic succeed to bring about?

Don’t you see that there has never been a better time to subvert the subverters? Revolution can happen on any fronts we choose, and the internet should not be the last or least of these, because it is perhaps our greatest worldly treasure.

When we begin to adapt the internet to be less of a chaotic, sprawling bazaar, and more of a planned city, with privately controlled houses around each Node (human mind), then we will begin to see the incredible potential of unmolested informational flow between every nation, faction, township, family, and mind. Then we will witness unimaginable miracles of science and come to understand the ways in which voluntary association and open competition can truly propel the entire world forward; each nation only at its own pace (it’s time to put the Boomers into aged care facilities and stop letting them spread their “peace and democracy” at gunpoint to the whole world, no?)

Go (back to the nursing) home Grandma and Grandpa, you’re both drunk (with power)!

This is only one imagining of the kind of connectivity that is possible, and a very cursory one at that. There is myriad fiction and non-fiction books, code, and engineering designs already in existence which better attest to the near infinitude of possibility for where the “information super-highway” (that’s Boomer-speak for “the Matrix”) can take us. Driving this technological innovation will enable a renaissance for the whole world. We often hear the internet likened to the Gutenberg press in its power to revolutionise the education of the polity. But the Gutenberg press was only the beginning. Now we all have full colour printers in our homes. We’re starting to own 3D printers. We’ve moved way beyond physical limitations. The information flows freer than ever! The internet is so much bigger that the Gutenberg press was, and the renaissance it is bringing is exponentially larger still.

Information is power, and while we all face restrictions on our physical and financial movement in the material world, in the information realm we all have the potential to be truly free. The more we excite the action potentials in the neurons of the collective mind, through stimuli like resistance, heat, and sometimes total severance from toxic Nodes and Hubs, the more we can assist this informational super-being in developing robust and geometrically stable neural pathways, and the more genius our species can become.

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  1. Ian Bruce Moore

    Christ tried to save his people from usury and look what it got him. Sometimes you can over think a position went its mostly dumb luck that got to tbe position they now have. Time to have a break and read something that takes the mickey out of the Woke people. WOKE a guide to social justice by Titania McGrath. Very tongue in cheek about the Woke. Please do a reading after you have finished with Peterson. All the best James.

    1. James Fox Higgins

      That sounds delightfully good humoured and I agree, after Peterson/Vox I will need something light-hearted.

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