Scepticism of orthodoxy is apparently hate speech now. 🀑

I’ve just been informed that by suggesting that one should not accept the orthodox holocaust narrative wholesale just because one is told to by authorities, and should instead engage in research and exploration with rational scepticism and an open mind (as with any truth claim which is falsifiable) and in so doing examine evidences which support counter-narratives, and from that fully informed position, make a decision to believe, disbelieve, or remain agnostic… I am apparently an “anti-Semite”.

Never mind that I have friends and close family members who are Jewish or part-Jewish (including my beloved sons). Obviously being sceptical of politically-driven history and aware of the countless times (evident every single day in the mainstream media) for propaganda to promote falsehoods, is tantamount to racial hatred for all people related genetically to the group involved with the topic at hand. πŸ€‘

I guess he got me? πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

The person who accused me of this has “lost all respect” for me.

The person who accused me of this is also off my lawn, for good.

In clown world, full-blown retards believe they have the moral authority to judge the sane. πŸ€‘ Honk! πŸ€£

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