Questioning Science is blasphemy.

I had a great discussion about a year ago with (my now friend) Grant Davis on the topic of Flat Earth. I was sceptical then, and remain so now, but the topic seems to be popping up again in some of the circles I’m part of, and so as you all should expect of me by now, I plan to give it an earnest look.
A quick YouTube searches yields this National Geographic “vs” video, in which an institute of Scientific Orthodoxy is claiming to take a balanced and scientific look at the flat earth theory.

The result? Propaganda 101:

1 – Make your ideological enemy look as stupid as possible and make his “movement” look like a cult (easy to do with 50 interviewees to choose from and a mandate to edit down to 10 minutes total).

2 – “Steel man” your own ideology; literally. Get the hunkiest science-chad you can find in academia and pay him to talk like a 17-year-old female freshman; “uh, in current year, like, if you question SCIENCE (glory to Me, the God of My own making), you’re a threat to everything!” (that kinda vibe).

3 – Stage a phoney science experiment that actually DOESN’T demonstrate what you want it to (Hint: the shoreline in the distance is ABOVE the hull of the boat, demonstrating that there is probably no curvature across the lake, and the only reason the (hand held) flag appears to be sinking below the “horizon” (which is below the distant shore πŸ€”) is because of a thing called WAVES. The boat has moved beyond the peak of the largest wave approaching the shore. It took me a second to logically reconcile the fact that what they showed is not explained by their Creed: “This can only be caused by curvature of the Earth. Praise be unto the Sphere.”

4 – When your opponent responds to this bogus evidence, cut it down to the most cultish response leaving intelligent viewers to comfortably assume that he saw what we saw, but talking about it goes against MUH SCIENCE (glory to Me, the God of My own making) so they cut it out.

5 – A bit of extra shaming to cap it off: “Do you REALLY believe this? I mean, seriously? This is DANGEROUS, you’re ignorant! You’re denying Science (glory to Me, the God of My own making)!!!”

Now I’m not a subscriber to the flat earth, but I do find it intriguing and there are lots of strong arguments supporting it. If the mainstream media want to really put this ultimate conspiracy theory to bed, they have to DEMONSTRATE their commitment to reason, evidence, and the scientific method instead of just using the LANGUAGE of science (i.e. the religious language which controls the post-enlightenment atheist masses) to shame and ridicule their enemies who are actually using reason, evidence, and the scientific method. Science is not a static THING. It’s a process. If you’ve reached the final answer to an investigation, you’re wrong. Keep going. Keep peeling back the layers of falsehood and inaccuracy, if you can cleanse the deceptions that stop you even getting started.

There are crackpots in every movement, they aren’t hard to find. Want to prove you’re right and win the battle for truth? Put forth a champion against a champion. Put your absolute strongest case forward via your smartest and most well-expressed and educated thinker. But I ask far too much of National Geographic. They’re a magazine, and like all magazines, they exist to sell things, not to be truthful.

When you use the language of morality to try and disprove falsifiable truth claims that pertain to the material universe… you are demonstrating that you are (perhaps unwittingly) part of a cult.

Notice how “Science” has ceased meaning a process by which we rigorously attempt to disprove hypotheses through repeated experimentation and logical analysis of the data… and now it refers to an almighty collective of lab-coat wearing priests who dictate from on high what is ABSOLUTELY TRUE and right and good for the world (and you can bet that includes NO creator, NO four-wheel drives, NO energy independence, NO borders, NO guns to enable you your Natural right of defence, and lots of sodomy for everyone – if you’re not into it, you’re a dinosaur and a bigot).

Can’t wait for more shaming and ridicule from the folks who want to be blocked from further commenting πŸ˜‰ Looking forward even more greatly to legitimate discussion around the topics of flat earth, conspiracies, science, and propaganda. There’s literally nothing more important to be talking about than at least three of those broad topics (because the Truth, if we can discover it, glorifies God and sets us all free).

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