Liars and devils always try to take the moral high ground.

This person, who I don’t know and have had no contact with that I recall, has decided to try and call out my “hatred” and the evil of my religion based on the article I published two days ago entitled Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. #IStandWithIzzy.

Ironically, and most certainly unbeknownst to my would-be Internet dad here, he provides a perfect example of the principle that the Bible so beautifully describes in Isaiah 5:20; the source material for my previous article’s title. I tend to think that he didn’t read my whole article, because I seldom can believe the ways in which my words get twisted and thrown back at me as straw men. Naturally, I called him out, but didn’t see fit to expand upon my thoughts at first:

Someone then asked me, in what seemed earnestness, to explain what it was that Morgan had lied about, so here it is. Hopefully it is of help to those who are too easily swayed by moral shaming and sophistic, liberal, atheist bullshit to see the forest for the trees.

I hear and read this hate speech” – I only expressed hatred towards pedovores in this article, and I don’t apologise for that. They can burn here and in hell for all I care. Jesus hates them too, and expresses that very clearly (millstones, and all that). They are children of Satan, not God.

You speak of truth and literacy, but cherry pick the Bible to fit a hateful intolerant doctrine which is the antithesis of Christ’s teachings” – no, I literally quote the Gospels and Old Testament themselves in their proper context. If you think God is tolerant of evil, you don’t understand Christianity in the slightest.

Let he among you without sin cast the first stone.” – he uses this (cherry-picked) Biblical quote to imply that I am hurling stones. Words are NOT stones, least of all true words. I am specifically calling for the end of men making themselves the judges and issuers of punishment to those they disagree with, and saying that God alone will judge and punish our sins. He is inverting my plea as if to suggest that my call to stop the SJW globohomo POLITICAL agenda is somehow an attack on gay people, and not in fact a plea to call off an actual attack on Christians. Apparently criticism is violence, and militant ostracism and financial ruination is just people wanting to be left alone. Laughable, evil dishonesty. A classic example of the satanic inversion.

the “gay” agenda is…. to live a life without fear of being killed for being born as nature(God) and genetics created them” – a double lie, and a misrepresentation for good measure. The “gay agenda” is to have sex with people of the same gender. That’s all it is. That’s the definition of homosexuality. The LIBERTARIAN agenda is the desire to be left alone, and in an ideal world this would be what I choose too. Leave me alone as a Christian, leave Israel Folau alone. Leave the gays alone. I wrote nothing about a “gay agenda” in my post. I wrote about the LGBTQI social justice agenda, which is a political movement led mostly by people who aren’t your average sinners, and is specifically trying (and succeeding thus far) to use the violence of the state to make Christian beliefs illegal to express (see the recent ruling against Kathy Clubb, and the calls for government intervention against the support being offered to Israel Folau’s legal fund and right to share orthodox Christian views on social media).

Consider this: “hate speech” is the crime that the globalists like Mark Zuckerberg and Emmanuel Macron have vowed to crack down on, as though even the most seething words of homophobic hatred are a greater moral crime than locking people up for wrong-think on the internet. Yeah Morgan, I’m the hateful, intolerant, anti-Christ, but not you, who simultaneously quotes the Bible in a sanctimonious display of moral virtue posturing, whilst also spitting at the faith and trampling on its pearls.

I specifically stated that not all homosexuals are on board with this SJW political movement, but hey – apparently if you’re homosexual, your politics are prescribed by bigots like Morgan here. I guess conservative homosexuals have gone off the plantation, and are not worthy of consideration. The LGBTQI agenda is revenge politics, and I know plenty of gay folks who recognise it for the cancerous madness that it is. 

I called for an end of the persecution of Christians, and I applauded the fact that we have reached a time in the west when homosexuals are largely left alone to sin in peace, as most of us want to be. I also equated my own sin, and the sin of every human, with the sins of gays. I spoke out against the greater sin of PRIDE IN SIN, and the evil of deliberately teaching children to sin. But he probably didn’t read that part. His new atheist top had already blown at the whiff of a Christian making a political argument.

Also, Morgan asserts quite ridiculously that homosexuality is “genetic” and how nature (which is apparently interchangeable with “God”, proving he knows nothing about theology) made them. He has no evidence of this. No one has ever found a “gay gene”. The presumption is unscientific and only demonstrates his wholesale adoption of the exact propaganda I am speaking against. 

Your religion feeds on fear and ignorance” he says, but don’t let that stop him from quoting the Bible to me as if it’s an authority he respects in the slightest. Woe to him, indeed.

Finally, he reduces the message of Christ to “Feed the hungry, heal the sick“, after accusing me of cherry-picking. πŸ˜‚

Though more could be said on each of his lies, suffice it merely to list that he conflates the scriptural laws of Christianity and Islam (like a good New Atheist); he conflates the Church (institution) with the faith; and he flippantly disregards 400 years of incessant violent invasions, kidnappings, and enslavement by the Islamists who have never stopped wanting to conquer Europe and all of Christendom since their death-cult’s inception 1400 years ago, in order to paint the Holy Crusades as some sort of major moral crime against innocent Arabs. Laughable ignorance, at best. Disgusting dishonesty, at worst.

In order to make such fallacious and self-contradictory statements, Morgan is either far more mentally-deficient or ill-educated than he thinks he is (a case of the Dunning Kruger effect at play), or, far worse, he is being deliberately deceitful. I suspect he has never read the Bible he seems to think he’s an expert on. I have zero reason to care that he is “sad” for “what I have become”. If liars like him are disappointed in me, then I am doing something RIGHT. If I gave any positive weight to the opinion of fools I wouldn’t be remotely interested in speaking out against this clown world run by clowns who are incapable of rational thought or debate, like Morgan, so he’s also foolish for thinking cheap shaming tactics from a total stranger on the internet will sway me in the slightest. 🀑

If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.

John 15:18-19

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  1. ian

    As they say, the Devil knows scripture. It is easy to use small unrelated parts of the bible to mount an argument. They do so often that they argument is stale. James, please read M S Kings’ book ‘God vs Darwin’, as he pulls apart evolution.

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