Learning from Friend and Foe alike.

Can anyone be so indifferent or idle as not to care to know by what means and under what kind of polity almost the whole inhabited world was conquered and brought under the dominion of a single city of Rome, and that too within a period of not quite fifty-three years?”


Don’t be a modern supremacist. In the age of the internet, we share information and news as fast as lightning, and yet the voices of the mindless masses are amplified and the cult of celebrity is endlessly promoted above the process of enquiry and discovery. I like to read history books written before 1939, because the level of rewriting, misinformation, and moralistic propaganda we have been exposed to en masse since WWII is unprecedented in all of human history.

Humans are no wiser or more moral than we ever were. Our empires have simply changed their nature, and what was once rule by honest and open violent warfare is now rule by GSRRM (Gossip, Shaming, Rallying, Ridicule, and Moralizing). This is the age of feminism, which, oddly enough, is not really the brainchild or achievement of women, but rather the subversion of weak, matriarchal, foreign men.

It won’t be so forever. Learn from the past so that you can prepare yourself and your family for the future. Learn from friends and foes alike. Don’t hold onto utopian ideals, but observe with detachment, judge with an empirical foundation of knowledge, and act with rational self-interest. What made (and will make again) the West great is that our self-interest goes beyond our individual selves, as we embrace the glory of shared history, shared religion, and shared aspirations to make the Earth as much like Heaven as we can with the time God has granted us.

There is a restoration and a renaissance on the horizon, and we are laying its foundations RIGHT NOW. Rejoice, take heart, learn, equip, and prepare. Deus vult!

1 Comment Learning from Friend and Foe alike.

  1. ian

    Hi, All empires crumble. most are destroyed from within while sprouting moralistic values about why we need to change our thoughts, and accept replacement for the good of the coming new world order. Like all pipe dreams, they usually end in tears for all. People in the old world would simply pack-up and move to greener pasture. We on the other hand don’t have any greener pasture to move to. But are called greedy for not sharing that which our forefather fought and built for their children. Try going to there country and ask for a free hand out. Goal or a bullet awaits you.

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