Feminine & Masculine in Modern Times

I’m often struck by this notion that modern society is just a whole bunch of social experiments that are in the process of going completely out of control. Biologically we’re pretty much identical to our ancestors that lived tens of thousands of years ago.
Yet here we are, 7.5 billion humans with smart phones & thermonuclear arsenals. Though we evolved to live in small tribal groups of about 150, where nothing really ever changed…

But the technology curves in this 2nd millennium are all going exponential, and our environments are changing more rapidly than they ever have. And our biology, our nature, just can’t keep up.

So there’s this great tension between our innate human nature and the state of the world. Particularly the dominant narrative of the world, which in the last 50 years seems to be heading evermore in the direction of post-modernism and relativism.

This toxic idea that there is no truth, no absolutes, everything is a social construct, everything is relative. No virtue, no good, no evil. In short: anti-reality.

And possibly there’s nothing more central to humanness than the fact of sexuality, that glorious reality that there are two of us! Mankind is both man and woman. And when things start going amiss between the two, it does not bode well for anyone. And tragically, that’s the state of the world today…

In their endless quest for equality, the Powers That Be strive mightily to erase any differences in the genders, between anyone, the result being that humanity devolves into a featureless and passionless gray muck of conformity.

Please enjoy this clip which was cut from a conversation between Jordan B Peterson and Camille Paglia, link below.

Much love! =) ∞ <3