Celebrating the Greatness of Western European Culture!

In addition to the hours of live and recorded music already available to subscribers, we have two beautiful new albums in the Music category at RationalRise.TV now!

Flamenco Guitar – Rob McMullan

Why Flamenco guitar?

“Although the exotic nature of the harmony and rhythm was enough to catch my ear initially, my love and excitement for flamenco has continually unfolded over the years. Each new level of appreciation is intimately tied to a new level of understanding, which has allowed my love for the classic recordings to only grow with each listening.

Flamenco combines all the values that I love most in art. It is complex yet elegant, aggressive yet beautiful. The extreme technicality of the playing is a testament to human achievement through discipline, perseverance and excellence, yet it serves, instead of dominates, the emotional sensibilities of the music.

Even though the art form travels to such sombre and melancholic depths, the sheer vigour with which it is played cannot be interpreted as anything other than a celebration of being alive.”

Rob McMullan (2018)

My own feeling about this beautiful album that Rob has been working on for years is this: Flamenco guitar is a unique product of one of the subcultures of Europe: the Spanish people. It captures the cultural attitude and the spirit of excellent lifestyle and passion that is so closely associated with the people of the Iberian Peninsula. Rational Rise TV is not just about truthful commentary on Western politics, but also about the celebration and promotion of our great European culture, both as a broad whole, and in its smaller parts. Rob is an Australian-born musician of Scottish and English descent, who has applied himself for decades to learning and mastering a Spanish art-form. Thus, this album is a European product to its core.

The album features 8 original recordings, produced, performed, mixed, and mastered by Rob, as well as two live performance videos.

Subscribers at Rational Rise TV will enjoy this album best with a glass of red wine and a board of tapas, and in the company of good friends on a warm summer’s evening. Or just put it on whenever you need a reminder of the fact that we Europeans do have a culture, and it is worth preserving and celebrating!

Wildwood – What We Think We Know

Far more contemporary than the above album, we bring you Wildwood’s album “What We Think We Know”. Wildwood are Nick and Regan, two talented and passionate young songwriters for whom I was honoured to produce this debut album. Their sound could be broadly classified as “haunting alternative rock”, but such labels are hardly accurate containers for music with such a wide set of influences. With hints of RnB, ambient pop, and even Spaghetti Western soundtracks, this album is brought together by Regan’s haunting honeyed-gravel voice and Nick’s dexterous guitar riffs.

If you listen closely, you might even hear a bit of me playing trumpet on one track, as well as Rob McMullan (the famous flamenco guitarist). This album features 10 wonderful original songs by Wildwood, with two additional live performance videos.

Heaps more music and more coming at RationalRise.TV

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