3 Keys To Changing Your Life

One of the most satisfying experiences as a coach is helping a client to make deep and lasting personal changes that improve his life. 

People come to me for coaching for a wide variety of reasons. Many are overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, frustration and situations seemingly beyond their control.

Coaching provides 4 main benefits:

  1. Someone safe who you can unload to about your frustrations and anxiety.

  2. An external person to help you analyze your life and decisions.

  3. Someone to encourage you and help you to see a path forward.

  4. A system of accountability and incremental improvement.

Some feel lost, stalled in life. Others have things about themselves that they are embarrassed to ask anyone for help to change. 

Most of my clients experience nearly immediate relief (or improvement) regarding their primary reason for contacting me. Some choose to continue upgrading their lives over a longer period. 

The clients who make steady progress towards their larger goals have three things in common.

1) They commit to regularly scheduled sessions

The antidote to a chaotic and unsatisfying life is a balance of order and scheduling. 

The clients who make the most consistent progress over time are the ones who purchase packages and schedule their sessions far in advance at the same time each week (or every other week).

(If you have an unpredictable work schedule you can still plan out sessions in advance and reschedule any that you are unable to attend. Plan for success and adjust to reality.)

Coaching is most effective when its a planned part of your regular routine. Developing an effective system of accountability and support is not compatible with spontaneously scheduling sessions.

By following a regular and systematic approach to coaching and personal development you ensure consistent improvement and measurable results.

2) They are in it for the long haul

It took you a few years (or decades) to get where you are and it’s going to take you a while to get out. 

If you want to get unstuck and moving forward it is essential that you have a long term vision and patience with yourself and the process.

Most people will make drastic changes with about one year of consistent coaching sessions. The key is consistency over time and dedication to a system of incremental improvement.

Typical benefits that take time to fully develop and have a lasting impact include:

  • Reduction in anxiety, depression and other negative emotions.

  • Improvement in mental, emotional and physical energy.

  • Increase in income, business or career advancement.

  • An end to unwanted habits and ways of thinking.

  • The development of new, healthy habits and thinking patterns.

  • Healthy relationships with people in your life.

3) They set micro and macro goals

Creativity and the application of a systematic approach can solve most of our problems.

Macro goals will help you to see the direction that you want to work towards while micro goals break down the path into individual steps. Thus the complex becomes simple and the impossible becomes possible.

Very often it’s impossible to plan out the micro goals farther in advance than one or two weeks. We have to be agile and adaptable to unexpected change. There are many ways to achieve your macro goals.

“Failure” to achieve a micro goal is part of the process and a useful measure to help us avoid things that are not effective in your situation. 

Together we will test out which systems work for you. Not everyone is motivated the same way or responds to the same approaches.

As a skilled coach I will help you to rapidly iterate solutions so that you quickly find out what gets you the results that you want.


Coaching will help you to do wonderful things that you couldn’t do alone. 

Even a single coaching session is life changing. 

A program of coaching will take you places you can’t even imagine.

You can choose to have a great and highly productive coaching experience that changes your life permanently for the better. You don’t have to struggle alone. 

If you have ever been unsatisfied with your coaching experience in the past, now is the time to try again in a systematic way. Contact me using the link below and we can make it happen.

If you know someone who needs help to make a major life change, please send them this information. Your care and concern for them can change their life.

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