The Danger Of Unrealistic Romantic Expectations Part 2: Delusions

When I was originally titling this series I thought about calling it “The
Danger of Romantic Delusions”. That title however was a bit off putting and
the objective of a blog posts title is to get people to read the post.

My reluctance to use that title doesn’t change the fact that the root cause
of unrealistic romantic expectations is delusion. In fact romance itself is
connected with an idealized, subjective, anti-rational and even delusional
view of the world and sexual dynamics.

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The Danger Of Unrealistic Romantic Expectations Part 1: Introduction

In the past our cultural understanding of love, romance and relationships
was tightly governed by our family, society, law and the church. Everyone
knew their roles and generally what to expect from marriage.

The 20th century saw the near total destruction of the roots and pillars of
western society. We lost our clear understanding of the sexual market and
received a fraudulent promise of happiness through sexual liberation,
feminism and radical individualism. The result has been mass confusion and
increasingly unrealistic expectations about relationships.

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