3 Keys To Changing Your Life

One of the most satisfying experiences as a coach is helping a client to
make deep and lasting personal changes that improve his life. 

People come to me for coaching for a wide variety of reasons. Many are
overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, frustration and situations seemingly
beyond their control.

Some feel lost, stalled in life. Others have things about themselves that
they are embarrassed to ask anyone for help to change. 

Most of my clients experience nearly immediate relief (or improvement)
regarding their primary reason for contacting me. Some choose to continue
upgrading their lives over a longer period. 

The clients who make steady progress towards their larger goals have three
things in common.

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What Is Virtue?

Within self improvement circles we talk a lot about the need to develop
virtue and avoid vice, even if we dont always use those exact words when
describing it. Much of the discussion however glosses over a clear
understanding of what is virtue.

* How can we identify the fundamental characteristics of all virtue?

* How can we avoid falling into false virtue?

This discussion is going to help you get a better understanding of virtue
so that you develop it in your own life and recognize it in others.

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The Painful Truth About GenX (with Heiðrún) [video]

The red pill movement has awakened many to a knowledge of evolutionary
psychology and, in specific, r/K selection theory and its implications for
Western Civilization. This has served as an intervention for those who have
developed maladaptive traits as a consequence of low investment (Boomer)
parenting. But what practical benefit has the intervention had for this

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