The Chronological Snobbery of Modernity

As I’ve aged, to whatever degree I have thus matured and learned, I’ve become aware of the tremendous anachronism (or as CS Lewis called it “chronological snobbery”) of our tiny pocket of history.

Do we honestly believe that we are somehow smarter and better than those whose paved the way for our existence in the last 5000 years?

We are taught a shallow and cursory view of history in modern schools (an indoctrination system that has only existed a very short time), with perhaps the most important aspects reduced to biased negative stereotypes (the ruthless dictator; the misery of the middle age peasant; the viciousness of the Catholic Church, etc). We are propagandised into a moralistic worldview instead of a rational one. There is little to no emphasis placed on developing one’s own logic, or practicing detached scepticism.

Public schooling is certainly more akin to the mass cult indoctrination than the eras and cultures past that are today accused of such.

The only solution to the problem of my own ignorance, I conclude, is to read as many books as I can. The older the better. No one book is definitive or complete in its perspective, so more books are better.
I certainly have a great deal more to learn in order to understand the goings on of the world today, but there is one thing of which I am almost certain: everything we today call PROGRESS and believe to be some unique enlightenment or evolution of man’s nature is only a temporary fluctuation in trajectory or velocity of the swinging pendulum of history.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Many of the things we are taught to view as virtues and positive developments have not only happened before, countless times, but also have they wrought great destruction when their fruits were finally borne.

Beware the claims of the fools who believe that history has ended, and some kind of wondrous new epoch is dawning. This age will end, and it will end in a blood bath, just as every one past has too. The wise among us will not be so foolish as to trust the certainty of the future being sold to them, and they will adapt and breed, and only the families who pay attention to the past will inherit the future.

Liars and devils always try to take the moral high ground.

This person, who I don’t know and have had no contact with that I recall, has decided to try and call out my “hatred” and the evil of my religion based on the article I published two days ago entitled Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. #IStandWithIzzy.

Ironically, and most certainly unbeknownst to my would-be Internet dad here, he provides a perfect example of the principle that the Bible so beautifully describes in Isaiah 5:20; the source material for my previous article’s title. I tend to think that he didn’t read my whole article, because I seldom can believe the ways in which my words get twisted and thrown back at me as straw men. Naturally, I called him out, but didn’t see fit to expand upon my thoughts at first:

Someone then asked me, in what seemed earnestness, to explain what it was that Morgan had lied about, so here it is. Hopefully it is of help to those who are too easily swayed by moral shaming and sophistic, liberal, atheist bullshit to see the forest for the trees.

I hear and read this hate speech” – I only expressed hatred towards pedovores in this article, and I don’t apologise for that. They can burn here and in hell for all I care. Jesus hates them too, and expresses that very clearly (millstones, and all that). They are children of Satan, not God.

You speak of truth and literacy, but cherry pick the Bible to fit a hateful intolerant doctrine which is the antithesis of Christ’s teachings” – no, I literally quote the Gospels and Old Testament themselves in their proper context. If you think God is tolerant of evil, you don’t understand Christianity in the slightest.

Let he among you without sin cast the first stone.” – he uses this (cherry-picked) Biblical quote to imply that I am hurling stones. Words are NOT stones, least of all true words. I am specifically calling for the end of men making themselves the judges and issuers of punishment to those they disagree with, and saying that God alone will judge and punish our sins. He is inverting my plea as if to suggest that my call to stop the SJW globohomo POLITICAL agenda is somehow an attack on gay people, and not in fact a plea to call off an actual attack on Christians. Apparently criticism is violence, and militant ostracism and financial ruination is just people wanting to be left alone. Laughable, evil dishonesty. A classic example of the satanic inversion.

the “gay” agenda is…. to live a life without fear of being killed for being born as nature(God) and genetics created them” – a double lie, and a misrepresentation for good measure. The “gay agenda” is to have sex with people of the same gender. That’s all it is. That’s the definition of homosexuality. The LIBERTARIAN agenda is the desire to be left alone, and in an ideal world this would be what I choose too. Leave me alone as a Christian, leave Israel Folau alone. Leave the gays alone. I wrote nothing about a “gay agenda” in my post. I wrote about the LGBTQI social justice agenda, which is a political movement led mostly by people who aren’t your average sinners, and is specifically trying (and succeeding thus far) to use the violence of the state to make Christian beliefs illegal to express (see the recent ruling against Kathy Clubb, and the calls for government intervention against the support being offered to Israel Folau’s legal fund and right to share orthodox Christian views on social media).

Consider this: “hate speech” is the crime that the globalists like Mark Zuckerberg and Emmanuel Macron have vowed to crack down on, as though even the most seething words of homophobic hatred are a greater moral crime than locking people up for wrong-think on the internet. Yeah Morgan, I’m the hateful, intolerant, anti-Christ, but not you, who simultaneously quotes the Bible in a sanctimonious display of moral virtue posturing, whilst also spitting at the faith and trampling on its pearls.

I specifically stated that not all homosexuals are on board with this SJW political movement, but hey – apparently if you’re homosexual, your politics are prescribed by bigots like Morgan here. I guess conservative homosexuals have gone off the plantation, and are not worthy of consideration. The LGBTQI agenda is revenge politics, and I know plenty of gay folks who recognise it for the cancerous madness that it is. 

I called for an end of the persecution of Christians, and I applauded the fact that we have reached a time in the west when homosexuals are largely left alone to sin in peace, as most of us want to be. I also equated my own sin, and the sin of every human, with the sins of gays. I spoke out against the greater sin of PRIDE IN SIN, and the evil of deliberately teaching children to sin. But he probably didn’t read that part. His new atheist top had already blown at the whiff of a Christian making a political argument.

Also, Morgan asserts quite ridiculously that homosexuality is “genetic” and how nature (which is apparently interchangeable with “God”, proving he knows nothing about theology) made them. He has no evidence of this. No one has ever found a “gay gene”. The presumption is unscientific and only demonstrates his wholesale adoption of the exact propaganda I am speaking against. 

Your religion feeds on fear and ignorance” he says, but don’t let that stop him from quoting the Bible to me as if it’s an authority he respects in the slightest. Woe to him, indeed.

Finally, he reduces the message of Christ to “Feed the hungry, heal the sick“, after accusing me of cherry-picking. 😂

Though more could be said on each of his lies, suffice it merely to list that he conflates the scriptural laws of Christianity and Islam (like a good New Atheist); he conflates the Church (institution) with the faith; and he flippantly disregards 400 years of incessant violent invasions, kidnappings, and enslavement by the Islamists who have never stopped wanting to conquer Europe and all of Christendom since their death-cult’s inception 1400 years ago, in order to paint the Holy Crusades as some sort of major moral crime against innocent Arabs. Laughable ignorance, at best. Disgusting dishonesty, at worst.

In order to make such fallacious and self-contradictory statements, Morgan is either far more mentally-deficient or ill-educated than he thinks he is (a case of the Dunning Kruger effect at play), or, far worse, he is being deliberately deceitful. I suspect he has never read the Bible he seems to think he’s an expert on. I have zero reason to care that he is “sad” for “what I have become”. If liars like him are disappointed in me, then I am doing something RIGHT. If I gave any positive weight to the opinion of fools I wouldn’t be remotely interested in speaking out against this clown world run by clowns who are incapable of rational thought or debate, like Morgan, so he’s also foolish for thinking cheap shaming tactics from a total stranger on the internet will sway me in the slightest. 🤡

If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.

John 15:18-19

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. #IStandWithIzzy

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20
Social Justice, making freedom of religion 404.

Here is the statement from GoFundMe after they promptly responded to SJW pressure to prevent people from voluntarily supporting a legal cause with their own money:

Today we will be closing Israel Folau’s campaign and issuing full refunds to all donors. After a routine period of evaluation, we have concluded that this campaign violates our terms of service… As a company, we are absolutely committed to the fight for equality for LGBTIQ people and fostering an environment of inclusivity. While we welcome GoFundMe’s engaging in diverse civil debate, we do not tolerate the promotion of discrimination or exclusion.

– Statement from GoFundMe

Unless of course it’s discrimination against or exclusion of Christians with orthodox Christian views.

These made up words like “inclusivity” usually mean the exact opposite in practise to what they pretend to mean. That’s how Satan works. That’s how the Left works. Notice that Israel Folau never said “homosexuals should be excluded from Rugby”? Christians embrace all sinners, but when we stop condemning the sin and reminding the world of God’s commandment to repent and to “go, and sin no more” (John 8:11), when we make heretical allowances for sin, and start re-writing the word of God, or redefining Jesus as a trans- or gay activist because that supports our hedonism and removes our guilt and shame, we have turned from Truth, and become agents of the lie. The Bible is explicit and clear, and so is biology, psychology, and statistical data: homosexuality and transgenderism are against the natural order. They defy Logos.

What Christians like me believe: The unrepentant sinner is going to hell. This is God’s word. Now, you may reject the word of God, and many do, but understand that this changes NOTHING about your fiery fate when your life is over. You will be judged, as will we all. Store up your treasures now in Heaven, or, when the curtain falls, find yourself broke and damned.

The Christian worldview has always held that the sinner is forgiven if he puts his faith in Christ. The blood of Christ on the cross is more powerful than any of our sins, and it is of course idolatry (specifically the worship of self, which is how Satan gets you) to believe otherwise. What does this mean for homosexuals? They have a place in Heaven if (and only if) they recognise their sin for what it is, confess it, and make every attempt to repent and cease, whilst putting their faith in Christ and asking His forgiveness. God doesn’t punish us for failing. Heaven would be an empty place if it were reserved only for the perfect. Even the Saints were sinners at times. God punishes us for NOT TRYING, or worse… for LOVING our sin, more than we love Him.

Despite decades of pithy slogans like “love is love” (a meaningless tautology which rejects the four Greek definitions of love: philia, storge, eros, and agape) and “gay marriage is not a slippery slope”, we see the truth that Christians warned us of all along: the “LGBTQI agenda” is a radically subversive political movement hellbent on turning our children to sin and mental illness. It is a satanic enterprise. Many homosexuals understand this, because, believe it or not, just because you’re queer, doesn’t mean you’re on board with making the whole world queer and proud of it.

“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18)

“It’s not a slippery slope” they said. “It’ll be fun” they said.

Does that mean every homosexual is a predatory satanist? No, of course not. But rational homosexuals, and Christian homosexuals (Milo Yiannopoulos is one high-profile example) will tell you that their lifestyle is dangerous, rife with mental illness, depression, suicidality, disproportionate instances of sexually transmitted disease (including often-fatal ones like HIV), and shallow hedonism which takes the place of God and the joys of the traditional family, and leaves the heart in a great deal of pain.

We all sin. I sin. You sin. Being a sinner is nothing special. But LOVING your sin, taking PRIDE in your sin, and worse, PROMOTING your sin to the next generation for any reason at all, be it for self-justification, or merely to open up the sexual marketplace for your own perversions, is by all Biblical standards, damnable. Leading children into sexual depravity is not merely sin… it is EVIL, and Jesus makes no bones about it:

It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.

Luke 17:2
“Desmond is Amazing”, the 11 year-old “drag kid” whose parents get him dancing in gay strip clubs at night for dollar bills and who is likely being drugged by adult men.

What we see from the “rainbow” political movement is irreciprocity in the highest. “We’re all about inclusion,” they say, “but if you DARE suggest that the anus is not a sex organ, or that children should not be exposed to homosexual and trans propaganda in the school environment, or that gay pride is an affront to God, then you must be excluded.”

Israel Folau doesn’t hate gay people, and nor do I, and nor does any true Christian. We weep for them, and we pray for them, just as we pray for ourselves and ask the Lord for forgiveness for our own sins. Because hell is not going to be fun for those who get left behind.

I do hate one subgroup of that community though: those who wish to sexually abuse and enslave children. God hates them too, and he’s chiselling millstones for them right now. They not only deserve the flames in the afterlife, but I think they deserve the flames as their means of exit from this life.

Even if you disagree vehemently and think my Christian beliefs (which are shared by about 2 billion in the world) are just supernatural cockamamie, an emotional crutch, or ancient superstition from a bronze-age desert cult, it doesn’t justify the persecution of Christians and the exclusion of Christian thought from our institutions.

Is Israel calling for the banning of gays from Rugby? No. Is anyone calling for the extermination, forced re-education, or total ostracism of the LGBTQI “community”? Not yet, but it may get there if mutual reciprocity and tolerance is not achieved. Christians believe that God will be your judge and punisher, and that it is our place to warn you only. They (the social engineers behind this satanic “agenda”) are calling for the banning of Christian views now. They want to be our judges and punishers now. This has real-world consequences for living Christians, for children, for our civilisation, and for peace in the West, far beyond mere hurt feelings.

And of course, folks like‘s Sally Rugg will come out and suggest that because trans people have a ~50% suicide rate, that the appropriate action is to just tell them whatever they want to hear, to not challenge them, or make them responsible for their own distortions of reality, and that if we judge or criticise them in any way (which only really seems to happen when they are trying to force us to accept their non-binary delusions as reality) their deaths are on our hands… but this simply doesn’t stack up. Many of these suicide attempts occur after “gender transition” (better described as genital mutilation, cosmetic surgery, and/or hormonal disruption). Tolerance for homosexuality and transgenderism has never been higher! And yet, the suicide rates persist. How can this be? Perhaps it’s because Gender Dysphoria SUCKS to have. It is a divergent mental illness, or at least it was always considered to be so until the Social Justice movement forced its way into the mainstream. Now it’s just another shade of normal. It would seem that they want us to believe that the more divergent, the more diverse, and the more different, the more normal it is.

Woe to them, indeed. Satanism is all about the bait-and-switch, the inversion, and the lie.

They even had to steal the Christian symbol of the rainbow in order to force this lie into the minds of the young. The rainbow is God’s promise never to flood the world again, but who knows what will become of us if we continue to desecrate that symbol. God judged the last Tower of Babel pretty severely, and this one (the One-World Order) will be no different.

Globalist organisations like the European Union are not even remotely ashamed to liken themselves to that which God is on record for hating, and destroying in wrath.
Satan loves to bait his Creator.

Why would lying and pandering to falsehoods (which are promoted for political ends) help these people anyway? No Christian is advocating for the bashing or total ostracism of the unwell; such a notion is ghastly. But the Leftist media and activist groups constantly advocate for the figurative and sometimes literal bashing of Christians, nationalists, traditionalists, or anyone who expresses concern with the macro-societal impact of letting the globohomo beast off the chain.

Fortunately, Australia is beginning to wake up.

A year ago when I started The James Fox Higgins Show, I discussed the curious cases of Hannah Mouncey and Mack Beggs in the world of sports as trans-people.

I predicted that these two examples were only the beginning and that, particularly in Australia, the intrusion of trans and gay politics into the sporting arena would be the giant red pill for the average, previously apathetic, Australian. Israel Folau’s sacking from Rugby Australia is confirmation of that exact prediction, and the response from the Australian public (despite the propaganda tilted against Israel, and against Christian values – i.e. truth) has been heartening.

After GoFundMe made it clear that their allegiance is to the globohomo agenda, and not to truth, diversity of thought, freedom of speech, or *actual* inclusivity (though I personally abhor that word and concept, but the hypocrisy is important to call out), the Australian Christian Lobby quickly created a new platform to raise the well-needed funds for Folau’s plans to take his case all the way to the High Court if necessary.

I checked the crowdfund at 8:30am this morning and it was sitting at around $250,000 raised. By 2:30pm (just 6 hours later) it was sitting at over $770,000. The ideological war in our country is finally getting started in earnest, as more and more average Australians wake up to the fact that Political Correctness, Social Justice, and globohomo are satanic, communist schemes intent on destroying the three pillars of Western Civilisation: Graeco-Roman law and philosophy (truth), the European national identity and culture (beauty), and Christianity (love).

It’s time to stop apologising for defending the values that built the civilisation which allows these very parasites (the subversive liars) to live free of persecution. It’s time to demand they stop their aggressive and destructive agenda which is no longer marching so slowly, but rather now sprinting, through our institutions, and if they fail to meet our demands, it’s probably about time to meet them where they stand, and push them back to the shit-holes from whence they and their evil ideas came. Christianity is available to everyone, but as history shows, there’s only so long that Christians remain meek and peaceful in the face of great hatred and animosity and genocide. When we finally go to war, we will win, because we have God on our side, and Satan’s lies cannot hold forever.

📺 TONIGHT: The Eugenics of Arranged Marriage

7pm (Sydney time) tonight on YouTube.

SPECIAL GUEST: Noah Revoy from

After a 2-week hiatus due to sickness, dog-fence dramas, novel writing, and family life, Foxy is back for a discussion with Noah Revoy on the virtues of arranged marriage as one of the best forms of eugenics. Check in and check it out! Say g’day if you’re in the chats, and smash the 👍

Jewish supremacy on proud display in Salon.

I’m repeatedly surprised to see some of the most hostile voices against white nationalism coming from Jews, some of whom would consider themselves Zionists. Surely of all people the Jews know best what a horror-show life can be for your people when you are unable to call a region of land your sovereign home. Israel finally exists on the map, and I’m glad the Jewish people can be united in one place they call their own. They have walls and fences, they have a formidable military force, and they have very tight race-based immigration laws. Israel gets it, man! But why are so many of them radically opposed to the idea of whites having such a sovereign home which they can defend? Shall there not be a country for whites… anywhere, ever?! Seems weirdly inconsistent to me.

SALON: White nationalism can be uprooted in America: Here’s how

Rabbi Michael Lerner recently jotted down on some left-wing propaganda blog called “Salon” some of his ideas to ensure that white nationalism is stopped, specifically because he believes a resurgence in white nationalist attitudes will necessarily result in the systematic extermination of the Jews (as if we white people weren’t already taught that Hitler and the Nazis are the worst things ever).

Trump’s legitimation [sic] of using violence against those at his rallies who challenge the white nationalism that he labels as “America First” — and the violence he has authorized against powerless refugees at our borders — sends the message that violence is OK.

Scenes from the edge of the world’s moral utopia, Israel.

So… what about the Palestinians at the walls of Israel’s borders? Would Lerner advise that the morally correct action would be to let them all in? Aren’t they just powerless refugees? Surely such moral principles are universal to all humanity. Well, credit where its due, based on a quick scan of Lerner’s career highlights on Wikipedia, it would seem that maybe he does agree. He’s highly critical of Israel, apparently. Fair game. But should a people not be able to decide whether they want foreign neighbours entering their commons or not? If we extend the principle of the open borders for which Lerner advocates, do we not necessarily have to give up familial autonomy and the right to lock our own doors? What about the universal human right to freedom of association? The right to private property? After all, Lerner claims that the Jews have been the world’s biggest advocates for universal human rights:

Why Jews? First, because Jews have been the most consistent allies of African Americans and refugees. Second, because while our culture has devoted considerable energy to exposing the distortions of racism against African Americans, and to some extent Native Americans, and has also done mass education against sexism and homophobia, there has never really been an exploration of, and public education about, hatred of Jews.

That last statement doesn’t quite align with my memory of a public school education. I was told pretty repeatedly about Hitler, the Nazis, and everything that was done to the Jews by Christians throughout history. I even felt guilty about it for some of my youth! But hey, maybe that was just my one school in a backwater town in Australia.

There’s also that fascinating documentary by Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir, which is entitled Defamation. It’s all about the way in which Jewish youths are indoctrinated from birth to believe that their people are not only God’s chosen flock, but also that because of this and jealousy (among other reasons), everyone else hates them especially. The documentary demonstrates the hysterical heights to which the emotions of the young Israeli Jews are pushed in order to feel a deep connection with their ancestry and the tragedies of their people’s past, and also the fervour with which the Anti-Defamation League police the streets and all public forums for anything remotely indicative of hatred or suspicion of Jews, or any particular Jew. I suppose the logic is if you criticise or revile one Jew, you must hate them all.

I’m not sure what the hell Lerner is talking about here, but it seems to me extremely clear that the whole western world has heard quite a lot from Jews about hatred of Jews. I’ve certainly heard much more concern about antisemitism than have I witnessed any genuine racial hatred towards Jews.

… that hatred is part of Christian privilege in this country. It is deeply rooted in the teachings of the Gospels that claimed Jews were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus, not the Romans who actually did it. [CITATION NEEDED] In the Middle Ages, Jews were forbidden from owning land and from joining guilds. This left most Jews barely surviving and living in conditions of great poverty. A handful were allowed to become traders, and as these became successful the myth spread that Jews had more money and power than everyone else. During the Holocaust many of the German churches continued to teach hatred of Jews.
Sadly, today even the most tolerant and Jewish-friendly churches fail to denounce the extreme hatred of Jews in the teachings of Martin Luther and other Protestant theologians, or to challenge it when it pops up among people of color. Even some of the most progressive churches fail to teach their own students in Sunday school about the notorious lies about Jews spread by Christianity throughout much of its history. 

Aren’t we so lucky that we have the honesty and wisdom of Rabbis like Michael Lerner to educate us so succinctly on the cruelty of our people and our religion towards his throughout history, and also to correct all our misconceptions? Wouldn’t want to put the Gospels (as written) above the perspective of this non-Christian thinker. After all, what is Christianity without Rabbinic Judaism? Oh that’s right… It’s devotion to the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Or am I displaying my Christian privilege? I’m sure the Talmud doesn’t say anything remotely mean or “othering” about Christians and goyim in general.

“Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)

Of course, I’m sure there is context and a broader spiritual message to consider here that might demonstrate that this is not goyim-hatred or Jewish privilege at play. Benefit of the doubt, and all that.

So what shall we do next, wise Rabbi, to ensure that our people never subjugate your people again?

The first thing we must do is to insist that the federal government provide free security forces to every place of worship and every public school that has a reason to feel in danger of violence.

Free? Do you mean a voluntary people’s militia? Great idea! Every man a sheriff. I like it! Oh wait… the federal government is supposed to provide it? Oh… you mean the military. I guess free ain’t really free. I wonder which demographic will foot most of that bill.

White nationalist extremism, not families seeking asylum on our borders, is the real national emergency. At the same time, the government should make illegal the possession of assault-style weapons and the possession of more than one gun or rifle of any sort, and should engage in a campaign to collect those guns.

[Citation needed to define “white nationalist extremism” – would that just be if white people in America or Europe or Australia started doing what Jews in Israel do?]

Hmmm… ban all “assault-style” guns (a phoney rhetorical category)… by using soldiers with (assault style) guns to “collect” guns from the citizens? What could possibly go wrong?

(Your average American man when he hears the words “radical gun reform”)

Seems like a call to dismantle the American constitution to me… but I must be reading it wrong. After all, didn’t the good Rabbi say that he and his fellow Jews are the greatest allies of America? Let’s check that quote.

Jews have been the most consistent allies of African Americans and refugees

Next, we need to mandate that every school and college that seeks to retain accreditation or receive public funds or student loans must implement a required course at every grade level to teach about the history and dangers of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, immigrant-bashing and other forms of “othering.” We must also teach what becomes of nations that abandoned democracy and human rights and the disasters that ensued.

“…what becomes of nations that abandoned democracy and human rights…”

But don’t worry, he’s not finished yet:

Finally, we need to ask the Christian world to teach about its role in promoting anti-Semitism in the past, acknowledge that the Gospels are flawed in contributing to hatred of Jews, and develop with Jewish progressives a comprehensive educational agenda to uproot this legacy from their midst.

So… to prevent the rise of White Nationalism, Rabbi Lerner suggests that the non-whites and their elected representatives use the full force of the government purse, military, and law enforcement arms to:

  • Protect places of worship and schools with guns (free of charge).
  • Scratch out the 2nd Amendment.
  • Take the guns from the citizens (with the guns of the state).
  • Open the borders, thus ending American sovereignty.
  • Take the children and force-feed them propaganda (more than they are already doing).
  • Threaten to defund and delegitimise any school or university which doesn’t enforce the narrative of white guilt and oppression.
  • “ask the Christian world to teach about its role in promoting anti-Semitism in the past”

On the last point, why just ask? Why not use the same thinly-veiled violent methods you proposed for the other points? Why not completely repeal the 1st Amendment too, and use those federally funded soldiers you’ve just appropriated to “guard” the insides of Christian churches and ensure that your prescribed narrative is being appropriately taught.

The reason is clear: overt promotion of violence is antithetical to the United Nations created narrative of the “brotherhood of man”, and so violence (though impossible to ever remove from the equation, as it is the ultimate arbiter of power in any given situation) is moved into the shadows, and becomes subversive, covert, occult, and even becomes represented by Newspeak which distracts the simple-minded from the principle of violence at its core. This is why he can have the audacity to suggest that the Church must:

… develop with Jewish progressives a comprehensive educational agenda to uproot this legacy from their midst.

He is literally calling for the Judaification of the Holy Bible. He’s suggesting that the liberal, immigrant, non-white, refugee, progressive, atheist, and Jewish (but I repeat myself) communities band together to “ask” the Church (politely, no doubt) to reject their Holy Bible, and reject the teachings of the apostles and church fathers, and re-write them in the Rabbinic interpretation, in order to ensure that Christians (and more broadly whites) know their place.

Honestly, I don’t know how an article making such recommendations for America and Christianity writ large which are so inherently antithetical to Constitutionally-enshrined American rights like freedom of speech, freedom of association (which necessarily includes freedom of disassociation), and the uninfringed right to bear arms, can be seen as anything short of treasonous anti-American subversion. He’s literally calling for violent action to remove guns and traditional Christian beliefs from (specifically) white people.

It seems pretty clear that Rabbi Lerner is a racist, a megalomaniac, and a Jewish supremacist hell-bent on the subjugation of the white race.

Lerner is promoting revenge politics, and worse, vengeance upon the progeny of his ancestors’ (alleged) oppressors (i.e. Christendom). An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, as it were. Worse, he’s not doing it honestly, he’s changing the meaning of words and ideas and claiming that this vengeance is actually an act of love! This is the rejection of Christ (and of Logos) at its most profane.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20

If Rabbi Lerner honestly believes that following his prescribed actions will quell the rise of white nationalism, he’s really lost the plot. The return to ethnic nationalism is the restoration of the family writ large, and it is something possibly best exemplified within Jewish culture – what other tribe has demonstrated a greater in-group preference and cultural solidarity in the last century?

Lerner frames his critique of white nationalism as a response to the atrocious murder of 11 people at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg late last year, because the suspect in the shooting, Robert Bowers, was overtly hateful towards Jews on social media, and also had white nationalist political views. Lerner’s article offers no exploration or context relating to this crime, but uses the image of the Synagogue in question and a caption about the crime to create a false correlation between white nationalism and the desire to murder Jews. I mean, sure, there are some crazy psychos out there, but does he really mean to suggest that ethno-nationalism is necessarily and inherently a murderous ideology? That’d be like saying that putting the interests of your own family above others is “familial supremacy” and somehow morally wrong per se because it oppresses other families. Nobody is that stupid, are they? Oh wait…

Okay, so some social psychology professors at City University of New York are that stupid.

Perhaps it was not the white nationalism that led Bowers to murderous derangement, but something else… hmmm…

Robert Gregory Bowers (born September 4, 1972), a 46-year-old resident of Baldwin, Pennsylvania, was arrested as the suspected shooter. Bowers’ parents divorced when he was about one year old. His father reportedly committed suicide at the age of 27, when Bowers was about 6 years old. Bowers’ mother remarried to a Florida man when Bowers was a toddler, and he lived with them in Florida until they separated a year after their marriage. Upon returning to Pennsylvania, Robert and his mother lived with his mother’s parents in Whitehall. His grandparents took responsibility for raising him, because his mother suffered from health problems… Neighbors described Bowers as “a ghost” and said he rarely interacted with others.


Any genuine practising Christian naturally abhors collectivised hatred, and indeed strives to remove all hatred from his heart. We love our neighbours and our enemies alike, and as an act of love we try to speak the truth, because words which accurately and meaningfully describe reality are our human expression of the logos, and they glorify God. Conflation is the commonest form of deception, and lies are the weapons of Satan. The desire for national sovereignty, ethnic identity, and the preservation of one’s own culture and commons is NOT tantamount to hatred or murderous ideology at all. Many European nationalists firmly believe that Jews, Muslims, Africans, Asians, and any other collective who have in-group preference should be free to form a sovereign geographical home and sustain and develop it unmolested by invaders or globalist do-gooders. Is this not simply an extension of the hypothetically unalienable right to start a family, build a walled garden and castle in which to raise it, and implement exclusive sovereignty over that terrain? Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike agree that Heaven itself has a wall and a strict immigration policy; they just disagree on what that policy states.

It is only Hell has that truly open borders.

Many nationalists also believe that fervent multiculturalists should be able to have their own multi-ethnic states too (and good luck to them) but that doesn’t include a right to invade, subvert, or become parasitic towards the ethno-states. One natural law for all peoples, whether they are united by ideology or genetics. It doesn’t get less bigoted than that.

Lerner is one of the many progressive globalist activists who spread the false dichotomy that if you’re not for open borders, absolute multiculturalism, and global hegemony, then you are a white supremacist mass-murderer-in-waiting.

It is views and subversive tactics like Lerner’s that invite hatred, and it’s not because of his race at all, but rather because of his deceitful, destructive and ultimately illiberal ideas. Fortunately, despite the contra being shouted at us repeatedly from birth, most white Christians would be smart and compassionate enough to recognise that Rabbi Lerner is not all Jewish people. After all, painting all Jews with the same brush would be bigotry, and we can’t have that now, can we?

Westpac Bank slits its own throat.

In the age of Social Justice and Political Correctness, it is not enough for people to make their own discerning judgements about who to do business with and who to avoid; we now require corporations to do that thinking for us, and enforce it!

Westpac has closed the bank accounts of right wing commentator Blair Cottrell. I wonder how this sort of action will be viewed 50 years from now. 🤔

They are certainly not the first bank to start kowtowing to the mob of raving lunatics who demand not only the silencing and censorship of infidels like Blair, but also their complete and total un-personing, and financial ostracism and ruination.

The tone of the email from Westpac to their now evicted customer is not one of aggression or self-righteousness, but rather one of cowardice and obfuscation. It’s a “commercial” decision, and they have the “Terms and Conditions” to back it up, though they refuse to provide further information about which T&C’s Blair has breached.

It’s plainly obvious that Antifa or some other left-wing activist group has found out that Blair was a Westpac customer, and they have applied pressure to the bank and likely threatened them, in the same way that Dia Beltran’s place of employment was threatened until she was fired, or any of the other countless examples of this kind of mob attack for political reasons across the Western sphere.

The mainstream social media websites like Facebook and YouTube have rendered themselves unusable for anyone right of Stalin, and we are now seeing major corporate ISP’s like Telstra follow suit with the IP blocking of Bitchute and Gab. Next come the banks. In a future cashless society, there’s no doubt that people like Blair, and probably me, and probably you, will be rendered persona non grata and unless we get ourselves microchipped and pledge our undying allegiance to globohomo…

What we can see demonstrated in this strategy of the globalist communist trans activists (i.e. the servants of Satan) is that they will not be satisfied until they control everyone, everything, and until anyone who disagrees with them or wishes to change the course of our culture towards something more traditional, wholesome, or homogeneous is dead or rotting away in a gulag.

Or did you think they were all about diversity?

One thing is certain: we create that which we obsessively fear the most. The globalists fear the rise of ethno-nationalism more than anything, because they know they have no place in it (and that includes the corporations who have declared their fealty), and yet every move they make seems to ensure that the threat which really didn’t exist in any significant way 20 years ago is going to rear its head, and be far less apologetic, reasonable, and inclusive than before.

I hope that the people who are out to destroy the lives of folks like Blair are eating plenty of protein and pumping iron, because when the tables of these temple merchants and peddlers of perversion are finally flipped, I don’t expect that the right will show any more mercy than they are currently receiving. And why should anyone?


Not all brains are equal.

It’s funny when you start to look back a few years and see what the mainstream media rags that we enjoy mocking so much today were writing. You see, back in 2015, the dunces at The Independent hadn’t quite figured out the logical implications for humanity if their headline is true.

HEADLINE: Disabling parts of the brain with magnets can weaken faith in God and change attitudes to immigrants, study finds

A joint team of American and British scientists have discovered that powerful magnetic pulses to the brain can temporarily change people’s feelings on a variety of subjects – from their belief in God, to their attitude to immigration.

The study, published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, saw scientists use a metal coil to create strong magnetic fields around certain parts of the brain.

The non-invasive practice is called trancranial magnetic stimulation, and has can be used to treat depression.

However, researchers have now found that by targeting the part of the brain that deals with threats, they can temporarily change people’s beliefs and views.

The other got a strong pulse of TMS that was strong enough to temporarily shut down their posterior medial frontal cortex (pMFC), a part of the brain that “plays a key role in both detecting discrepancies between desired and current conditions and adjusting subsequent behaviour to resolve such conflicts.”

In other words, those given the magnetic treatment were found to have decreased beliefs in God and more positive views towards immigrants.

Now, of all things, this two-part study chose to focus on thoughts and attitudes towards God, and toward immigrants. Surely University of York and UCLA wouldn’t be injecting any ideological bias into their study. Surely they wouldn’t want to be involved in anything that helped develop liberal mind control technology. Surely this wasn’t part of a social engineering program. I shall have to read the study in full to be able to decide.

SPOILER: (The introduction immediately exposes the axiomatic presumption of the “brotherhood of man” globalist mindset being superior and less harmful to human flourishing than parochialism or nationalism.

Parochial ideologies motivate numerous aspects of human social life, from art movements to wars. Moralistic ideologies involving group chauvinism and religion are arguably the most socially impactful—and, at times, the most perniciously divisive.

What the science successfully illustrates, however, is the correlation between attitudes and behaviours, and the proper functioning of the brain. When we exist in a false state of security (the irrational belief that all danger is taken care of, usually by the State) we are less likely to believe in God. This suggests that, whether you actually believe in God or not, God is an innate psychological insurer of last resort for our will to live, fight, and survive. It also (in the case of this study at least) takes the hindrance of brain function to experience that reduction in faith.

Further, this experiment illustrates that when the region affected by this magnetism (the prefrontal cortex) is reduced or shut down, attitudes towards immigrants improve! So, you literally have to have a malfunctioning brain to stop believing in God, and start believing in open borders (intentional hyperbole)! Yay science!

According to Wikipedia:

Many authors have indicated an integral link between a person’s will to live, personality, and the functions of the prefrontal cortex.[2] This brain region has been implicated in planning complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision making, and moderating social behavior.[3] The basic activity of this brain region is considered to be orchestration of thoughts and actions in accordance with internal goals.[4]
The most typical psychological term for functions carried out by the prefrontal cortex area is executive function. Executive function relates to abilities to differentiate among conflicting thoughts, determine good and bad, better and best, same and different, future consequences of current activities, working toward a defined goal, prediction of outcomes, expectation based on actions, and social “control” (the ability to suppress urges that, if not suppressed, could lead to socially unacceptable outcomes).

Executive function is another term for agency. Agency is your ability to apply your intelligence, knowledge, and talents, in a manner that establishes patterns of efficacy, success, sustainability, and longevity. High agency is the pattern of people who cultivate practises on an individual or societal level which are based on the accurate perception of long time-horizons. Those who can effectively plan for the future survive the long winter, and as a result, develop wealth. This wealth accumulates in common capital, and a people may expand enough to become a civilisation. When one society has implemented enough collective agency to become a great civilisation, that’s usually when some outsiders show up at the gate either begging for, or demanding, a piece of the pie.

The highest agency societies inevitably became Empires, as they had the science, technology, weaponry, and will to power. In the “post-colonial” age, there is nothing more offensive to liberal sensibilities than the praise of overt Imperialism, and yet the colonisation continues; it’s just done now by lies, obfuscation, and the erosion of national borders and monocultural sovereignty.

High-agency folks understand that open borders will destroy America, and Australia, and Britain, and all of those colonies established by the Anglo-sphere. They register the threat, because their pre-frontal cortex is functioning properly. We’re certainly not allowed by the intellectual gatekeepers to espouse the virtues of British colonialism and the amazing nations it spawned, and yet we all cling to the resulting benefits of those overt “invasions” by our ancestors. Will the west still look the same if the genes of the white people who founded them are diluted into a minority, or eradicated completely? Given that modernity has only really emerged in northern regions like Europe and China, and has only spread by colonialism (state and market), and given that the largest number of immigrants to countries like America are coming from third-world southern regions like Africa and Latin America, there’s a strong case to be made against such a possibility. Not all brains, and correspondingly not all races, are equal in their capacity to build civilisations. This is plainly obvious (though somehow controversial to state out loud) to the fully functional human brain.

Of course, if the melting-pot utopian dream is realised, then all races of the world would become one grey mass, and we’d finally reach equality! Or would we? It’s a big old world, and it’s clear from the political divisions forming in the West alone that not all humans will simply do as they’re told. There will always be ethnic nationalists who wish to preserve the traditions and genes of their own people above others. There will always be “progressives” who want to interfere with those choices by force and subversion. There will also always be a few radical racialists who wish to eradicate certain races from the planet altogether. Not all of these groups can coexists, and so they must separate, or destroy each other. The former would be ideal.

Low agency folks believe in safety in numbers, that calamity will likely never affect them personally, and that the Government will take care of us. They don’t need God. They have the State. And also, there’s no problem with multi-culturalism or globalism, and any suggestion otherwise is simply bigotry, racism, white supremacy, etc. etc. etc. If you press them enough, they will eventually admit that there is a problem, and the problem is this collective of high agency white men. Accept diversity, or be marked for eradication.

The logical implication of this study is that executive functioning has an effect upon an individual’s ability to recognise the existence of God and the presence of veiled threats. There have been other studies into the behavioural effects of large and small amygdala in the mammalian brain, and one of the emergent theories from this study is the r/K selection theory.

I highly recommend the book The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics by Anonymous Conservative, which offers an in-depth analysis of the collective behavioural patterns of animals and humans alike based upon their ability to appropriately perceive and prepare for threats.

Such studies as these just prove, with data, the obvious: Not all brains are equal, and if you can affect the pre-frontal cortex or amygdala development of human beings through dysgenic breeding, indoctrination, propagandisation, lies, deceit, magnetic fields from mobile phones, maybe even 5G radiation (!), then you can dull the sense of threat, and get those borders open!

In short, make people into sheep, and they’re easier to herd around, and if necessary, slaughter. Yay science!