The Uncuckables: Ep. 13 The Literal Police State

On Thursday night Australian Meditations, who has recently had his channel removed from YouTube, joined The XYZ’s David Hiscox and Tim Wilms from the Unshackled on The Uncuckables. We took great mirth at the fact the ABC, which has led the charge to purge all dissent to the Cultural Marxist mononarratove from the public sphere suddenly had the Australian Federal Police knocking at its door.

We here at The XYZ genuinely hope it is a portent of things to come.

We also discussed the fact that it is unfair to expect aborigines to sing the national anthem, given that if we define being Australian as being of British or European origin, aborigines are not really Australian.

Israel Folau is suing the living crap out of Rugby Australia

Rugby Australia is about to find out that anti-Christian bigotry comes at a cost. $10 million dollars to be precise.


Dumped rugby star Israel Folau will assert his dismissal cost him the chance to become the Wallabies’ greatest tryscorer and the best years of his career, as part of his damages claim against Rugby Australia and the NSW Waratahs.

Lawyers for Folau on Thursday lodged an unfair dismissal claim with the Fair Work Commission against his former employers.

Folau will argue that under the Fair Work Act his employment was unlawfully terminated because of his religion.

The 30-year-old dual international is seeking the value of his $5 million contract as well as other potential earnings following his participation in this year’s Rugby World Cup.

A source close to Folau said the figure was still being considered but could be as much as $10 million, which could reportedly bankrupt the sporting bodies.

Get woke, go broke.

Mark “cuck” Latham has made it clear he thinks fellow-SJW-traveler Qantas was behind the move:

Back to the story:

Before his contract was torn up he set a new record this season for most tries scored in Super Rugby history, and is the Wallabies’ joint-third highest try scorer with 37 tries, behind David Campese who scored 64.

His application claims he had this record mark in sight. “The termination has cost Mr Folau the best years of his rugby career, participation at the Rugby World Cup, the chance to become the greatest Wallaby tryscorer (a decades-old record he was likely to break), and the associated exposure and opportunities,” the dispute application stated.

Nothing will save you from the SJW rage mob. You can be the non-white Don Bradman of Australian Rugby, if you step out of line they will come for you. For this reason it is crucial that the SJW rage mob understands that nothing will save them from having to pay the price financially. You can either have so-called “social justice” or you can eat. You can’t have both.

The stakes here could not be higher:

But Rugby Australia was adamant it was right to sack Folau. “This is an issue of an employee and his obligations to his employers within the contract that he signed,” RA said in a statement…

Folau’s application stated his employment was terminated because of his religion and included nine reasons to illustrate this.

A member of the Truth of Jesus Christ Church, part of the reasoning was that “as a manifestation of Mr Folau’s religion, he is compelled to communicate the word of God and the message contained within the Bible (Biblical Teachings)”.

It said that in this context he “communicated certain Biblical Teachings on his personal Instagram account”.

RA and the Waratahs demanded he remove the post, which he refused to do so which led to his termination.

Folau said in a statement he felt he had no choice but to pursue legal action, and stand up for his beliefs and the rights of all Australians.

We are essentially about to reach the logical conclusion of the Yes victory in the fake marriage postal vote. Your XYZ was just one of many voices which pointed out that religious freedom would die as a result of legalising fake marriage, and this prediciton is about to be put to the test.

There is pre-Folau and there is post-Folau. Australia will be a different country as a result of this case. We will either have religious freedom or we will not. It really is that simple.

To finish up, get a load of these comments from Alan Jones:

It saw the game’s governing body come under renewed attack by media heavyweight Alan Jones, who has been relentless in condemning the actions of Rugby Australia and its CEO Raelene Castle.

“It’s time for the parasites to depart the field …” he wrote for The Australian. “The game is being run by clowns and until we get rid of the clowns, the circus music will continue to play.”

AJ knows.

Honk Honk.

Pakistan beat Pakistan at World Cup

An English side that was refreshingly 9/11ths British lost last night in a World Cup upset to Pakistan.

The hit & giggle fake version of cricket is always open to the surprise win by an inferior side because it is all over in a day or less. In Test cricket, ie real cricket, there is always the second innings and four more days. Hence the unpredictability of ODI’s. The World Cup is regularly a prime chance for third world nations to get one over the first world nations they are reverse colonising.

This report in the Australian has a good summary of just how poor Pakistan’s form was and just how good England’s form was going into this match before the predictably unpredictable happened. Being the Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch press, there is one factor it is not supposed to mention in explaining why England lost. We here at The XYZ are not supposed to mention it either, but hey, we never let that stop us.

Here is footage of the match highlights:

Joe Root must be at least in his mid 40’s by now, but he still looks like a cherub. Anyway, what one will notice is that the crowd noise is roughly equal in support for each side. The match may as well be in the Pashtun rather than the Midlands. This is now par for the course whenever an English or Australian cricket side plays a team from the subcontinent in England or Australia.

We no longer have home games.

Check out this footage from Melbourne in 2016:

Funny how all those Indian Australians turn out to be Indian Indians whenever Australia plays India. Great nations don’t die. They just go brown.

Compare this to the crowd in Trafalgar Square which celebrated England’s regaining of the Ashes in 2005:

All those pasty faces and pale arms. It was 14 years ago but it still hurts.

But hang on.. look at all those pasty faces and pale arms. That was only 14 years ago. Now, London has fallen.

With the capital lost, the invaders are fanning out across the countryside. Here is a table showing the demographic shift of Nottingham, home of England’s Trent Bridge loss.

Source, Wikipedia.

The proportion of white people in Nottingham dropped from 85% in 2001 to 71.5% in 2011. This is Robin-Hood-Little-John-Friar-Tuck-Maid-Marian-Friggin-Nottingham we’re talking about here.

They’ll be lucky to be in the 50’s in 2021.

The Uncuckables: Ep. 12 Fashtag Warning

Last night we warmed up by shitposting about all the innocuous symbols the so called faaaaar rrrrrrrrright has appropriated. For example:


Matty happened across some leaked footage showing us Victoria Police’s secret plan to tackle so called “toxic masculinity” in order to prevent the rape and murder of women. Apparently it involves telling men to just stop it.

We also covered the European Union elections, diversity hires on the the front bench and shadow front bench, the fact that two “former nazis” were indeed trolling the ABC, and why Australia is defenceless.


Join us for The Uncuckables next Thursday night at 8:30 pm AEST for special guest Dusty Bogan.

XYZ Live #69 – FAAAARRR-RIIIIGHT Sweeps Europe and More Leftist Tears

Thank you to everybody who tuned in to last night’s XYZ livestream, next week we will be back to our usual Monday night at 9:15 pm AEST. Our main topics were:

  • Anti-EU parties hugely successful in the EU elections, but the MSM claim there was a “Green Wave”.
  • The Age officially admits that Don’t Mention The XYZ is official policy.
  • All men blamed yet again for the actions of one.

Crybaby Theresa May a globalist to the end

If you are going to quit your job, you really can’t beat running away crying like a little girl.

If you watch the full speech, you will notice her voice getting croaky between 1:00 and 2:00. That final bawl was always gonna happen.

The fake right globalist media has not been kind.

From the Australian:

“She’s gone, finally. The British prime minister Theresa May, arguably the worst in UK’s modern history, has emotionally announced her resignation, days after she lost the support of her closest advisors amidst ongoing Brexit mayhem.

“A teary Mrs May said she would leave as Prime Minister on June 7, which will be days after a state visit by United States Donald Trump and D Day commemorations….

“Mrs May’s leadership will go down in the record books as lamentable. She started by triggering the article 50 for Brexit without determining what form of Brexit the country wanted and then arrogantly called a general election in 2017 to try and increase a healthy Tory majority which backfired spectacularly.

“The ensuing tight numbers in the parliament and Mrs May’s inflexibility to handle the biggest single political crisis since WWII is illustrated in the parliamentary records. During May’s term as leader, she suffered 28 defeats in the House of Commons, including setting new records for political annihilation. One of her three big losses on the Brexit bill was by a margin of 230 votes.”

Like her tearful resignation speech, the farce that was May’s term in office was entirely predictable. Adam Piggott picked her like a dirty nose the moment she got the job:

“The news that Theresa May has taken the leadership of the Tory party with what seems to be a full-blown screaming SJW agenda is beyond belief:

“Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May has promised a government centred around social justice in a hard hitting statement of intent just minutes after Queen Elizabeth had charged her with leading the country … Mrs May used her first prime ministerial speech to promise to fight against burning injustices and disadvantages suffered by the poor, blacks, state school educated, women, the mentally ill, and the young.”

“Bloody hell. So there you go, we win but we lose. We won Brexit and as a result we get an SJW numbskull into the Tory leadership.”

In May’s speech yesterday, she finished the way she started:

“As we strive to find the compromises we need in our politics — whether to deliver Brexit, or to restore devolved government in Northern Ireland — we must remember what brought us here.”

“Because the referendum was not just a call to leave the E.U. but for profound change in our country.”

What does she mean by “profound change”? An end to the socialist control of a supranational organisation and a return to national sovereignty and the Great Britain which has been lost, the reestablishment of a Britain for the British, specifically through control over immigration? Well, this is an SJW globalist we are talking about here:

“A call to make the United Kingdom a country that truly works for everyone. I am proud of the progress we have made over the last three years.”


“…we are protecting the environment, eliminating plastic waste, tackling climate change and improving air quality.”

Here we go.

“This is what a decent, moderate and patriotic Conservative government, on the common ground of British politics, can achieve, even as we tackle the biggest peacetime challenge any government has faced…

“But the unique privilege of this office is to use this platform to give a voice to the voiceless, to fight the burning injustices that still scar our society.

“That is why I put proper funding for mental health at the heart of our N.H.S. long-term plan.

“It is why I am ending the post code lottery for survivors of domestic abuse.

“It is why the Race Disparity Audit and gender pay reporting are shining a light on inequality, so it has nowhere to hide…

“Because this country is a Union.

“Not just a family of four nations.

“But a union of people — all of us.

“Whatever our background, the color of our skin, or who we love.”

If this globohomo, satanic garbage had been the “profound change” the people of Britain voted for when they voted for Brexit, Leave voters would not have been vilified as “xenophobic”, “racist”, “islamophobic” you name it for the last three years. Even in defeat May serves her masters, and demonstrates why she never had a hope of steering Britain into independence. This speech presents the purpose of Brexit as the exact opposite of its intention.

Theresa May’s “profound change” is Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation”; from a union of the people of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland whose blood is bonded to their land through thousands of years of history, to a socialist shithole which cannot replace its native population fast enough.

Theresa May’s tears belie the fact that she has gotten off very, very lightly.

The Uncuckables: Ep. 11 Consergence

We had an excellent discussion last night, as we were joined by Adam Piggott from Pushing Rubber Downhill to continue our dissection of the glorious defeat of the scoundrel Tits Shorten.

It also proved an excellent opportunity to continue the ethnic nationalist vs civic nationalist debate. Tim Wilms said Adam Piggott is a puritan for criticising Fraser Anning for running an Indian candidate. He then battled manfully against two ethnic nationalists.


The Surrender of Chisholm

It has been a beautiful few days since Saturday’s federal election drinking the sweet tears of leftie anguish at the shock loss of the Labor Party. The Australian people have rejected hard socialism and climate change propaganda and have elected a government that at least claims to stand for economic freedom, Christian values and strong border protection.

Yet the same glaring problem which drove Fraser Anning to prominence over the last 9 months still exists and is only going to get worse as the endless slow retreat of the Liberal Party cements the social and cultural wins of the left.

Exhibit A is “The Battle for Chisolm”.


The problem I am referring to is an existential one; we are being replaced. The Battle of Chisholm is the Surrender of Chisholm. The division of Chisholm is situated in Melbourne’s leafy eastern suburbs, is middle class and has one of the highest concentrations of Chinese people in Australia. Downtown Box Hil is even on its first steps to looking like downtown Singapore.

Naturally, both major parties have run female Chinese candidates. This has led to a funny article in the ABC whose headline appeared to give a little too much away:

The division however refers not to the growing resentment by BBQ Australians at their replacement with Apartment Australians, but to stupid he-said-she-said factors that nobody cares about:

First the Prime Minister had to defend his candidate after Ms Liu found herself in hot water over comments she made about same sex marriage in 2016.

Then she became enmeshed in a series of bewildering minor scandals, including an abusive online post about Jennifer Yang written by Ms Liu’s sister, and confusion over whether Ms Liu was still a multicultural ambassador for the AFL.

Analysts mused about how the foreign interference debate or the Coalition’s hawkish stance towards Beijing might sway the outcome, but those who knocked on doors in Chisholm say most Chinese-Australians were firmly focussed on issues closer to home.

A recording of comments made by the Liberal candidate for the Victorian seat of Chisholm appearing to describe LGBTI issues as “rubbish” emerges.

In the end, hostility to Labor’s flagship economic promises — particularly its plans to curb negative gearing and overhaul franking credits — poisoned Ms Yang’s chances.

Here we go:

Both Labor and the Coalition also took to Chinese social media sites like WeChat to woo voters, with heavyweights from both major parties spruiking their agenda.

But WeChat was also a petri dish for fake news and misinformation.

Some users accused Labor of planning to introduce a massive inheritance tax, while another circulated doctored tweets from “Bill Shorten” declaring that Labor would boost migration from the Middle East.

Labor accused the Coalition of orchestrating a “desperate scare campaign” and wrote to WeChat’s parent company two weeks before election day to complain. But in private they admitted there was little they could do.

Aside from the fact that Labor’s proposed family reunion policy would indeed have led to millions of new migrants flooding Australia in the next few years, largely at the hands of these very same Chinese people who were concerned about Middle Eastern immigration, we now get to the heart of the matter.

It is no consolation that an Asian female soft-socialist Liberal Party candidate beat out an Asian female candidate for the hard-socialist Labor Party, when Chisholm itself has been swamped by Asians. There is no point whatsoever in saving Australia from mass Middle Eastern migration nor the Islamisation that would bring, if we are just going to replace Australians with Asians instead.

This is why we have to talk about race.

It does not matter if Asians supposedly have high IQ’s and are less likely to commit crime. If real Australians were replaced with literal angels from heaven it would still be wrong, because ethnic replacement is wrong.

We gave Box Hill away because we white Australians acquiesced to the argument that race doesn’t matter. But race clearly does matter, because both major parties ran Asian candidates in Chisholm. If race didn’t matter, neither major party would have bothered running an Asian. Political allegiance does not naturally run along class lines but racial lines. Given that both major parties have made this clear by their actions, it is inevitable that a party which explicitly advocates for the interests of heritage Australians will grow as more and more white people rediscover their racial consciousness.

XYZ Live #68 – The Great Election Recap, Let’s All Drink Lefty Tears!

With a couple days to reflect on Saturday night’s election, our main takeaways from the Liberal win were:

  • Australians have rejected hard socialism and climate change propaganda.
  • We have made the most of having Fraser Anning in parliament by spreading the nationalist message as far as we could.
  • We now have another three years of comparative freedom (compared to what would have existed under a draconian Labor/Greens regime) to lay the groundwork for Australian nationalism.