XYZ Live #73 – God Bless Israel Folau

On Monday night we discussed the Israel Folau saga and the far left’s obsession with suppressing any hint of dissent.

We also analysed the debate between Mark Collett and the Israel Advocacy Movement, as well as the decision by the Victorian Communist Party to allow people to change their gender without going through surgery.

Honk Honk.

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Israel Folau’s fight is a class action for all Christians

The social justice rage mob is so insidious because what they can do to one person sends a message to an entire people. These far left internet extremists have destroyed countless careers, and on the streets their terrorist comrades have physically assaulted opponents of the far left.

The cumulative effect of this terrorism is that through fear, public and private organisations now require their employees to sign contracts pledging them to abide by rules set by these far left violent extremists. This applies to both online activity and IRL activity. We all understand that there are things we cannot say or do in public without receiving severe consequences. Because we have signed contracts, if we bring up the issue of freedom of speech the far left will claim this is not about freedom of speech, but about breach of contract. Moreover, the far left does not view the requirement to sign such contracts as shoving their opinions down everybody’s throats, because they consider their own opinions to be neutral.

Thus the far left currently controls the discourse in our civilisation and works relentlessly to gaslight us and indoctrinate the next generation. Even those of us who try to search for the truth are hampered by the digital gatekeepers because organisations such as Google and Facebook are staffed to the brim with these same far left extremists.

No one man can stand alone against this current. However, if one man is prepared to stand and is supported by the still defiant masses, we may all have a fighting chance.

Enter Israel Folau.

From the Australian:

The Australian Christian Lobby fundraising campaign for Israel Folau has raised more money in less than 24 hours than the shutdown GoFundMe appeal did over four days.

The second fundraising campaign has already amassed more than $810,000 in donations, just a day after it was launched by the ACL.

The organisation set up the fundraising campaign for the former Wallabies star on its website after Folau’s successful GoFundMe page was closed by the US-based crowd-funding platform yesterday.

By 1.30pm, $712,000 had been donated via the link on the ACL site — with the group also promising to tip in $100,000 of their own money.

Folau launched his GoFundMe appeal for $3 million on Friday and had raised $750,000 in four days from more than 7000 donors. But the fundraising platform pulled the campaign yesterday, saying it violated their terms of service and announced it would refund all donations.

“As a company, we are absolutely committed to the fight for equality for LGBTIQ+ people and fostering an environment of inclusivity. While we welcome GoFundMe’s engaging in diverse civil debate, we do not tolerate the promotion of discrimination or exclusion,” GoFundMe Australia’s regional manager Nicola Britton said.

Put simply, GoFundMe is happy to discriminate against and exclude a Christian who openly states his Christian beliefs in breach of a contract which forced him to silence his Christian beliefs.

Far left extremists have argued that it is unfair for Folau to crowdfund his legal campaign because this is all about him losing his job, and he is a rich sportsman who can afford the bill. went so low as to complain that more money was raised for Folau than for a kid with cancer. Fight for your freedom of speech and you are stealing from a dying child? This is an absolute dog act from

This also ignores the following:

Folau’s push to raise a legal war chest to defend his religious beliefs was deemed unworthy by GoFundMe and a “violatio­n” of the company’s values. But the US crowd-funding site cheerfully backed a trans­gender Australian nurse to have “vocal feminisation surgery’.

A doomed quest by a 20-year-old Perth man to raise $500,000 to buy a Ferrari also got the ­platform’s seal of approval.

Also as David Hilton pointed out, these people literally crowdfund to murder children:

Israel Folau is a man with a high profile and even higher convictions. Regardless of his generous renumeration, the requirement forced upon him toe the SJW line on social media is manifestly unjust. He is prepared to lose everything in order to challenge and bring down this unjust system, and he has inspired the masses to support him, because he actually has a fighting chance of winning.

The left are currently throwing the kitchen sink at Israel Folau precisely because they understand that he has a chance of winning. They have even gone after his wife. This is not about Israel Folau’s career. This is about challenging the system which forces everyday Aussies to shut their mouths for fear of losing their livelihoods. It is essentially a class action on behalf of all Christians in support of our God-given right to freedom of religion. If Folau wins it will set the precedent that organisations cannot force people to silence themselves or act against their Christian convictions in order to appease the Bolshevism of so-called “tolerance” and “inclusion”.

It would be an actual victory in the Culture War, as opposed to the occasional political victory which just leads to more cultural retreat:

Bad Scott.

The momentum gained from such a cultural victory (and a potentially successful appeal by Cardinal George Pell) could see Christians and patriots push back and win further cultural victories. We could repeal fake marriage. Outlaw the murder of babies and old people. Stop immigration.

Take back our countries.

One last thing.

The left have tried to make an example of Israel Folau. Just like they went after Kanye West, they want to show the little people that if it can happen to someone at the pinnacle, it can happen to you. Nothing will save you from the SJW rage mob.

If Folau wins, we should make examples of everybody involved in making an example of him. Raelene Castle. Nicola Britton. Rob Solomon. Alan Joyce. Take them for every penny they have.

You can donate to Israel Folau here.

XYZ Live #72 – Censorship BEAST takes over the AFL!

Nationalist memes have been seeping their way into real life for several years now, and this weekend at the footy the kind censorship that nationalists have been receiving suddenly hit middle Australia smack bang in the face.

As usual, we hope that this is the start of something big, and provides further spark to the nationalist revolt in the West, especially in Australia.

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Jeff Kennett offers mild civnat critique of AFL Behavioural Awareness Officers

The AFL has been slammed by everybody in Australia with an IQ over 12 for its deployment of Thought Police, euphemistically referred to as Behavioural Awareness Officers, at the footy. Basically, everybody agrees that the AFL is run by complete wankers.

From the Australian:

Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien yesterday decried­ a “nanny state” mentality ­encroaching on the code.

“You know what? It’s not the opera. It’s not the ballet. People are allowed to cheer. People are ­allowed to shout. People are ­allowed to even boo occasionally,” he said.

“I just hope that the AFL gets the balance right and they don’t get too heavy-handed on this, ­because you don’t want to see the spark, the joy that a footy match provides, being taken away.”

Hawthorn legend Dermott Brereton described the use of the “Behavioural Awareness” officers as “the most ridiculous principle the AFL has instituted in years’’.

“It really angered me to see that,’’ he said. “How ridiculous to infringe on people’s basic human rights to go along and enjoy their lifestyle, the way they have for over 100 years.’’

It is refreshing to see this high level pushback. The question is whether or not the pushback can be sustained and determined. If the AFL finds a way to quietly institute this policy in a few years time when we have all forgotten about it, it will all be for nothing, just like every other cuckservative pushback.

This is why the comments of former Victorian Premier and sometimes cuck Jeff Kennett matter:

Mr Kennett yesterday warned AFL bosses were “playing with fire” with “sanctioned censorship” of fans.

The Hawthorn president warned AFL bosses their sanctione­d censorship of fans could ­ignite a dangerous backlash after security staff were accused of ­intimidation at matches in Melbourne­ on the weekend.

“If the AFL is going to be the ­adjudicators of how people are participating in the game … or there is an ‘expression force’ that is coming in to tell people what they can say, they are playing with fire,” the former Victorian premier told The Australian.

“The more the AFL tells the public whether they can boo or not, the more likely they are to go the other way. We have been doing it for 150 years, for goodness sake.”

Spot on, and good choice of words which highlight the Soviet nature of this idiotic policy. Kennett’s interview on 3AW this morning is where it gets interesting:

Earlier today, Mr Kennett highlighted the ethnic background of the staff during a 3AW interview.

I’m not being racist when I say this, but when I saw some of the footage, the people who are making judgments while they wear these authoritative coats, are not people who appear to have a great knowledge of our game,” he told host Neil Mitchell.

“And yet they make judgments about what’s correct and not correct.”

Almost there, Jeff. Come over to the light.

Asked by Mitchell what he meant, Mr Kennett said: “Well, they’re new arrivals to Australia, it appears.”

Mitchell replied: “We don’t know that.”

“We don’t know that and they could be born here,” Mr Kennett said.

“All I’m saying, is the sporting arena is where people relax, where they support their tribe, and what is happening now is unacceptable.”

After the interview, Mitchell said: “I don’t think ethnicity has anything to do with this at all.”

Of course you don’t Neil, you friggin’ boomer.

Asked by The Australian whether he stood by his comments, Mr Kennett was unapologetic, saying he hoped Marvel Stadium’s decision to introduce behaviour awareness officers to control crowds at AFL matches “gets knocked on the head very quickly”.

“The footage I saw was of people who — I don’t know whether they were Australian-born or whether they weren’t, but I suspect they weren’t,” he said.

“How is anyone going to judge anyone else’s behaviour, let alone people who were probably weren’t born here, don’t know the code, probably don’t play it?

“Do they support a football team? How could they possibly have any understanding of our sport? Some of them have come from countries where they play soccer, and some from countries where no sport is played?

“Are we going to just employ security guards or people monitors without any experience at all to come along and sit in judgment of people who have been going to football matches all their lives?”

Obviously to the usual blue tick crowd this kind of talk makes Jeff Kennett literally Hitler, so more power to him. To the average middle Aussie, this kind of talk is like stale bread to a starving man. We are not allowed to talk about race, so the moment somebody does, even when the words are as carefully chosen as this, something stirs in us because we are acknowledging a part of ourselves that we usually have to deny.

Points to Kennett for having the guts to talk about race and for refusing to back away from his comments. The problem is that Kennett has taken the usual cuckservative option when talking about race – he focuses on culture. It leaves wriggle room for the globalist AFL to propose making sure sure they employ foreign invaders who have fully integrated into the Australian way of life, or to provide cultural sensitivity training to those who haven’t.

It leaves open the potential to be tied in knots over where to draw the line between good immigrants who assimilate and bad ones who can’t or won’t. And it gives respectability to the invented term of “racism”; the term “racism” is an anti-white slur which was invented by globalist communist internationalists as a tool with which to undermine the ethnic homogeneity of white nations.

The foreigners employed by the AFL to tell real Australians to watch their mouths are not Australian, they do not belong here and they must go back. Australia was founded in order to provide a homeland for the Anglo-Celtic progeny of the British Empire, and this is enshrined in our Constitution. The purpose for Australia’s founding was betrayed by Liberal and Labor governments which opened the doors to immigration from outside our homeland without our consent.

Thus the image of foreigners ordering our people to keep their mouths shut at football matches, and kicking us out if we don’t obey, is a disgraceful symbol of our slavery to political correctness and the demographic replacement it is intended to achieve.

This image:

This is why we have to talk about race. And go all the way.

Behavioural Awareness Officers are the KGB of PC Australia

In the Soviet Union (the second most murderous regime of the 20th century) the small group of ideologically driven people who ran the abattoir cycled through many acronyms for the state’s Thought Police; Cheka, NKVD and KGB were the most well known.

Nobody knows the acronym for the Thought Police in China (the most murderous regime of the 20th century) because it is written in their ridiculous script, but we do know that when foreign devil journalists recently attempted to ask the local students milling around Tiananmen Square if they knew what happened there 30 years ago, many young Chinese literally ran away from said hacks.

Best. Thought Police. Ever.

As George Orwell has taught us, the more benign the acronym, the more terrifying the Thought Police. Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov and Lev Bronstein would have wet their pants at “Behavioural Awareness Officer”.

From the Age:

AFL fans are outraged at “behavioural awareness officers” patrolling the crowd at Friday night’s game between Essendon and Hawthorn, but Marvel Stadium says they’ve been in place all year.

We have always been at war with Eurasia.

It follows the ejection of a supporter who allegedly ran towards umpire Mathew Nicholls while calling him a “bald-headed flog” at half-time of the Carlton-Brisbane Lions match last Saturday.

“Ran towards”? Give that the writer has carefully avoided using the term “on the field” we can assume he didn’t even invade the pitch. Regardless, “bald-headed flog” must be the mildest thing anybody has ever said to an umpire.

People have taken to social media to complain after a photo was shared showing two AIG Security guards wearing vests labelled “Behavioural Awareness Officer”.

Essendon Football Club recruiting consultant and former AFL coach Robert Shaw tweeted a photo of the officers with: “40 years in the game and played, coached and spectated at some inhospitable (wonderful) rival grounds. This is a first for me. Have we really got to this? So sad if we have.”

It should surprise nobody that Angela Pippos, of far left propaganda outfit the ABC fame, tweeted the following reply:

This is code for “one more outburst like that and it is Siberia for you and your family”. Seriously Angela, go back to Russia.

Fans responded that it was “embarrassing” and “political correctness gone into new levels not seen”.

The officers’ vests feature a phone number to “report antisocial behaviour”.

Behavioural Awareness Officers, seen at the weekend’s game. Source.

A fan tweeted he was “surprised no one has called the hotline and dobbed in two blokes walking around trying to ruin everyone’s fun”.

One Instagram user asked whether there were Winx-like odds that the behavioural awareness officers would get the “bald-headed flog treatment” next time.

They could try, but given that from what I saw on the TV, these Thought Police tended to look remarkably similar to the people hired to make sure nobody entering the ground (or an airport) is a terrorist, it would probably land you with a charge of so-called “racism”.

For several decades after the end of the Second Great Brother War we Australians prided ourselves on the idea that we were in the freest country in the free world. Now Russians and Eastern Europeans who have moved to the West regularly state that the formal and informal speech codes which have become part and parcel of life here remind them of the USSR.

Naturally, the powers that be tried to deny that it is even happening:

Marvel Stadium chief executive Michael Green said the behavioural awareness officers had been in place all year.

“They have been called ‘behavioural awareness officers’ and worn those same vests all year,” he said.

We have always been at war with Eastasia.

Hawthorn supporter Vic Ghiller told The Age the officers were at Marvel Stadium Friday night.

“They were actually patrolling the Hawthorn cheer squad and telling supporters to calm down,” he said.

“As a long-term follower of AFL, I am losing interest in AFL and seriously thinking of only attending VFL as it’s more user friendly.”

This guy is onto it. Aussie footy codes have lost the plot. Our first course of action must be to boycott the AFL. It should be understood however that a mass boycott will do nothing to change the AFL. Its totalitarian behaviour will only get worse.

Australia’s slide into tyranny will not be stopped until we arrest every single political leader, corporate leader, academic, journalist, and social justice warrior in the country and put them on trial for treason. For said trials I suggest we resurrect the soul of Iona Nikitchenko, the notorious Soviet judge who presided over the show trials which occurred during Stalin’s purges and after WW2.

Their guilt is already established. The whole idea is to secure quick and just punishment for the crime.

The Uncuckables: Ep 14. Mining and Web Construction

The Dusty Bogan joined us on Thursday night for a chat, and we just started to scratch the surface of the ideological differences between his civic nationalism and the ethnic nationalism of The XYZ.

For the second half, Matty’s Modern Life joined us by Skype and the Unshackled’s Steel Archer took over fom Tim Wilms to discuss the protests in Hong Kong. Matty framed the issue in terms of nationalism, with the Cantonese of Hong Kong being of a different race, language and culture to the Han Chinese.

We also discussed again the escalation in censorship by YouTube and the dying Social Media.

XYZ Live #71 – The Great Queens Birthday Purge #voxadpocalypse

It is a remarkable irony that at the same time that their heavily-lawyered ABC are hyperventilating about supposed threats to press freedom, the freedom of the alternative press is currently being decimated.

YouTube had until recently been slightly less censorious toward middle of the road conservative content, but since some little ponce got picked on by Steven Crowder the gloves have come off.

YouTube have changed their algorithm to make it more difficult for conservatives and nationalists to attract new viewers and subscribers.

What does this mean?

Matty’s pissed.


Aussie footy codes have lost the plot

Apparently the best way to sustain your brand is to deeply insult your most loyal fanbase. On this logic the AFL is bound for glory.

A few years ago a middle range footballer who told real Australians “just remember whose land you’re on”, who called the Australian Constitution “racist“, who internationally humiliated a teenage girl who called him a mean word, and who danced an aggressive so-called “war dance” at opposing fans who were expressing their displeasure at his cheating, spent the last few seasons of his career getting booed by every crowd at every game he played.

When so many people display their unhappiness at you, most people would be inclined to take a good hard look at themselves and come to the conclusion that the common denominator was in fact, well, themselves.

Not so Adam Goodes.

Nor the AFL. Perhaps emboldened by the parasite establishment’s success at purging dissent from mainstream social media, the AFL are now leading the charge in purging dissent from the public sphere.


Former AFL superstar Adam Goodes’ upcoming documentary ‘The Final Quarter’ has captured the attention of football players and fans across the country.

Set to premiere at the Sydney Film Festival on Friday night, the documentary highlights the final three seasons of Goodes’ career in which he suffered racial abuse and discrimination.

The movie has already prompted plenty of discussion about the league’s inaction during the booing saga that preceded Goodes’ retirement in 2015 but also racism and Australian society.

It has sparked emotive responses from a range of audiences during advanced screenings, with Goodes finding it very difficult to watch.

On the day the film is set to make its public premiere, the AFL has offered up an “unreserved” apology to the former player acknowledging the league’s inaction during the period.

But the reaction to the league’s apology has been slammed by fans of the game who were quick to point out it has come four years too late.

Let’s break the fourth wall for a moment. Compare the way yours truly framed the information that the AFL has given an “apology” to Adam Goodes for the fact that middle Australia hates his guts, with good reason, and was prepared to let him know in the most Aussie of ways; with the way nEwS.cOm has suggested that the reason we think Adam Goodes is a wanker is cos we’re just “racist”. This Deplorables You Name It approach is par for the course and works in hand with gaslighting on two fronts:

  1. That a large proportion of fans thought the treatment of Adam Goodes was unfair – trust me, we didn’t.
  2. That the AFL didn’t do anything about it at the time – this is absolute rubbish, as the AFL went into full nanny corporation mode at the time and has only escalated its moral posturing since.

This is how the left operates. It holds a monopoly over the ability to tell us the story of our past, and is thus able to present the past in the way it wants us to remember it. It presents the Adam Goodes booing saga as story of a fringe minority of racists forcing an “institutionally racist” AFL to get with the times, rather than middle Australia fighting back against the Cultural Marxist totalitarianism of the left which won’t even let us have our own weekends to ourselves to be free of their nagging.

The fundamental challenge Goodes posed to Australian national identity with his line “just remember whose land you’re on” reached its logical next step last week when the American version of #TakeAKnee predictably reached our shores.

From the West:

A push to change Australia’s national anthem gathered momentum tonight as indigenous rugby league players staged a silent protest during State of Origin.

NSW’s Cody Walker, Latrell Mitchell and Josh Addo-Carr and Queensland’s Will Chambers refused to sing Advance Australia Fair moments before the big game.

They had said prior to the match that they would protest the anthem, arguing the line “young and free” ignores the history of Aboriginal people.

Ten players in total did not sing, including Josh Papalii, David Fifita and Kalyn Ponga for Queensland and Payne Haas for NSW.

It is not known if all were protesting. The anthem followed a welcome to country by retired league legend Johnathan Thurston.

The players have found support from politicians on both sides of politics, including senior Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek.

Ms Plibersek tweeted yesterday: “I love singing the national anthem, and I sing it with pride. But if we can make a small change to recognise our country’s incredible 60,000+ years of continuous culture, then let’s just do it.”

Last night, Ms Plibersek said: “‘Strong and free’ is one suggestion that’s been put forward, a small change like that is worth having a look at.”

“I’m sure we can have a respectful discussion about this across party lines and, importantly, with First Australians.”

Liberal MP Craig Kelly also supported the stance and said replacing the phrase “young and free” with “strong and free” could go some way to addressing the problem.

What a bunch of either pathological liars or bloody idiots. This again is how the left operates. One minute they say they only want to make a small change which no reasonable person could oppose, next minute they are championing a small boy in drag who strips in a homosexual bar for money.

I’d give Advance Australia Fair less than a decade to live, and sport will be used as the primary weapon in its destruction. It is also another front in the war to change the date of Australia Day or to abolish Australia Day completely. The end goal is to abolish Australia.

Our only option is to kill the administrations of the sports we love so that we can keep the sports that we love. If we are very lucky the guest worker sent by God, Israel Folau, will do that to Rugby Australia by bankrupting them for their overreach. If the Matildas can press home their demand for equal pay they may just do the same to an Australian soccer administration who have been pushing diversity longer than any of them.

If sport wasn’t an important part of our national identity and way of life, the left wouldn’t have tried so hard to infiltrate it, to subvert it, to kill it and to wear its dead carcass while insisting it was as strong as ever. This is why we should fight to take back the games we love.