Melbourne Traditionalists Episode One: Traditionalism and The Arts

XYZ Editor David Hiscox has started up a new YouTube partnership with Mark Moncrieff from the Melbourne Traditionalists and Upon Hope. We will be recording one podcast a week, aiming at a shorter format than the livestreams, with this conversation lasting 24 minutes.

We set the scene for future discussions by defining what we mean by “traditionalism” and Mark made the mistake of using music and art as an example, so away I went.  I eventually made the case that we should let black people have The Little Mermaid, as it is a way of selling Cultural Marxism, Satanism and birth control to black chicks.

Please let us know what you think of the discussion, the length and any topic suggestions for future episodes.

Why is there no disabled access to the top of Ayers Rock?

Ayers Rock is a big clump of rock in the middle of the Australian desert that is so big, it looks like a skin cancer from outer space.

It has no spiritual significance whatsoever, but some people who still cling to their spears and religion have managed to amass enough political clout to convince bureaucrats in the Socialist Democratic Republic of Australia to stop more enlightened people from climbing the rock to see what it looks like from the top.

Soft-nationalist Pauline Hanson has appeared on the idiot box (seriously, only boomers watch that thing any more) to make the case that normal people, who understand that the idea that a giant snake made all the different geological formations in the Australian bush sounds like a fairy tale, should be allowed to climb the rock. (Again seriously, everybody knows the universe came into existence entirely by chance 13 billion years ago. Scientists have proved this and stuff. Isn’t it time we moved on past our religious crutch?)

This led to a hilarious piece in nEwS.cOm that complained that an all-white panel debated the issue of climbing Ayers Rock, then claimed that social media erupted in outrage. The examples given of social media outrage appeared to lack the same so-called “diversity” the article was accusing the Today show of lacking.


One Nation’s Pauline Hanson and radio host Steve Price appeared on Today this morning to argue why the sacred rock should stay open to climbers.

But the breakfast show’s choice of having Price and Ms Hanson, both caucasian Australians, debate the topic alongside Today host Deb Knight, also a caucasian Australian, has been lashed on social media.

Taking to Twitter, dozens of Australians described the debate as “racist” and “unbalanced”.

So white lol.

Anyway, Pauline made a really good point:

Every now and then, people get hurt or even have heart attacks and die when climbing Ayers Rock. This is understandable. Look at the thing, it is steep as:

A photo which went viral on social media (not fake viral like likes to claim about people bagging out Pauline Hanson) of tourists determined to beat the impending closure of the Ayers Rock climb. Daily numbers of people making the trek have increased threefold in recent months.

People have also videoed the climb, and it looks like hard work. They even give you a chain to help you pull yourself up:

A deeply superstitious explanation has been given for why Ayers Rock should be closed to climbers on so-called “cultural” grounds:

Today reporter Brooke Boney, a Gamilaroi Gomeroi woman, was later asked her opinion on the Uluru closure after the original segment had aired.

“This isn’t indigenous people having some sort of say over what happened on their lands, their sacred sites,” Boney said at the end of the breakfast program.

The thing about (Uluru) is it is so sacred to them every time someone gets injured or hurt or has to be airlifted out … it hurts them and they say that the ancestors mourn the loss of those people. They are not doing it to be nasty or protective of themselves, they are doing it to protect others.”

So, there is a really simple, inclusive and obvious solution to all of this, one that should be a win-win for all parties:

Build a giant escalator.

Such an escalator would be slightly shorter and slightly less steep than the ones that take commuters to the underground terminals at Parliament Station in Melbourne, and it would provide the opportunity to less able-privileged tourists to enjoy the changing views as they travel up the rock.

Other options to be considered:

  • Drilling in fixed bins, both for rubbish and recycling, into the rock at regular intervals to discourage littering.
  • Drilling a tunnel and a giant elevator so that people can reach the top by going inside the rock.
  • Construct a giant ramp so that people can drive their SUV’s and camper vans to the top.
  • Construct a helipad at the top to reduce the ecological footprint of people climbing all the way up the rock, and to assist airlifts in the rare cases that people still do need medical assistance.
  • Put a cafe next to the helipad. And a pub.

Because it’s the current year.

The XYZ is eager to take further suggestions as to how Ayers Rock can be developed to achieve its full potential in a manner that is inclusive and respects the beliefs and wishes of all Australians, while expanding access in order to move on from the shameful ableist policies of the past. Extra points for artist’s impressions of what a giant ramp would look like.

It’s your XYZ.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump is not a “racist”

Donald Trump is on a roll. A clever bit of bullying forced Mexico to effectively bypass the US deep state and not so deep state obstruction to his mandate to close the border. He prevented World War 3. Far more importantly, he has got the ball rolling in defending our rights to be racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, deplorable, you name it on the internet.

Donald Trump is the President of the United States but he is not the most powerful man in the United States. He is one guy fighting against an entire system which has been hijacked in order to suppress the liberty of the people, and ultimately replace the people it was originally designed to protect.

What can I say, I want to believe.

It is in this context that we are presented with a headline that appears almost too good to be true:

From the Australian:

Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi has accused Donald Trump of xenophobia and trying to create a white America after he called on four minority liberal congresswomen to go back to where they came from.

The US President’s comments came as immigration authorities launched small-scale operations to arrest undocumented families in a start to Mr Trump’s plan to ­deport thousands of immigrants.

Mr Trump’s Twitter attack had the effect of uniting a Democratic Party that has been increasingly divided by a fallout between its centrist House of Representatives Speaker Ms Pelosi and the four freshmen liberal congresswomen.

The President said the “Progressive Democratic Congresswomen” should go back to their countries of origin and fix them up first before they lectured on how the US should be run…

Mr Trump was referring to the four new congresswomen of ­colour, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley.

So, is the God Emperor channelling his inner Aussie bogan by telling foreign invaders “f– off we’re full”?

Here is the series of tweets:

The operative phrase here is “come back”:

“Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.Then come back and show us how..”

Donald Trump is not defending the progeny of heritage Americans by telling foreign invaders to “go back where they came from” and never come back. This is not an open embrace of ethnic nationalism, but a statement of the civic nationalist idea that anybody can come to the West from anywhere on the planet and become good citizens as long as they share our values.

This gang of four are indeed non-white but Trump is not highlighting their race, he is highlighting that their home countries do not allow their countrymen the freedoms that America provides, and they are poorer for it.

It is very simple:

Love it or leave it = civic nationalism = not “racist”
F— off we’re full = ethnic nationalism = waaaaacist

You’d never know this, going by what Nancy Pelosi said:

Ms Pelosi put aside her frustration with The Squad and ­defended them against the President’s attack. “When Donald Trump tells four American congresswomen to go back to their countries, he reaffirms his plan to “Make America Great Again” has always been about making America white again,” she tweeted.

Just as with Jeff Kennett’s recent moment of clarity when he pointed out that the AFL’s so-called “Behavioural Awareness Officers” didn’t look like they are from here and thus may not know our game, SJW’s always jump on anyone who utters anything even slightly civic nationalist in order to prevent the Overton Window shifting to race realism.

The irony is that it is the SJW’s who are truly obsessed with race. Let’s examine one of the opening statements from the article:

Mr Trump’s Twitter attack had the effect of uniting a Democratic Party that has been increasingly divided by a fallout between its centrist House of Representatives Speaker Ms Pelosi and the four freshmen liberal congresswomen.

It is true that the gang of four represent the hard left of the hard left and that there is an ideological civil war going on inside the US Democrat Party, but this ideological war is primarily centred around intersectionality, ie, race.

There is a race war going on inside the Democratic Party.

The old white and Jewish Democrat establishment is being replaced by people of more so-called “diverse” backgrounds who are prepared to use the old left’s identity politics against them. Thus the left is consumed by its own anti-white hatred and the Democratic Party is being demographically replaced, just as its own policies are demographically replacing Americans.

Naturally, they project this hatred onto Donald Trump. Thus this becomes an example of how the anti-white political-media complex lies to us.

We don’t do gay: Nivea tells SJW advertiser to shove it

So you invest millions of dollars into a really good product that millions of your customers want. You specialise in making things, not selling things, so you hire some people who specialise in selling things. These people tell you that if you don’t agree to sell your product the way they want you to, they will tell everybody else that you are bad and organise an international boycott of your company.

In a sane world this would be called extortion.

Not so in clownworld in the current year.


Nivea has been spectacularly dumped by its own advertising agency and accused of homophobia after a company executive allegedly rejected an ad pitch saying, “We don’t do gay”.

The offensive remarks (sic) have prompted a boycott movement, with angry consumers posting videos and photos of themselves binning their Nivea products in an attempt to “cancel” the skincare brand.

Boycotting efforts began after the contents of a phone call, between Nivea executives and creatives from the New York-based ad agency, Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB), were leaked.

Nivea has been a client of FCB for 100 years, and spends more than $400 million on advertising annually.

This is why people can’t give their money away fast enough to Israel Folau, and why the globohomo establishment are dead wrong when they argue that Folau’s case is simply about breach of contract rather than free speech. Employees are forced to sign contracts compelling them to keep their opinions on SJW identity politics to themselves while the companies they work for relentlessly push an SJW identity politics agenda. In turn, companies are forced to push this SJW identity politics agenda by SJW extortion.

This is literally Exhibit A in how SJW’s extort companies into pushing their agenda. If we are going to stop the SJW identity politics agenda, companies are going to have to be prepared to take the hit when they say no to these freaks.

During the conference call, an FCB representative reportedly pitched a commercial in which two men would be filmed touching hands.

The pitch was flatly rejected, with an executive from the beauty brand allegedly saying: “We don’t do gay at Nivea.”

Among those looped in on the conference call was a gay advertising executive who had been behind the pitch.

Normies don’t push the globohomo agenda. Normal heterosexual people are not screaming out for mundane products to be advertised to us in commercials featuring homosexuality. We just want milk that tastes like real milk. Not identity politics. That is what “We don’t do gay at Nivea” means. It means stop doing this:


Naturally, this broke Twitter:

The company executive’s remarks have caused a social media frenzy, as people around the world film and photograph themselves dumping their Nivea products in the bin.

Many have moved to permanently cancel the brand after years of advertising faux pas and subsequent public apologies from the company.

Check out the carry on in this vid but:

You’re doing it wrong, “Venus”. Shut up, and don’t put your hands in after you idiot:


Posted by David Hiscox on Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Oh by the way:

Go woke, go broke. Focus on creating a good product and sell it for more than it costs to make, advertise and distribute, go well. Hell I’m just gonna but their stuff just cos.’s own poll bears this out:


Here is Nivea’s response:

A Nivea spokesman responded to FCB’s move to dump the brand as a client, telling advertising news outlet Campaign US it was the “right time for a new beginning” in the company’s creative work.

“We understand that emotions and news interest are intensified when a longtime business relationship comes to an end,” the spokesman said.

We believe the expression is….burn…..

Nivea actually have a history of being based:

This isn’t the first time the skincare company has been criticised for its ill-advised campaign decisions.

In 2017, Nivea was forced to ditch an ad campaign for its Invisible For Black & White women’s deodorant after the public labelled it “racially insensitive”.

The advertisement, which ran in the Middle East, featured a woman with long, dark hair, wearing white and staring out of a window in a brightly lit room.

But it was the slogan accompanying the photo that caused the controversy.

“White is purity,” the ad read.

In a Facebook post beside the newly launched advertisement, Nivea wrote: “Keep it clean, keep it bright. Don’t let anything ruin it.”

White is indeed purity. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Campaigns stretching back a decade have got them in trouble.



The company has offered a lukewarm apology but I reckon they have some hardcore nationalists at the top. Unlike Officeworks, I think we can allow Nivea in the ethnostate.

The Uncuckables: Ep. 17 How Bad is Antifa?

Last night David Hiscox from The XYZ, Tim Wilms from the Unshackled and Australian Meditations summarised the week in Australian politics.  Topics included:

  • Tax cuts.
  • Christopher Pyne and Julie Bishop getting jobs for the boys and girls.
  • Tim Wilson swears on Milton Friedman.
  • Israel Folau, and the possibility of setting up a fighting fund for future Culture War court cases.

We took apart a propaganda piece by Vox which attempted to appear even-handed with regard to the Portland Antifa Riot, but was really just cover for Antifa violence and an attempt to regain control of the narrative given that mainstream attention has finally focused on Antifa’s terrorism.

Towards the end of the stream (1:24:00) Australian Meditations read out an astounding poem by Henry Lawson.


Join us every Thursday evening at 8:30 pm AEST.  You will find us at The Uncuckables.

XYZ Live #74 – Tim The Soupman Gaslights on Free Speech and Antifa Run RAMPANT

The former head of the Australian KGB, Tim Shitpossum, has written a column claiming that there is no crisis of free speech. We demonstrate conclusively that Tim Soupbum is a dirty rotten liar.

Tim Shitpossum, pictured, leading a white supremacist rally in 1933.

We also discussed the Portland Riot where several conservatives were bashed by Antifa terrorists, including Andy Ngo, editor of Quillette magazine. We pointed out that this was clearly a premeditated attack for his site’s exposure of the web of collusion between Antifa and the MSM, and a warnig to others who oppose the left, on the same weekend that James Fields was wrongfully imprisoned, that anybody who opposes them is their target.

We will likely start at 9:00 pm AEST again next week. Find us at Matty Rose Live. petition: Save South African Farmer Nicky and her family

There is currently a petition on to support a South African family who are trying to move to Australia on humanitarian grounds. The petition has nearly 15,000 signatures, and you can add your own here.

Below is their story, lifted from the petition page:

Nicky lived happily on a farm with her husband and children until a year ago when their lives were shattered in a brutal farm attack.

Nicky was raped and shot in front of her three children in this horrific farm attack. After the attack they lodged an application to the Australian government for a humanitarian visa to allow them to move to safety and a new life. They were hopeful that this will be approved after the comments of support for South African farmers by Minister Peter Dutton and other Australian Members of Parliament.

They recently received notice that the application has been declined and we are questioning why Australia rejected the humanitarian visa application made for her and her traumatised family.

We urge Minister David Coleman to overturn this decision and to allow Nicky, her husband and family entry into Australia to start a new life in safety.

Follow this link for more information on the brutal attack:

The XYZ understands that a petition organiser has been blocked by Facebook for posting the petition.

The following is my own opinion.

South Africa is the template for what awaits Australia. The white descendents of the Europeans who founded the nation have become a minority. The gang of non-whites who currently rule follow an ideology of grievance-based Marxism, and they carry out a steady policy of extortion, theft and genocide.

Allowing white South Africans to come as refugees to Australia is a crucial short term step if we are to save lives but it is not a long term solution, because the same globalist cancer which is destroying South Africa is also destroying Australia.

If the anti-white policy continues in South Africa, the only viable solution will be a seperatist movement for an Independent West Cape. It is unlikely that this will be allowed to occur peacefully, thus it is highly likely that at some point in the near future white South Africans (possibly alongside coloured minorities) will have to fight for their right to independence and survival as a people.

Having said this, I have signed the petition, in the hope that the Europeans of South Africa and Australia will soon take back our respective countries, and Nicky and her family can safely move back to their homeland.

James Fields sentenced to life in prison for thoughtcrime

James Field is a young man who had been attempting to drive home from the Unite the Right protest in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017 before he was attacked by Antifa terrorists, who hit his car with weapons, and accidentally ploughed into a crowd of Antifa terrorists. An overweight radical far left extremist terrorist, Heather Heyer, who was narrowly missed by the car had a heart attack and died.

This week, James Fields has been convicted of her murder and sentenced to life in prison.

From the Washington Post:

CHARLOTTESVILLE — Nearly two years after James A. Fields Jr. rammed his car into a crowd of counterprotesters at a white-supremacist rally here, the avowed neo-Nazi and convicted murderer apologized in court Friday as a judge sentenced him to life in prison for 29 federal hate crimes.

“Every day I think about how things could have gone differently, and how I regret my actions,” he said in a packed courtroom. “I am sorry.”

Fields, 22, whose vehicular attack killed one woman and injured 35 other people, pleaded guilty to the 29 counts in April in a deal with prosecutors, who agreed to drop an additional charge that carries a possible death sentence. In a separate case stemming from the deadly incident, Fields was convicted of first-degree murder and other crimes in December by a Virginia jury that voted for a life term plus 419 years in state prison.

It appears that like Philip Arps, the man sentenced to 21 months in prison for sharing a video of the Christchurch incident, James Fields has been convicted and sentenced on the basis of his views:

In a sentencing memo filed in court by the U.S. attorney’s office in Charlottesville, prosecutor Christopher R. Kavanaugh called the attack “domestic terrorism.”

“The defendant’s crimes were so horrendous, and the maiming of innocents so severe, that they outweigh any factors” that Fields might cite in seeking leniency, Kavanaugh wrote. “This is particularly true in light of the fact that he has demonstrated that he feels no remorse for his actions and continues to espouse his hateful ideology.”

The 50-page document quotes a recorded phone call by Fields from the Albemarle Regional Jail in Charlottesville on Dec. 7, 2017, almost four months after the rally, in which he refers to Bro, Heyer’s mother. Bro has been outspoken since her daughter’s death, calling for healing and reconciliation in the community.

“She is a communist,” the memo quotes Fields as saying on the phone with his mother. “An anti-white, liberal . . . It’s not up for questioning. She’s the enemy.”

“Nobody is the enemy,” his mother replied.

“She is the enemy,” Fields insisted before cursing at his mother to stop questioning him.

[A profile of James A. Fields Jr.]

In the filing, Kavanaugh detailed Fields’s professed admiration for the militarism and racial purity doctrine of Nazi Germany — a fascination that has been well documented over the past two years in court testimony and media reports. The memo offers new details, though, including about Fields’s trip to Germany with high school classmates.

“When the group visited the Dachau concentration camp, the defendant said, ‘This is where the magic happened,’ and then skipped happily down the train tracks that transported Jewish prisoners to the camp,” Kavanaugh wrote about a classmate’s recollection.

“When they visited the gas chambers . . . the defendant stated, ‘It’s almost like you can still hear them screaming,’ ” the memo says. Quoting a classmate who went on the trip, Kavanaugh said Fields was “elated and happy” when he made the statement.

On Friday, prosecutors also showed the judge details of Fields’s social media activity in the months before the attack, including scores of violently racist Twitter and Instagram posts. He regularly used the hashtag #Hitlerwasright.

It is highly likely that James Fields pled guilty so as to avoid the death penalty. Below is a compilation of evidence various authors at The XYZ have put together to make the case that James Fields is innocent.


Richard B Riddick

It’s very important that the media do not give a platform to violent extremists, particularly ones who carry out violence for political purposes and would use the platform to extend their intimidation.

To whom am I referring?

The ABC of course, who in their recent gushing coverage of “Redneck Revolt” managed to portray this group of left-wing fanatics as a natural and righteous reaction to the election of Donald Trump and the rise of the Alt-right.

I believe in free speech, so I am actually more than happy for these would be class revolutionaries to go on the record with their views, all the better to hoist them on their own petards.

However what I don’t like is the fact that my taxes go to literal agitprop like the following:

It shouldn’t need to be said, but the above picture isn’t a counter demonstrator participating in the American democratic process, it’s a man committing assault with a deadly weapon on a person exercising their 1st amendment rights.

When you are trying to intimidate others into not exercising their right to political expression, you are a terrorist. The literal definition of terrorism is violence for a political purpose.

I digress.

Back to the Australian media.

So, recently the media, the blue-tick mark cultural influencers and the social media twits have all gone into a fit of rage over Blair Cottrell being interviewed. I have covered most of my thoughts about Blair specifically in this piece, however it did get me thinking when I was reading the ABC Antifa piece about the significance of the primary interviewee, Dwayne Dixon.

Excerpts from the ABC piece are as follows:

“Softly-spoken and slight of build, Mr Dixon is a vegan who spends his days lecturing in anthropology at a local university.

“Today he’s preparing for the moment he may raise a deadly weapon on the streets of a US city.

“Guns are a tool,” he says between bursts of crackling gunfire.

“You’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.”


“Mr Dixon, 45, is a member of the far-left group Redneck Revolt, whose chapters have multiplied in the past year from just a handful to over 30 across the United States, they claim.”


“I think for us having access to weapons and having the skill and competency with them … allows us to at least consider that among a diversity of possible tactics,” Mr Dixon says.

“It doesn’t mean that they’re going to be used all the time, but recognising the moment we’re in, when real white terrorist violence is a fact of American life.

“I wish we didn’t have them, didn’t need them, but I think a wise deterrent is not something to scorn.

“None of us think about firearms in a cavalier way,” Mr Dixon insists, before heading back to the firing line to help his friends reload their guns.”

“Redneck Revolt had their guns in Charlottesville but never fired them.”

I was contemplating the implicit escalation inherent in this man’s language and what “diversity of possible tactics” might mean, when I came across the following story:

Armed Antifa PROFESSOR Admits to Chasing Charlottesville Driver With Rifle BEFORE DEADLY CRASH!

“Dwayne Dixon, a University of North Carolina anthropology professor and leader of the armed Antifa group Redneck Revolt, has admitted to chasing James Alex Fields Jr. with a rifle just before he drove into a group of protesters — killing Heather Heyer.”

“This new revelation adds some insight into what was happening in the moments leading up to the fatal incident.

“In a Facebook post by Dixon on January 7, obtained by the Gateway Pundit, he wrote:

“I take perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s lower in the defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south. Spike’s needs a good lesson in ethics and antifascism.”

The Aussie media is tearing itself apart over interviewing Blair Cottrell, but they literally interviewed a man who admits to “chasing off” James Fields just prior to his involvement in the car crash that killed Heather Heyer.

At the bottom of this piece is the XYZ coverage of the Charlottesville crash incident, I implore you to re-read it in light of this information, but I will summarize, at the time we raised the possibility that James Alex Fields was not a murderer.

Primarily because that implied intent, and if he intended to kill enemies of the Alt-Right he could’ve done so more effectively by bringing a firearm or crashing his car into the crowd itself proper and not the car in front of him.

A key event in the video footage shows a man hitting the back of Fields’ car with a metal bat.

It was the contention of the initial XYZ piece that perhaps the sound of the man attacking the back of James’ car startled him into accelerating down the street, therefore causing the car crash. However given that we now know from Dwayne Dixon’s Facebook, that he used his rifle to scare off James Fields immediately before the crash, and specifically that he scared him off from a block on Fourth Street, and the crash where Heather Heyer died occurred at the mall on Water and Fourth streets.

Here is my updated theory:

  1. James Fields was leaving in his automobile after participating in the Unite the Right rally.
  2. James Fields turned onto a street whereby he was confronted with the Redneck Revolt, Dwayne Dixon recognized Fields as a member of the alt-right due to hair cut/clothing and “chased him off” with a rifle, perhaps by pointing it at him or otherwise menacing him (we know no gunfire occurred).
  3. James, presumably very nervous at this point (after the menacing of Redneck revolt and spending most of the day at the Alt-Right shield wall) turned Southwards onto 4th street.
  4. He can see ahead of him a large crowd of people who are obviously not Alt-right.
  5. As he progresses up the street he hears a loud bang in his own vehicle (the man striking his vehicle from the outside with the bat, likely loudly breaking the tail light).

Is it possible that James thinks he has been fired on? Is it possible that he accelerated out of fear?

This new revelation is just further proof to me that James didn’t intend to kill anyone that day. He might be guilty of gross negligence whilst panicking, but that certainly doesn’t fit the narrative the Leftist media have constructed of a murderous right winger.

In any event, surely it should raise some eyebrows that the ABC thinks giving a platform to a man who openly brags about intimidating his political enemies with firearms?

Maybe not though, it is after all, their ABC.

Previous XYZ piece on James Alex Fields

Twenty year old James Alex Fields was the driver of the Challenger involved in the crash that killed Heather Heyer and injured others, he has been denied bail and charged with second degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding, and one count related to leaving the scene.

The media has interviewed his former teachers and class mates and ascertained that James held many Alt-Right and Nazi views and sympathies.

The various media reports were essentially “a car driven by a Nazi has killed one and injured others, before fleeing the scene”.

Now I’m not contending that the facts don’t support the above media report. The evidence is that James Fields does hold those views and he certainly was the driver of the Challenger when it rammed two vehicles into a crowd of protestors. The problem is that the implicit assumptions being made by the media or by the rest of society to fill in blanks around the facts are at best negligent and at worst corruptly malicious.

Firstly, it seems many commentators are saying that the crash was the intention of James and even premeditated based on a quote from Charlottesville police chief Al Thomas:

“The premeditated violence that our community experienced today was completely unacceptable.”

It is my view that the Police chief was talking more generally about violence at the Unite the Right rally because it seems unlikely that the Police had established already that James had planned to carry out the car crash. Further, even if they had established this, it seems unlikely that they would say this publicly and potentially influence the future jurors before James’ trial.

The idea that James planned this only makes sense if the evidence is that James is a literal idiot. If he sought to kill people opposed to the Alt-right and he planned to do so before attending the rally, why did he decide to do so via a method that was inefficient and left him easily exposed to retaliation? Why did he not use a firearm or a bomb? Either James is literally so stupid that he was unable to realise that a gun or bomb would have allowed him to kill more people more efficiently with less risk to himself, or he didn’t pre-plan the attack prior to the event.

Therefore, assuming James isn’t a literal idiot, he did not premeditate the crash before the event.

Did he intend the crash though? Was he so infuriated by what he saw on the day of the Rally that he decided that the counter-protestors needed to be killed with whatever means were available to him at that time? That’s possible I suppose, it’s even more compelling if the media are constantly shoving stories in your face saying that he was a Nazi or that he threatened his mum with knife when he was 13 or 14. Of course it’s equally possible that he was just a deeply troubled kid, given that he grew up without a father due to a drunk driver.

Let’s go to the video footage though and assess the facts.

Video 1:

Video 2:

So in the first video, at the very beginning, literally the first few seconds while the car and James are still a fair way from the crowd and cars that are eventually to be struck, there is an impact sound and what sounds like tyres spinning. James and his Challenger continue further down the street before a man on the street attacks the backside of the Challenger as it passes him with some sort of club or bat, then the crash occurs.

The second video shows the challenger ramming another car, it’s this second car that pushes a third car that actually impacts the crowd. It doesn’t appear that there is anyone between the challenger and the rammed car.

So what do these facts mean?

If you believe that James intended to crash to kill the protestors, you are also implying that he was too stupid or stricken with rage to think of of mounting the curb to avoid the slow moving car in front of him, despite the fact that doing so would have meant hitting a large mass of people, and therefore more fatalities and causalities.

My view is that James did not intend to crash his car and kill counter-protestors at all that day.

Rather I believe that the impact and tyre spinning that occurs at the beginning of the first video is the aftermath of something striking James’ Challlenger, and his rapidly accelerating briefly, hence the tyre spin. Whether it was the sound of something striking the Challenger heard by James in the cab that panicked him into accelerating, or he was actively seeking escape is unclear. Then further down the street and crucially before the crash, James’ Challenger is hit on the backside by the man with club/bat (0.03 in the first video).

Interestingly, this man who attacks the car does so on very little notice, that is, James’ car has only been in his view for a very short time before he decides to attack it on the way past, barely a couple of seconds. My view is that this man has seen that James car was attacked further up the street and decided to do so as well, or that he has looked into the front window of the Challenger and seen that James is wearing a white polo or has a haircut like all the Alt-Right rally participants do, and has decided to attack the car.

In either case, James has now been attacked twice (if you accept that the first sound was an attack) or that he has been attacked at least once (which we know for an absolute fact) and is now hemmed in on the street. He also knows that he has been attacked on the basis that people outside the car have identified him as being an Alt-Right rally participant and in front of him down the street is an entire crowd of people anti the Alt-right who have weapons.

The above image is a meme that is circulating, it shows the moment of the attack caught on video at 0.03, we can see from the position of the street signs in each photo, that James was braking before his car was struck.

This to me is further proof that James was not intending to crash into anyone, why would you brake if you were intending to maximise damage to your victims?

My view is that after the bat/club attack, James panics and accelerates rapidly, given that no-one appeared to be caught between the Challenger and the slow/stationary car, it stands to reason that there was actually no one in front of James when he began his acceleration. Once again affirming that James was seeking to escape, not kill.

Video 3:

Video 4:

The above videos show the crash occurring from the street and from drone coverage above, we can see that the vehicles that actually hit the crowd are the two vehicles pushed by James’ Challenger.

These two vehicles would both have been in low gears edging slowly through the crowd, whilst counter protestors walked around and infront of them, hence why the impact of James’ Challenger pushed them both so far so rapidly. The cars weren’t parked or braking, and due to being in first gear wouldn’t have resisted the forward movement of the impact of James’ Challenger at all.

Given that a Dodge Challenger is a notoriously powerful car and that it’s possible (and in my opinion very likely) that in James’ panic he pushed the pedal to the floor for a few brief seconds after the bat attack, it’s not surprising that the impact had the effect it did.

So what does this mean? it means that James isn’t a murderer and is not guilty of malicious harming due to lack of intent. Furthermore, if James can prove that he personally had a reasonable fear of being stuck in his car whilst being attacked, his attempts to escape no matter how extreme in the aftermath are not criminally chargeable. They are criminally chargeable though if it can be proved that it was unreasonable for him to attempt the method he chose, which may result in him being guilty of manslaughter and reckless negligence causing harm. But given he had already been attacked in his own vehicle on the street, and he is likely to have witnessed violence earlier in the day at the Rally, it stands to reason he had a reasonable fear of being murdered or harmed given the numbers of potential enemies and their armaments. Once again, look at the below video after the crash, many of the people who rush in to attack his car had weapons so this was not an unrealistic fear.

Furthermore, James’ charge of fleeing the scene would be thrown out immediately as James can easily prove that he fled for fear of being pulled out of his car and lynched by an angry mob who were unlikely to listen to any explanation he might offer.

Needless to say “Nazi’s panicked attempts to escape attacks cause the death of one and multiple injuries” is certainly not a headline that the media wants to run with, as they don’t want anyone to question whether James’ actions could be justified.

All of this evidence and reasoning that I have laid out here will come into the public discourse during the trial and will be used to establish reasonable doubt, and James will be released or at least not found guilty of having intent, only of negligence. Assuming of course James can still get a fair trial in today’s America.

At that point the Left will have a moment of extreme mental anguish, when their narrative of James being an”evil Nazi killer” dissolves to be replaced by “a panicked man fleeing a car accident after being assaulted”. In this moment lies the greatest risk; instead of reflecting on why their bias and assumptions led them to a deeply incorrect conclusion not supported by facts, they will say that the system is rigged and that this was not justice.

Given that they already believe a literal Nazi (Trump) is in the White House, and their rhetoric for over 50 years is that the system is perpetuated and maintained by evil whites who are in power, they will instead step up their revolutionary and violent efforts.

This incident and its fallout is but another another nail in the coffin of America’s modern political discourse, and I fear that we are rapidly approaching the point of no return.

The Uncuckables: Ep. 16 Christian Emergency

On Thursday we went to air just as Israel Folau was being interviewed by Alan Jones on Sky News. In explaining why he put his post on social media imploring sinners to repent in order to avoid hell, Folau explained that if he had a child who was on drugs he would do everything he could to steer him to the right path, so he does with sinners.

Yours truly predicted that lefties would be screaming the next day about Folau comparing homosexuality to drug addiction. Sure enough:

Even Mr “I’m not a leftie.” XYZ predicts the future.

We also discussed:

  • The report by Project Veritas which confirmed what we already knew, that Google and YouTube have been deliberately manipulating their algorithm to limit the reach of conservative news outlets and commentators.
  • Sydney Council declares a national emergency on so-called “climate change” and everybody else ROFL’d.
  • A mentally disturbed person who dressed as a dragon and read to children at a public library in America has a prior conviction for abusing a child. Never saw it coming.
  • Donald Trump stares down the military industrial complex to stave off war with Iran for another week.

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