Melbourne Traditionalists Episode Three: The Left used Free Speech to spread Degeneracy

The 1977 Australian film Don’s Party chronicals a dinner party on the night of the 1969 Australian election. Australian socialists were sure Labor would win but their hopes were scuttled by DLP preferences to the Liberal Party.

All but two of the attendees of the fictional dinner party are socialists. Over the course of the evening the party degenerates into debauchery as the male attendees attempt to seduce their friend’s wives, and it becomes apparent that they are all miserable narcissists who hate each other and themselves.

The film paints a vivid picture of the boomers who burnt our country to the ground and the boomers who failed to defend it.

In our discussion, we tie this into how the left used the canard of “free speech” to push sexual and cultural degeneracy to undermine the pillars of European civilisation. This is important to remember during the current political battle over free speech. Free speech is useful for getting our message to the masses, but we should not hold onto it as a God-given right.

At the end of the day it is a liberal value. The left would do well to keep this in mind.

Australian Parliament Votes AGAINST Immigration Plebiscite AGAIN!

Pauline Hanson. From Twitter.

The Australian parliament in Canberra has voted against a bill calling for a plebiscite on immigration numbers. To put this more bluntly, this is the third time in less than a year that the people elected to represent the interests of Real Australians have denied us a say over our own replacement.

From the New Daily:

Pauline Hanson’s push to have a national vote on immigration levels has been crushed in the Senate.

The One Nation leader on Monday asked the upper house to support a plebiscite, arguing the country’s roads and health system were buckling under the weight of new migrants.

But Senator Hanson and her partyroom colleague Malcolm Roberts were the only votes in favour of the bill, which was thrashed 54 votes to two.

As stated, that makes three now. We cannot ignore the fact that the first two calls for a vote on immigration levels, brought forward by King Anning the Uncuckable, were voted against by Pauline Hanson. The fact that the supposedly nationalist or patriotic Pauline Hanson could not work with Fraser Anning while they both held seats in parliament was a terrible waste.

The glass half full however is that at least this motion actually made it to a vote. The previous two did not. As yours truly said at the time:

“But they can’t keep us out of Canberra forever. The shenanigans this week in the Australian parliament are just the beginning. They represent an historic moment, when white Australia reminded its rulers that we still live and we demand that our voice be heard.

“Canberra has barely had a glimpse of the Overton Window. To the patriots still left in Canberra I say double down, escalate, increase the volume, and reintroduce this Bill every week until they relent.”

One has to wonder though, what made Anning’s bill “racist” but Pauline’s bill not “racist”?  Back to the New Daily:

Senator Hanson launched a pre-emptive strike on claims her proposal was racist before the major parties shot down the plebiscite.

“Raising an issue like immigration – in particular the idea of an immigration slowdown – seems to attract those who want to drag the racism tag into the discussions,” she told parliament.

She said population growth stemming from immigration was contributing to stagnant wage growth and a fall in living standards.

“It just makes common sense that more people means more demands for services,” the One Nation leader said.

This is spot on. Matty’s Modern Life has made an excellent presentation demonstrating how mass immigration leads to wage stagnation. The HILDA Survey which has received recent publicity in the mainstream media also confirms that living standards have stagnated in Australia. However, Hanson’s strategy is insufficient for two reasons:

  1. “Racism” is an anti-white racial slur invented by Jewish communists designed to undermine homogenous white nations. Thus we should not only completely dismiss the concept of so-called “racism”, we should relearn and reapply the behaviours we have been brainwashed into believing are “racist”.
  2. Focusing on unsatisfactory infrastructure, low wage growth and living standard stagnation skirts around the number one reason we must oppose mass immigration: We are being replaced.

This line needs challenging:

The Morrison government has reduced Australia’s immigration cap from 190,000 to 160,000 per year for the next four years.

Pigs fly, men can get pregnant, and climate change is the great moral challenge of our time. Net immigration numbers for the last year actually spiked to nearly double this:

Australia’s immigration levels have soared to a new record high – months after Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised to slow down the rate of population growth.

In 2018, a record 832,560 permanent and long-term migrants decided to call Australia home, marking a 7.1 per cent increase compared with 2017.

With the number of people leaving Australia for good taken into account, the nation’s annual net immigration rate stood at 291,250, the highest in four-and-a-half years.

Basically, we’ll believe it when we see it.

As is so often the case, two silly globalist pawns have accidentally said too much. Exhibit A:

Liberal senator Amanda Stoker said One Nation was trying to push its anti-immigration agenda based on weak arguments.

“There’s nothing noble about this bill. It’s long on alarmism and short on realism,” she told parliament.

“This bill endorses a solution that would have a catastrophic consequence for our economy, for a problem that is already being addressed by this government in a sensible, measured and long-sighted way.”

As Adam Piggott has pointed out, Australia’s economy is dangerously distorted by mass immigration. Australian politicians both Liberal and Labor have for nearly three decades used the artificial stimulus provided to the construction industry by mass immigration to avoid recession. Ordinary Australians are now paying for this with unaffordable house prices, clogged cities and being replaced.

Apparently, our binary choice is between economic growth and white genocide. Choose wisely, white man.

Exhibit B:

Senator Hanson wanted to have a national plebiscite at the next general election, with the question: “Do you think the current rate of immigration to Australia is too high?”

Labor senator Raff Ciccone said Australia would not be the nation it is today without the contribution of migrants.

“There is simply no place in our inclusive and proudly diverse nation for an expensive opinion poll on questions that don’t need to be asked,” he told the upper house.

“Ciccone”, huh?

From Wikipedia:

“Ciccone is the son of Italian immigrant parents who arrived in Australia in the 1960s.”

Who likely has the option of returning to a Salvini-salvaged Italy once he has helped turn Australia into a third world shithole. You absolute selfish prick, Raff Ciccone. Real, Anglo-Celtic Australians were never asked if we wanted to let in millions of immigrants from every point on the globe. Now that the globalists have flooded our nation with foreigners and created convenient facts on the ground, they have declared the immigration question verboten.

Australians will eventually make a decision on the question of immigration, regardless of whether or not Canberra elites let us.

XYZ Live #77 – Daniel Andrews Betrays Australia and Pushes LGBTQIP+ Propaganda

In 2014 a series of protests made it clear to the Victorian anti-white establishment that a strong proportion of people both in Bendigo and furter afield opposed the construction of a massive mosque in Bendigo. The communist Victorian government led by Daniel Andrews and the compromised Australian legal system has since ensured that the leaders of these protests are constantly harassed via never ending legal action.

Now that construction has started, the Victorian government has made it clear that it is now effectively illegal to protest against the mosque, and that anyone who does will have their lives destroyed.

On last night’s livestream we discussed this totalitarianism, before speculating on how the patrons of said mosque would embrace the Victorian public service’s new guidelines on inclusive language for so-called “LGBTIQ” people.

We also discussed the ideas presented in a TR News attack video against Mark Collett – namely its attempt to redefine nationalism – while doing our best to avoid playing the man.

As usual, our tangents were many and a lot of fun.

The Uncuckables Ep. 19: Wax My Bigoted Balls

Last night Matty’s Modern Life and David Hiscox could not hide their disgust as Tim Wilms from the Unshackled revealed more and more disturbing information about the man who got several waxing employees fired when they wouldn’t, well, you know.


Other topics discussed:

  • Boris Johnson to save Great Britain.
  • Ilhan Omar married her gay brother.
  • Robert Mueller is a bumbling idiot.
  • Jeffrey Epstein’s failed suiciding.
  • Antifa concrete milkshakes is not fake news.
  • Why nuclear war isn’t that big a deal.
  • Hong Kong is not China.

Plus many tangents. Enjoy.

The Uncuckables airs at approximately 8:30 pm AEST every Thursday evening.

Melbourne Traditionalists Episode Two: Racism is Racist

In this episode Mark Moncrieff from Melbourne Traditionalists and Upon Hope and The XYZ’s David Hiscox discussed the concept of racism with respect to the Adam Goodes booing saga, the AFL’s Behavioural Awareness Officers and the Andrew Symonds vs India dispute in the mid-2000’s.

It is all well and good to point out that the left’s accusations of so-called “racism” are false, but we also have to challenge te concept of “racism” itself. “Racism” is an anti-white racial slur invented by communists to undermine homogenous white countries, and it should be treated with utter disdain.

Thank you to all who listened last week and gave positive feedback, we will persist with this shorter format as it suits different tastes to the longer livestreams.

Hail Boris

Boris Johnson has been elected to keep Great Britain white.

Along with Nigel Farage, Boris was a leading public figure in the effort to get Great Britain out of the European Union. We could go over a lot of complicated, boring reasons why Great Britain left the EU, such as its desire for greater political autonomy, or the increasing authoritarianism and micromanagement of the EU, but the number one reason Britons voted to leave the EU was the desire to get their country back.

Indigenous Britons are on course to becoming a minority in their own country, and are faced with the prospect of living in an Islamic Britain. Leaving the EU is the first step in being able to stem the flow of people crossing legally and illegally into Great Britain. If Great Britain is to have a border, it has to be independent.

The odd Battle of Britain veteran can point out that this isn’t the Britain they fought for but in general, Britons aren’t really supposed to say this. But once you clear away all the fluff, race was precisely what Brexit was about, even f Poms couldn’t or weren’t allowed to articulate it as such.

This is why Remoaners label Brexiteers as “racist”. An establishment British government would never actually allow the British people a direct vote on immigration, but both sides understand that at the end of the day, despite all the discussion of the democratic deficit or the ridiculous regulations on the shape of vegetables or what constitutes chocolate, Brexit was about race, immigration, and the desire to keep Britain British.

Thus the globalist David Cameron fell as Prime Minister because he made the mistake of giving the British people a vote on race by default. Now the globalist Theresa May has fallen because her mission to keep Great Britain in the EU for as long as possible has run its course. Brexit was Great Britain’s Trump moment. Now, Great Britain has its Trump.

From the Australian:

Britain’s new pro-Brexit prime minister Boris Johnson has promised to bring peace to his warring Conservatives, ignite a national spirit of can-do and defeat ­Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn in a rousing speech after winning the party leadership.

A tranche of bitter Remainer MPs from the Tory party is threatening to scupper Mr Johnson as soon as he is sworn in by the Queen tomorrow, demanding he row back from his Brexit ultimatum of taking the country out of the EU on October 31 even without a deal.

But moments after being announced as the new leader of the Conservative Party, Mr Johnson was defiant, saying: “This pivotal moment in our history, we again have to reconcile two sets of ­instincts, two noble sets of instincts, between the deep desire for friendship and free trade and ­mutual support in security and ­defence between Britain and our European partners, and the simultaneous desire — equally deep and heartfelt — for democratic self-government in this country.’’

That is code for keeping Great Britain white. He has to speak in code. Yes, it is a dog whistle, a dog whistle for truth and for the right of the British people to have their own nation.  National sovereignty is “racism”.  So be it.

Boris faces a mountain of challenges. He has enemies within:

The restive Remainer backbenchers — who number about 40 — will now scrutinise Mr Johnson’s statements over the next few days before deciding whether they will force a constitutional crisis.

Mr Johnson’s choice of chancellor, foreign secretary, Brexit secretary and home secretary will also send a signal about how ­inclusive he intends to be, or whether he wants to try to steamroll Brexit through.

The situation is so fragile that in the coming months the Queen could be asked to defy centuries-old tradition and prorogue parliament; some Tories — believing a no-deal Brexit would be so calamitous to the nation that they will ­extinguish their own political ­futures — could cross the floor to support a no-­confidence motion; or there could be a snap general election…

Johnson has inherited May’s disastrous decisions — including the election of 2016 when she lost her large majority, meaning the Conservatives rule only with the confidence and supply of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party.

The slim working majority is down to two, and with some Remainer MP’s facing future de-selection at grassroots level, they will have little to lose to try and torpedo Johnson’s plans.

As usual, Greg Sheridan’s analysis of the domestic situation is sound.

Boris also has enemies without.

From the Washington Post:

When Johnson clocks in, he will face an overflowing in-tray of items that need urgent attention, including a showdown in the Persian Gulf with a belligerent Iran. The two countries have been in a tense standoff since Britain impounded an Iranian tanker suspected of sending oil to Syria, and Iran retaliated by seizing a British-flagged oil tanker last week.

Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, congratulated Johnson on Tuesday. “Iran does not seek confrontation,” Zarif tweeted. “But we have 1500 miles of Persian Gulf coastline. These are our waters & we will protect them.”

Politics watchers are keen to see whether Johnson continues Britain’s effort to salvage the 2015 deal designed to discourage Iran from developing nuclear weapons, or whether he bends to U.S. pressure to impose sanctions on Iran.

Boris is the sort of politician who will understand that there is no point going to war with another country if you don’t have a country in the first place. Nobody cares if Iran nukes Israel, but everybody cares one way or another, whether Real Briton or globalist, about whether or not Great Britain stays British.

Keeping Great Britain British is Boris Johnson’s number one task.

XYZ Live #76 – Waleed Aly Gaslights Australia on Adam Goodes

Bradley from the Australian Protectionist Party joined us last night as we discussed the week of virtue signalling on aboriginal issues. Topics discussed:

  • The Adam Goodes documentary, “The Final Quarter”.
  • Waleed Aly’s epic gaslight in comparing Donald Trump and Adam Goodes.
  • Whether or not aborigines should have their own independent state or whether we should work to build a nation comprising real Australians and aborigines.
  • Building a casino and Olympic-sized swimming pool on Ayers Rock.


XYZ Live starts at 9:15ish AEST every Monday evening. Find us at Matty Rose Live.

Nobody cares if Iran nukes Israel

WARNING: This article contains graphic content.

I am supposed to care that Iran might get a nuclear bomb. Tensions had been rising in the region since Donald Trump rightly abandoned Barack Obama’s shoddy nuclear deal. The twitter exchanges were pretty epic, the US and Iran have been knocking each other’s drones out of the sky, there were these weird explosions on two ships and Britain detained an Iranian tanker. Oh, and the US came within minutes of launching a serious military strike.

As a student of history, I know escalation when I see it, and I know it can go either one way or another.

But as a student of history I also understand that our countries have changed to be almost unrecognisable from those that fought two world wars in the 20th century, that stepped back several times from the nuclear precipice with the Soviets, and even from those that went to war with Iraq twice.

Do I need to spell it out?

Let’s take Great Britain for example. We are told that Iran is a country which limits the freedom of its citizens, restricts the freedom of the press, and forces its women to walk around in potato sacks.

How is that..

..any different.. Britain?

So who cares if Iran has nukes?

How about the US? “Death to America” is supposedly the motto of the Iranians. They do say it a bit. That’s not fake news. But what would happen if Iran got a nuclear bomb, an ICMB or dozen, and was crazy enough to not worry about this little thing called Mutually Assured Destruction and fling several at the US? Obviously, Iran would target America’s major cities.

But have you seen America’s election map?

And America’s racial diversity map?

Fears of nuclear radiation and a so-called “nuclear winter” were massively exaggerated during the Cold War by KGB infiltrators in Western academia and governments in order to undermine the West’s nuclear deterrent, and conveniently amplified by communist shills in Hollywood. It’s really not that big a deal.

Getting nuked by Iran would return America to a white, Republican voting majority. Ditto for Australia. #NukeMelbourne.

So who cares if Iran has nukes?

What about Iran’s neighbours?

Shitholes. Every last one of them.

What about terrorism? Iran is supposed to be a major sponsor of terrorism. It’s just that..


we kinda already have that problem.

Terrorism pretty much only exists in countries which have Muslim populations. Even the so-called “far-right” terrorism in formerly European countries only exists as a self defensive reaction against Islamic terrorism. We could end Islamic terror tomorrow by removing every single Muslim from Western countries. It’s really not that big a deal.

So who cares if Iran has nukes?

What about oil? Aren’t we supposed to be moving away from fossil fuels? America became self sufficient since it ramped up production. Nuclear power remains vastly under-utilised, thanks to those afore-mentioned commies, and Elon Musk is bound to get around to rebuilding Nicolai Tesla’s free energy building sooner or later. The “no blood for oil” lefties are the drooling idiots of geopolitics.

So who cares if Iran has nukes?

There is one reason, and one reason alone, why we are supposed to care, and the neocons who have infiltrated US politics have literally said it as clearly as possible:

From ABC News:

Vice President Mike Pence accused Iran of advocating for another Holocaust on Saturday as he finished up a European tour in which he threatened tougher U.S. sanctions against the country, and asked for other countries to follow America’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

“The Iranian regime openly advocates another Holocaust and it seeks the means to achieve it,” Pence said while speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

Israel. The holocaust. That’s literally it. That’s all they’ve got.

Never mind that Israel has its own nuclear arsenal and a second strike capability via its submarine fleet. Never mind that a sprawling diaspora means that destroying Israel would not destroy the Jewish people. Never mind that Israel is responsible for the USS Liberty and 9/11 false flags and the abuse of white children via its setting up of the Jeffrey Epstein blackmail operation.

And never mind that two world wars and the devastation of communism led to the slaughter of over a hundred million Europeans during the 20th century. The slogan “never again” elevates the lives of several million Jews above 100 million Europeans and requires Europeans to sacrifice their own lives again and again and again for Israel.

I say never, ever, again.

I don’t care if Iran has nuclear weapons, and I reckon a lot of my fellow countrymen and my brothers in other European countries don’t give a pig’s arse either. I don’t care about bringing peace, stability or democracy to the Middle East, and I reckon Israel can look after itself.

I care about the future of my people, the integrity of my nation, and the future of my European brothers. I don’t care about the governments of European countries that continue to import foreigners at levels that will replace European peoples, and if the major European centres of government power were lost (which are pretty much all turning into cosmopolitan shitholes anyway) I do not see how that that could lead to anything other than a rebirth of European vitality.

I will have more to say in the near future on how this affects Australia specifically, but the point is this:

In pursuing so-called “diversity” for political and economic reasons, Western governments made geopolitics essentially meaningless. “America”, “Great Britain” “Europe” and “Australia” do not mean what they used to mean. The next war that Real Americans, Real Britons, Real Europeans and real Australians fight isn’t going to be for Israel. It will be for the future of our own countries.

Booing Adam Goodes is not racist, but it has everything to do with race

In June we noted that the AFL was planning a 1984-style rewrite of history when it apologised to Adam Goodes for supposedly not doing enough to stop crowds from booing him during the final years of his career, and alleging that this booing was racist.

This narrative belies the fact that the AFL actually went into full nanny corporation mode in an attempt to stop the boos, the fact that Adam Goodes was the only aboriginal player to get booed, the fact that crowds booed Goodes for his arrogant behaviour, insulting public statements and foul play, and the fact that crowds only started booing Goodes after he injected himself into identity politics debates in Australia.

The apology was issued ahead of a documentary due for release which would assist in this historical revisionism, and was used as a pretext for the introduction of so-called “Behavioural Awareness Officers”. While the latter was widely ridiculed, the documentary aired this week on Channel 10, leading to insistence from conservatives that the booing was not racist, and predictable insistence from the left that it was, and calls for the heads of those who publicly criticised Goodes.

While admirable, the arguments of conservatives that the booing was not racist is futile for two reasons.

Firstly, The AFL have used the standard leftist tactic of insisting that the cultural battle is already over. Just look at what Tanya Hosch, who holds the Orwellian title of “General Manager of Inclusion” at the AFL, has to say about the matter.

From the Australian:

AFL general Manager of Inclusion Tanya Hosch last night told Network 10’s The project that the AFL had erred by taking too long to work out how to respond to the booing directed at Goodes.

“I think taking too much time to determine how to respond,” she said.

“I feel like the AFL probably got stuck where a lot of Australia got stuck which was having a conversation and getting bogged down into a debate about whether the booing was racist or not rather than addressing something that was clearly racially motivated.”

As far as the AFL is concerned, the debate is over, the booing was racist, we have always been at war with Eastasia. SJW’s, otherwise known as anti-white communists, have full spectrum dominance of the public and private sector. The left can afford to ignore us because they know we are not going to make them pay for it.

The second reason conservative insistence that booing Adam Goodes was not “racist” is futile is that in doing so we accept the left’s frame of reference. The term “racism” is an anti-white racial slur invented by Jewish communists used to undermine the cohesion of formerly homogenous white nations, and to mask the unmitigated horrors committed by socialists during the 20th century.

In focusing solely on making the case no matter how forthrightly that booing Adam Goodes was not “racist”, the left still wins. White Australians continue to insist that our actions are colourblind and we continue to try as hard as we can to treat everybody equally on the basis of race. Meanwhile, non-whites continue to practice in-group preference; more institutions are founded to advocate for non-white interests, more institutions and corporations explicitly allow favourable treatment to non-whites with relation to hiring and promotion, and the in-group preference practiced both formally and informally by non-white communities is normalised.

In short, non-whites engage in behaviour which if practiced by whites would be called “racist”, while whites fastidiously avoid engaging in behaviour that could even come close to being perceived as in-group preference in order to avoid the life ending charge of “racism”.

In football it is the equivalent of one side whose players always attempt to pass to each other competing against a side whose players pass to any player regardless of what guernsey they wear. It would lead to a thrashing.

As so in the grand game of race.

White people have been brainwashed out of engaging in the perfectly normal behaviour of preferring to live and work with those of our extended British and European family. The enforcement of cultural norms via social ostracism, for example by booing a football player who tells Real Australians that Australia is not their land, is how a people defend themselves and perpetuate themselves and their culture. In labelling this behaviour as “racism”, parasites remove the immune system of a nation.

It is a state of affairs which if continued unabated will lead to whites becoming a minority in their own homelands, our increased marginalisation and our eventual replacement. Thus the term “racism” is actually a tool of white genocide.

We could win this small cultural battle and still lose the Culture War, which ultimately is a Racial Holy War against white people, because we are not treating it as such or even acknowledging that the the enemy fighting it exists.

Importantly, it was Goodes who made race an issue. White Australians were rightly incensed that he would condescendingly state “just remember whose land you’re on” given that white Australians had spent decades bending over backwards to atone for what we have been brainwashed into thinking are the sins of our white Australian forefathers.

Whether it is a referendum, native title, the national apology, or another referendum and change to the Australian Constitution, Aussies are realising that there is always something symbolic we have to do in order to atone for invented past sins, and we absolutely cannot move on until we have changed the law or said sorry for something, yet once this is done there will always be something else we are made to feel guilty for.

This is ultimately why we booed Adam Goodes. It wasn’t racist, but it had everything to do with race.

We white, Anglo-Celtic and European Australians are sick of being told we are evil, our country is evil, those who came before us are evil and that we have to keep giving hand over fist to make up for it.

This is why the rebuttals from the civic nationalist establishment are welcome but inadequate. We have to become immune to the charge of “racism” and relearn the so-called “racist” behavioural patterns we have been deliberately brainwashed to forget. If we are going to win, we must accept that the Culture War is a Racial Holy War and act accordingly.

The Uncuckables Ep.18: Go Back Home

Tim Wilms from the Unshackled and The XYZ’s David Hiscox were over the ebola scare, and were joined by James Fox Higgins from the Rational Rise. Topics discussed:

  • Donald Trump’s “racist” tweets trigger the Democrats’ first serious attempt to impeach him.
  • Antifa terrorist attack in Tecoma, Washington.
  • Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest, pizzagate and Israel.
  • Court time for Tommy Robinson, Avi Yemini, Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson.
  • Pauline Hanson and Ayers Rock.


The Uncuckables livestreams between 8:30 and 10:00 pm AEST every Thursday evening. Find us at YouTube and join the chaos that is the live chat: